High Impact Presentation Skills


This highly practical and engaging two day workshop will give participants both the knowledge and skills to deliver an engaging and influential presentation with confidence and clarity, time and time again, with immediate effect.  Delivering presentations can often make people anxious, therefore unconsciously, this is where their energy is focused.  This workshop is designed to help you control your nerves and fears, become more comfortable and confident, deliver your message effectively and with the desired outcome – you’ll never have to fear giving a presentation again!

Using a blend of theory and hands-on activities to practice skills in a small group, you will receive one-to-one feedback from the facilitator throughout the two days, a video of your final presentation and detailed feedback from your fellow students.

Who Should Attend

The workshop is aimed at those who would like to develop and enhance their presentation skills to communicate their message more confidently and effectively to all audiences; customers, peers, team members and management.

Some of the training objectives…

  • Increased confidence and credibility as a presenter.
  • Save time with clear and concise message and structure.
  • More persuasive and professional presentations to clients and stakeholders.
  • Stand out from the competition with a winning pitch.
  • A higher level of communication effectiveness and influence.

More information

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  1. Amy Jawanda says:

    Julie is fantastic!! Perfect and was able to relate to me and give me alot of advice, she went above and beyond to help me as I had to present in front of a large audience and she gave me alot of tips!

  2. Marcel Hartog says:

    very good instructor, teacher. She was able to calm down people who were too nervous, keep the pace, put some humor in, give everybody the attention they needed. Compliments!!

  3. Mark Leach says:

    Julie was brilliant and was able to adapt the course regardless of role in organisation. loads of energy and made the course run smoothly and was very enjoyable.

  4. Ana Ramos says:

    Julie addressed each person’s strenghts and challenges, helping each of us with her feedback, in an individual level.

  5. Margherita Lo Cascio says:

    Julie was fabulous. Very supportive and made the 2 days fun even though it was quite stressful for some.

  6. Valentine Fribourg says:

    she was extraodinary, she listened, encouraged us and reassured us very well with a lot of tact. I really appriciate this !

  7. Sukhjit Dhami says:

    Very helpful and assured. She was credible and had the right pace and knew how to control others in the course who often strayed and tried to keep everyone on point and gave valuable tips and was kind in the process.

  8. Edward Medcalf says:

    Very well-controlled course – vital to have someone of Julie’s charisma and confidence delivering it. One of the challenges was the range of experience in the room which Julie handled well

  9. Satinder Nijjher says:

    Julie made this course very interestiing and informative she gave fantastic constructive criticism and appreciation.

  10. Audray Legnani says:

    Great! Julie is very good at explaining and driving the course to achieve our individual and groupal goals

  11. Edith Muresan says:

    Julie is doing this class very professionally, with many enthusiasm and energy level. The tipps she gave are very valuable. It was just right for this class.

  12. Jaydev Chauhan says:

    Julie used practical exercises very well to maintain interest, especially at the low-energy stages, such as after lunch. Her high energy and enthusiasm kept the class focussed.

  13. Ana Paula Bonani says:

    The “wow” factor to me was that simple steps and an easy enough structure can make such a difference and be so effective. Julie is so engaging and made it a fun course to attend.

  14. Marcus Lofgren says:

    This will provide valuable info on how i can improve my presenation skills. Getting feedabck from the audience was great. Fantastic course.

  15. Mark Hope says:

    Concept of planning template very useful – I will use this in future. Made me realise there is no magic answer, just be the best self you can be. Class size of 5-6 is ideal to allow for practice sessions. Julie is very engaging and easily helps you

  16. Matt McDonald says:

    Time was appropriate for the required learning, as was the class size

  17. Zeeshan Haider says:

    I came with a vision to learn from others and get feedback on how I do, so I got 100% results. Julie is very inspriational and a very good trainer and mentor.

  18. Darren Ellis-Philip says:

    Informative, detailed, open/friendly.

  19. Jon Browell says:

    IT WAS AMAZING!!! Julie was a fantastic teacher, shared the right level of knowledge.

  20. Patricia Boffin says:

    Learned fantastic great techniques. I was very satisfied and would suggest this to my peers. Good pace and great materials.

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