Support Supervisor


This three day course provides training on the fundamentals of supervision relative to the technology support environment, while enhancing the inherent skills and knowledge of support supervisors. The course focuses on the leadership and management challenges facing supervisors in high technology support centres; establishing and managing goals; change management; teambuilding and achieving goals as a team; performance coaching and managing support productivity.

Who Should Attend

The Support Supervisor course is for experienced first line support supervisors or those who have just joined the management ranks.


Participants should currently be in a support supervisory role or plan to enter into a supervisory role within three months.


  • Understand facets of leadership in a support environment
  • Use a structured coaching process to drive improvement in team members
  • Understand basic support centre operations including metrics, escalations and staff planning
  • Set, monitor, document, and communicate performance goals and progress
  • Learn strategies to transition from peer to boss

More information

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Certified Support Supervisors

The list of Certified Support Supervisors from around the world.


  1. Sophie Mead says:

    Brilliant course, very useful. Leaving the course with many ideas and new procedures of how we can work better as a support team.

  2. Melvin Caruana says:

    Good layout of course, easy to understand yet material was presented to make it challenging

  3. รƒยine Brennan says:

    I was extremely satisfied with course. Steve was great and had so much knowledge & experience that we can apply to real work situations. The course was engaging and I feel more positive about my role leaving the course. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. David Frawley says:

    Fantastic real life examples that reinforce the learning, taking away some great one liner’s; “Team game”, “Tiger with no teeth”, “Fair process”, “Focus on the numbers, you will get bad behaviour”.

  5. Supriya Johri says:

    Brilliant Instructor. Thanks Steve!! Great content and very interactive sessions.

  6. Jairo Pastrana says:

    Great setup (Stormont Room – Marriott Windsor). Steve is a top class instructor, inspiring, knowledgeable, no BS, lots of real scenarios/examples, polite & gentle. Material is awesome, just need to sync a few new slides with the manual printout

  7. Ayoub Khaiar says:

    Material and instructor were excellent. Perfectly tailored to Tech Support, by an experienced support professional.

  8. Marian Haarstrick says:

    It was the best training I have ever had. Steve did a great job and offered very good examples to explain things. Thank you!

  9. Dave Puype says:

    I loved this class, I have learned a lot that will help to continuously move. I have learned to fish!

  10. Thomas Nestor says:

    Very insightful. Had good real world examples and listened and answered to all questions.

  11. Sharon Murphy says:

    Instructor very interactive. Easy to stay focused.

  12. Anna Zhardzetskaya says:

    Great course! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Bharana Rao says:

    Instructor was brilliant and made the learning experience interesting with real life examples from his own experience. Course was apt for the role. Supporting books are going to be helpful. Venue was great.

  14. Jemma Lawrence says:

    It was amazing! Can’t wait to come on the managers course ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Sharon Champion says:

    Fantastic course and instructor. Only negative, course overrunning on all three days. Well done Steve!

  16. Monika Goel says:

    Good job. Well done. Thank you.

  17. Matthew Everett says:

    Probably expensive but have a UK version with up to date videos.

  18. Kyle sharp says:

    Only comment I would make is to update the videos to modern times so people relate more to the environments.

  19. Richaard Melbourne says:

    Speed of course was just right. Will be recommending this class to my counter-parts at work. Venue was top class.

  20. Amy Gregory says:

    I found the course really informative. I enjoyed the course materials and content covered.

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