KCS Foundations


Whether you provide technology support for a corporate help desk, products, or a third party provider, you are almost certainly under pressure to extract as much productivity as possible from your resources while also improving service levels. This comprehensive, two day workshop on Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) Version 6 will help you to achieve this.

Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) is a business methodology that was developed and tested by members of the Consortium for Service Innovation.

KCS is a ‘just-in-time’ approach to knowledge management that integrates knowledge capture and maintenance into the problem solving process. The knowledge that is created improves internal efficiency as well as customer success on the web.

The fundamental goal of KCS is to solve a problem once and use the solution repeatedly. Organisations have shown that adoption of KCS can improve operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and employee morale. This workshop examines the need for a knowledge-centered strategy, the organising principles of KCS and the benefits that it delivers.

Who Should Attend

This two-day workshop is for support centre directors, managers, supervisors and team leaders in addition to all staff directly involved in or responsible for the knowledge management process.


  • Assess the value and benefits of the KCS best practices
  • Understand KCS principles and processes
  • Examine the fundamentals and dynamics of the solution management processes
  • Identify key roles and responsibilities in the organisation
  • Appreciation for a knowledge-centered methodology to assess performance and contribution
  • Understand considerations for a successful adoption

More information

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  1. Katalin Boros says:

    The class was well organised and i really enjoyed being there. The presented material was quite useful and not only from the customer support perspective.

  2. Caroline Labbett says:

    Great course, really well taught. Thanks!

  3. Tracey Hayes says:

    More cases on how setups were achieved would be beneficial but only to see a good rollout/bad rollout. So knowledgeable. Thank you very much. Great to relate to different scenarios so we got better understandings.

  4. Dagny Skarbinski says:

    Short section for more specific org questions.

  5. Kent Johansen says:

    Very exciting project! Thanks to Stephane for skillful and informative journey through the topic.

  6. Emmanuel Heraud says:

    Lots of informations, too much because of the schedule 2 1/2 days. Maybe add exercises during the training. Instructor was able to answer on all questions. Really good training.

  7. Jeremy Williams says:

    Stephane was very professioanl and persuasive in this KCS session and I really appreciated this training and I’m keen to move on to the next phase of this project! Thank you!

  8. Jean-Bosco Tumwine says:

    It was a well structered course/workshop with new/relevant content. It could have been a bit longer as there was so much content/material/information that had to be consumed. Overall: Happy I was part of the group!

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