New Live Virtual Classes

Over the last two months, we have converted and completed trials of four of our classes for delivery via Zoom.  We have emulated our face-to-face classroom environment by teaching from a professionally equipped studio, mailing all participants hardcopy student manuals, utilising breakout rooms for group exercises, a digital whiteboard for our flipchart (those that know me, know that I use lots of drawings in class!) and fun quizzes.  See our website for how we help students maximise their live virtual class experience.

22 – 25 June

This workshop teaches the relationship skills and account management tools needed by SAMs to  increase customer loyalty, generate new business and improve their confidence when working with senior executives.

Customer Success Manager

29 June – 2 July

This interactive course provides the knowledge and skills that enable Customer Success Managers to successfully interact with their clients, and to manage, retain and grow their strategic accounts.

20 – 23 July

KCS is a ‘just-in-time’ approach to knowledge management that integrates knowledge capture and maintenance into the problem solving process. This course will explain KCS and how to get started.

On Demand Training 

We have also been delivering selected content from our Authentic Leadership, Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team and Problem Solving & Troubleshooting classes on request.  These bespoke training modules of between 1.5 and 3 hours in duration are designed to address specific needs such as Handling Difficult Conversations, Leading Virtual Teams, the Six Thinking Hats methodology and DiSC® 360.  These private sessions are intended for groups of between six and sixteen individuals, Do let us know of any training requirements that you have from our portfolio of classes as we can probably create a bespoke module for online delivery to your team.

Face-to-Face Classes

We have already registered students for our face-to-face classes that are scheduled from September onwards.  A list of our classes with next available dates, subject to remaining Covid-19 hotel and air travel restrictions being lifted can be found here

Class Dates

Please contact us if you would like course overviews, information on fees, locations and student safety, etc., or for us to hold places on a specific class. 

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