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The combination of providing resolution to technical problems while maintaining excellent customer service skills creates a unique challenge for today’s support professionals. Customer satisfaction derives from effective communication as much as from obtaining a technical solution. The Support Professional course addresses this challenge.

This two-day course provides the customer skills necessary to deliver quality services in today’s high expectation and complex support environment. This program can provide the distinction that sets individuals and companies apart as the best in the technology support industry. The Support Professional course teaches practical skills in effective communication; professionalism on the telephone and email; questioning techniques; adapting to the customer; dealing with seven types of difficult customer; maintaining credibility and effective teamwork.

Who Should Attend

Support professionals who want to provide exceptional customer support. The program teaches soft skills techniques and strategies to effectively work with all types of customers while solving technical problems over the telephone or via the Internet.

Experienced support professionals who have not received benefit of customer service skills training will gain new skills and reinforce their current practices.


  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Participant Morale
  • Increased Staff Retention
  • Standard Customer Service Skills Program for the Organisation

More information

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  1. Dariusz Kiszka says:

    The instructor was motivating and helpful. Well organised material related to the most important issues.

  2. Aitana Marcos Guinea says:

    I really enjoyed the course being active and engaging. I found the content (referring to the book) too long to be reviewed, but the explanations given will cover the main topics. Relevant contents, good atmosphere, I would recommend it to any support person.

  3. George Marian says:

    Great fun – educational. Eye opener on certain areas of the course.

  4. Sandy Dobson says:

    Great! Julie timed everything well and was conscious of making sure we were following. Perhaps better audio for AV but that’s not a must have.

  5. Lauren Cogan says:

    I found the course very interesting, helpful and fun. I now have a changed mindset.

  6. Lewis Bond says:

    Class was relevant but more suited to less experienced. Could be condensed as sometimes feels repetitive.

  7. Oli Martin says:


  8. Simone Rose-Weir says:

    Julie was great :), made it fun, relevant and helpful 🙂

  9. Adam Buckley says:

    Class was thorough and enjoyable, thank you.

  10. Adam Krawczyk says:

    Course content was on point. Maybe one to many team exercises, they were good but a bit too much. Again, thank you.

  11. Carla Domoney says:

    Time: maybe less hours per day over one extra day?! Really enjoyed it =). Thank you

  12. Cian O'Reilly says:

    Julie is very friendly and engaging which helped a lot!

  13. Colm Laverty says:

    Julie was a very engaging & entertaining instructor. Made the course content fun, relevant and accessible.

  14. Gary Butler says:

    Great course, learned loads about myself that I did not realise. Julie really made the course interesting, funny & enjoyable. Thank you Julie Taylor.

  15. Stephen Carbery says:

    Maybe some more role playing. Overall very enjoyable and relevant to the industry

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