Knowledge-Centered Service® Version 6 Leader


Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) Version 6 is a business methodology that was developed and tested by members of the Consortium for Service Innovation.

Success in a Knowledge-Centered Service environment requires managers to behave differently because leading a value based, knowledge-centric operation is fundamentally different than managing an activity based, transaction-centric operation.  Managers need and deserve support in understanding the requirements and dynamics of this new environment.

This workshop gives managers a new perspective on their role as leaders of a KCS adoption and develops the skills needed to successfully lead a knowledge-centered organisation.

Who should Attend

The one-day Knowledge-Centered Service Leader workshop is intended for team leaders, managers and directors in service and support organisations who are in the process of migrating to the KCS methodology.

The Knowledge-Centered Service Foundations workshop is a pre-requisite for anyone wishing to attend this class.

Some of the training objectives…

  • Understand how to assess organisational performance
    in a Knowledge-Centered Service environment.
  • Define the KCS strategic framework.
  • Learn the key requirements for a successful KCS adoption.
  • Understand the value proposition for the executives,
    managers and knowledge responders.

More information

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  1. David McGeough says:

    Excellent course, good exercises.

  2. Melanie Goddard says:

    Really useful for my role as will have to convince senior management of benefits. Also good practices on rollout & issues to look for and how to avoid.

  3. Heather Dawson says:

    Great course – got so much knowledge on this :-). Thanks Steve

  4. Karen Peacock says:

    Lots of practical advice.

  5. Divya Manjunath says:

    Today’s training was very good. Role plays & activities helped me understand KCS more. Steve was best as usual. All my questions were answered. Feel more confident now. He is very friendly trainer, I felt that I can go to him any time I need his advice.

  6. Johnny Jensen says:

    The class was so much more activating, giving great understanding about how to spot if KCS is working and what to do about it if it is not.

  7. Christian Vergnaud says:

    Not knowing anything about the subject it was rather a nice surprise. It raised very interesting points and questions. Teacher was outstanding.

  8. Patrick Bauer says:

    Many many thanks. Great help brilliant picture both in the matter, and beyond. Patrick

  9. Mark Hope says:

    As per previous 2 days. Number of exercises/role plays was good to reinforce material.

  10. Lynsey Byers says:

    Excellent!! Thanks for all of the brainstorming on what could work at PayPal.

  11. Xia Li says:

    The instructor built in many exercises & role plays into the training, which are very practical scenarios we’d encounter in our rollout.

  12. Carie Maguire says:

    Great course. The interactive sessions were especially helpful + engaging to me.

  13. Anna Rain says:

    Steve was great! Amazing presenter & very informative.

  14. Diana Garcia says:

    Great activities during the day, eye opening and very appropriate to the challenges we may face.

  15. Roger Miquel Grases says:

    Great training, as always!!

  16. Gareth Jones says:

    Lot of general leadership stuff on the course. Would like to see more on KCS specifics/best practices. Balanced scorecard stuff was good. Steve is a great presenter and brought material to life.

  17. Andrew Collins says:

    Steve is clearly very educated and passionate about KCS. He has given me a lot of knowledge and practical experience which i can use in our KCS Adoption. I plan to stay in touch with Steve and would definitely consider another of his training classes […

  18. Ravi Reddi says:


  19. Anand Iyer says:

    Steve has been a great inspiration

  20. Arul Jeeva Anthonyhuthu says:

    Amazing session. For the first time we have a trainer who answers every question with such context. Amazing experience to meet & learn from someone who himself is a knowledge base to clarify anything and everything.

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