Knowledge-Centered Service® Version 6 Leader


Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) Version 6 is a business methodology that was developed and tested by members of the Consortium for Service Innovation.

Success in a Knowledge-Centered Service environment requires managers to behave differently because leading a value based, knowledge-centric operation is fundamentally different than managing an activity based, transaction-centric operation.  Managers need and deserve support in understanding the requirements and dynamics of this new environment.

This workshop gives managers a new perspective on their role as leaders of a KCS adoption and develops the skills needed to successfully lead a knowledge-centered organisation.

Who should Attend

The one-day Knowledge-Centered Service Leader workshop is intended for team leaders, managers and directors in service and support organisations who are in the process of migrating to the KCS methodology.

The Knowledge-Centered Service Foundations workshop is a pre-requisite for anyone wishing to attend this class.

Some of the training objectives…

  • Understand how to assess organisational performance
    in a Knowledge-Centered Service environment.
  • Define the KCS strategic framework.
  • Learn the key requirements for a successful KCS adoption.
  • Understand the value proposition for the executives,
    managers and knowledge responders.

More information

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  1. Manisha Barage says:

    The session is very informative and helps understand the topic well

  2. Pradyumna Madiwale says:

    The content of the course was excellent. Could have included some cases related to Customer Support

  3. Ashwin Shetty says:

    It was very good, just that it could have been more interactive.Few topics were and could have been handled differently

  4. Ankur Maloo says:

    Looking forward to have more exercise during the session

  5. Ujjwala Kamalapurkar says:

    Good learning experience. Gained clarity for multiple concepts relate dto KCS that were being unknowingly incorrectly followed.

  6. Daria Gorelikova says:

    Thank you Steve, I’ve known much more than I expected!

  7. Caroline Labbett says:

    Excellent course. Great examples! Thanks

  8. Tracey Hayes says:

    Steve our instructor has been absolutely great in helping understand the whole KCS model. Now the hard work begins! lol! 🙂 Very knowledgeable and supportive.

  9. Dagny Skarbinski says:

    Some repetition which create impatience. Better put that time on ” give example from your company” or more exercise.

  10. Simone Sweeney says:

    I enjoyed the content of information & look forward to this being imbedded into our department. Stephane was a great instructor who allowed in depth conversations & different points of view occur. Very helpful & friendly

  11. Ian Teasdale says:


  12. Nik Jowett says:

    Thank You!!

  13. David Anderson says:

    Very good course, great presenter.

  14. Paul Kudra says:

    I was completely new to KCS. Steve did an excellent job and presented the knowledge perfectly. I really enjoyed the training and look forward to promote KCS in our company.

  15. Linda Troisi says:

    Steve was an excellent instructor and presenter! I would strongly recommend this company/instructor/class!

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