14 November 2017 – SGSA Executive Forum, Ireland

SGSA Executive Forum

Due to multiple requests, SGSA is bringing our Executive Forum to Cork, Ireland, for the first time on 14 November 2017. The forum provides an opportunity for you to network with your peers, share best practices, leverage research and discuss evolving trends and issues for the future of the services industry.

The meeting will be structured around short presentations and topics introduced by the attendees. Open discussions will follow that may include how the subject matter could impact technical support operations, how an issue could be resolved, what initiatives may have been tried before andthe degree of their success. Following on from the meeting, attendees interested in driving best practices in the topics discussed will be invited to join online forums and attend further meetings. If time permits, delegates will be able to submit additional topics for discussion.

Places at the forum are strictly limited to facilitate productive discussion so we recommend registering early to avoid disappointment.  Click here to reserve your place.

If you are interested in presenting at the 2017 forum in Cork then please contact Steve Brand or Michelle Busby.

The confirmed speakers for the Ireland 2017 forum so far are:

  • Waclaw Bukowski
    Customer Support Manager, VMware
    Integrating Social Media into Support Centre Operations
  • Julie Taylor
    Senior Consultant, SGSA
    Feedforward for Behavioural Change
  • John McNally
    Senior Manager, Tableau Software
    Business Analytics and Visualizations for Support
  • Karen Egan
    Vice President Support, VMware
    Customer Engagement and Changing Expectations

The Roundtable Discussions proposed by attendees to date include:

  • Integrated Multi-Channel Support
    Swarming: The Adaptive Organisation
    Cloud Computing & Other New Technologies in Support
    Career Development & Management
    Staff Retention and Reward
    Next Generation of Customer Experience
    Creating Technical Communities

More information

To request the full agenda, please complete our Contact Us form.

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