Support Specialist


The Support Specialist course is unique in its focus on the critical areas of performance for senior members of the support team. Course modules focus on the key roles senior specialists play in delivering quality support, including mentoring, knowledge creation and management, understanding metrics and teamwork. And, since senior specialists also play a key role in escalation management, the course teaches negotiation, problem management and effective listening to ensure that these senior support professionals are properly equipped to manage escalations and assist other team members in managing their case backlogs.

Who Should Attend

The two-day Support Specialist course is for experienced support professionals who require skills in problem resolution as well as in working with customers and the support team. This senior level support professional frequently functions in a team lead role.

Some of the training objectives…

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Participant Morale
  • Increased Staff Retention
  • Foundation of Skills in Supervisory and Team Leader Roles

More information

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  1. Iciar Wray says:

    I thought the class was very well-paced and the style was very effective.

  2. John Mackey says:

    Well-presented course and good materials. A good level of knowledge and well-paced.

  3. David Aloy says:

    Good course and instructor. Not all topics are related to my job, but I enjoyed it.

  4. Luis Perez says:

    Very good instructors!

  5. Aaron Fletcher says:

    Suggestion: KEEP IT UP! 🙂 Excellent course

  6. Istvan Benedek says:

    No suggestions for this course, it is excellent as it is. Thank you!

  7. Marc Mazoyer says:

    Enjoyed a lot the training thanks to the instructor.

  8. Abhinav Kaul says:

    This has been a good refresher course. there are many things I knew, but years of experience pushes them to a side. This course has revived it. Thanks.

  9. Chris O'Sullivan says:

    Fantastic course & presenter!!! I learned a lot!

  10. Cory Gwinn says:

    Isobel was a great instructor for the course and the material covered applies greatly to my role.

  11. Charles Porter says:

    The class has been very useful and I look forward to putting some of the methods learned into practice.

  12. Teresa White says:

    Great examples, energetic & engaging. Really great course. Thank you.

  13. Chris Bailey says:

    Great in a small group. Facilities are excellent. Very slick and smooth presentation. Flowed very well.

  14. Bilal Saeed Syed says:

    It was a wonderful course, I liked it.

  15. Mark Ewer says:

    The class is well designed and fits superbly with what I do. This reinforces my work environment.

  16. Christopher McNeill says:

    Excellent presented class which went above my expectations

  17. Benjamin Moelleken says:

    – The fact that it as a small class was very perfect. – If the class were bigger then it would make sense to expand the course to 3 days?

  18. Neil Spencer says:

    I found the activities & content very useful, reinforcing my view on the area I need for personal development, particularly in the area of negotiation

  19. James Thomas says:

    Great course content, well presented at a great pace. Steve was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the content. thank you very much!!

  20. Tom Boyle says:

    Engaging and enthusiastic. Open to discussion.

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