Support Professional


The combination of providing resolution to technical problems while maintaining excellent customer service skills creates a unique challenge for today’s support professionals. Customer satisfaction derives from effective communication as much as from obtaining a technical solution. The Support Professional course addresses this challenge.

This two-day course provides the customer skills necessary to deliver quality services in today’s high expectation and complex support environment. This program can provide the distinction that sets individuals and companies apart as the best in the technology support industry. The Support Professional course teaches practical skills in effective communication; professionalism on the telephone and email; questioning techniques; adapting to the customer; dealing with seven types of difficult customer; maintaining credibility and effective teamwork.

Who Should Attend

Support professionals who want to provide exceptional customer support. The program teaches soft skills techniques and strategies to effectively work with all types of customers while solving technical problems over the telephone or via the Internet.

Experienced support professionals who have not received benefit of customer service skills training will gain new skills and reinforce their current practices.


  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Participant Morale
  • Increased Staff Retention
  • Standard Customer Service Skills Program for the Organisation

More information

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  1. Arij Gharsallah says:

    Julie was amazing, great class & enjoyed it.

  2. Ciaran O'Connor says:

    Too much cramming. Not enough relevance to the topic. References weren’t easy to follow.Teaching to the test last 1/3 not relevant.

  3. Justyna Pultowicz says:

    Julie was great! 2 days was too much.

  4. Phillip Laycock says:

    Instructor (Julie) was really good. Pace of the course was really good and meant I did not get bored or lost. Tasks did not feel “forced” and were enjoyable and reinforced the course topics.

  5. Jeff Williams says:

    Julie was fantastic, knowledgeable, very friendly, likeable and an exceptional communicator.

  6. Rashid Mehmood says:

    Julie is brilliant, very good instructor and involves real life situations.

  7. Luke Olney says:

    Very informative and enjoyable.

  8. Marcus Daly says:

    Great course, enjoyed it a lot.

  9. Jurij Belousov says:

    More specialised, for example tech support many topics B2C v B2B relevant.

  10. Julia Daurer says:

    Julie was a great instructor & very engaging & motivating. Thumbs up!! Thanks for everything!! 🙂 I want to change a lot of things in job.

  11. Egoitz Uribeetxebarria says:

    Julie was very engaging, I really liked the vibe she created which made the content more fun with great examples. Will definitely recommend this course. Thank you! 🙂

  12. Gavin Daniel says:

    This course is a good introduction to the support professional.Instructor Julie was very strong and kept everyone engaged. Whilst it was an introductory course and most of the topics I had already covered there was enough of a refresh.

  13. James McMonagle says:

    Great instructor, interactive and fun.Enjoyed the two days!

  14. Jean-Charles Pascale says:

    I know you are forced to use these slides but disagreeing with them can make us question the material and therefore the whole teaching. Still loved the training though, very lively and engaging.

  15. Sullyvan Morfoisse says:

    All good, maybe check what would be the most relevant topics for job roles present in class to tailor it a bit. Good overall.

  16. Gagandeep Singh says:

    I really enjoyed and learned a lot in this class and Julie is a great instructor. I really enjoyed the way she explains things in the class.

  17. Tobias Orlow says:

    It was really cool.

  18. Snezhina Shukina says:

    Really liked the survivor task. Maybe engage with more activities like this one 🙂

  19. John Vaughan says:

    Very satisfied! Very enjoyable session.

  20. Fernando Gordo Garcia says:

    Good environment created by the instructor. Not bored at all during the two days.

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