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The four and a half day Support Manager course is uniquely created to provide training on the fundamentals of management relative to the support environment, and to enhance the inherent skills and knowledge of the support manager. This course focuses specifically on the most common management elements that occur in the technical support centre including, managing customer satisfaction, operations and team performance management and facilitating a team while managing a dynamic service product. This course offers support managers the opportunity to develop and refine their technology support leadership skills enabling them to effectively manage the challenges of the most complex support centres.

Who Should Attend

The Support Manager course is for managers who have at least six months management experience and have received some basic management training.


The course begins with a review and quiz on a set of pre-class reading materials. These materials are sent to each participant two weeks prior to the class start date. Participants are strongly encouraged to register at least two weeks in advance to allow time to complete these pre-class assignments.

Each participant is required to bring the pre-class reading materials as well as a notebook computer with a USB port and with Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint installed. These will be used as tools during the course. All other materials and tools will be provided.

Homework is assigned for most evenings of the course. Please plan for study time outside of class.


  • Manage dynamics of change within the support centre
  • Enhance leadership skills
  • Effective staff utilisation
  • Increase support centre morale and retention

More information

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Certified Support Managers

The list of Certified Support Managers from around the world.


  1. Daniel Whiting says:

    Very pleasantly surprised – there are a lot of mediocre training courses out there. This is highly professional and impressive – well done!

  2. Wim Rydant says:

    Great and very valuable thanks, also the material will be a very good reference and I’m sure I will use it going forward. Thanks!

  3. Himanshu Saini says:

    Exhausted but absolutely worth it.

  4. Dany Van Stappen says:

    Although stress levels continued to rise as the course progressed, Steve was able to give us enough confidence to get going. His clear, sharp explanations and WEALTH of knowledge has made this course worth the stress and nightly hours! Thank you Steve!

  5. Miriam Murphy says:

    I sincerely appreciated the patience shown and the time taken with me on some of my weaker areas. The atmosphere allowed in the room made it an environment conducive to learning.

  6. Nicola Brockwell says:

    I’d recommend to my VPs!! Would be good to spend more time on last module, it felt a little rushed. Course was fun!!

  7. Nicola Large says:

    Loved this class . Enjoyed the example based presentation from Steve. Very interesting and relevant.

  8. Gerald West says:

    Very informative and engaging class. A lot of material over 4 days but always kept interest.

  9. Tarik Baki says:

    The exam contained a lot of writing. Maybe could be combines with 80% writing 20% choice? Thank you.

  10. Mark Goodall says:

    Intense but great course giving you a lot to think about and a lot of skills to practice. Its great having Steve present, having someone that has done the job and who has made and can detail their past mistakes makes it very practice and real and made you

  11. Jan Ehrlich says:

    Gr8 job Steve. As always! ?

  12. James Paterson says:

    Thank you Steve! This course showed me that there are methods and strategies to what I already am doing at work, along with many excellent new ones which I will put into practice. I feel more of leader now.

  13. Scott Chown says:

    Steve was a fantastic teacher giving real examples from his extensive experience in the industry. This was certainly a management course delivered by an experienced Manager. I am already weighing up who to send next!

  14. Amaury Lousse says:

    There is a huge amount of information to go through in 4 days. However the Exam is fair and test understanding rather than memory.

  15. Daniel Schwaebisch says:

    If Steve would have been my teacher in school I would probably be the US president now!!!

  16. Birgit Teichmann says:

    Very helpful!

  17. Jairo Pastrana says:

    Great class ? Great spirit from students and instructor. This is my 4th course with you, I hope it won?t be the last. Steve is class, and always a pleasure to learn from him. One quick note ? this is far too much food. I think I put 3 ? 4 kgs this week!

  18. Caroline Walsh says:

    Steve?s past experiences & storys really made the class interesting. Thank you!

  19. Richard Wilson says:

    Very good course, very well taught. Instructor was great real life examples. Very enjoyable. Homework – 🙁

  20. David O'Connell says:

    Steve Brand was amazing his experience in the industry really shines through and reflects in how he delivers the material. A very intensive course, but I loved every minute! Thank you!!

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