1Why am I getting 'There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later.' when I submit a web form?
A common reason for reCAPTCHA rejecting a submission is because the Telephone field contains blanks, parentheses, dashes or other special characters. Please try using the format '+Country Code' and your number only, for example: +441727530188 If the form still fails to submit, please capture an image of your screen and forward it to us at enquiries@sgsa.com. The SGSA website is protected by reCAPTCHA V3 to stop spam forms being submitted. reCAPTCHA checks to see what the user has been doing prior to the form being submitted to assess whether the site visitor is a robot or not (this is different to V1 that asked users to retype difficult-to-read characters and V2 that asked users to select the pictures that contained traffic lights, etc.). V3 is more user-friendly except when it doesn't work because Google doesn’t tell us why a submission was rejected (for example, being on the web page for too long before submitting can be a problem). We can only hope that the Artificial Intelligence of Google V3 reCAPTCHA improves over time and apologise for any inconvenience in the meantime.
2Where can I find my EORI or IEC number for shipping my student kit?
Your local country Accounts Team or Finance office will be able to provide you with this information.
3What should I do if my student kit is being held in Customs?
The three most common reasons for a student kit being held at Customs are: 1. The EORI or iEC numbers that we were provided by your company have not been accepted. If this is the case then you will need to contact the local country courier office to provide the correct information. 2. Customs require the Tariff codes for the contents of your student kit. The tariff code numbers are '49019900' for the printed student manual and books, etc., and '96081010' for the SGSA pen. 3. Import Duties have not been paid. We specify that all important duties on the shipments are charged back to SGSA but if this isn't possible then we will pay the charges by credit card. Please forward any paperwork connected with the payment request to enquiries@sgsa.com
4What time do classes start and finish?
Live virtual classes typically begin at 9.00am each day and finish around 1.00pm (UK). In-person classes typically begin at 9.00am each day and finish at around 5.00pm. Some classes have a half day on the last day and finish at lunch time. Please you check your Registration email for confirmation of the exact days, start and end times for your class.
5Why haven't I received my online test username and password?
You should receive an email from Service Strategies or the KCS Academy within two business days of redeeming your test code. If you have not seen the email please check your Junk folder and if not there, please contact us at enquiries@sgsa.com or +44 (172) 753-0188.
6Where do I find the website for my online test?
You will need to login to your account to access the test. Your username, password and website have been provided to you in an email. The testing websites are: 1. For Support Professional, Support Specialist, Support Supervisor, Field Service Manager and Support Manager: https://training.servicestrategies.com/account/login/? 2. For KCS v6 Practices: https://kcsacademy.etraincenter.com/login/Loginuser.aspx You can request a password reset on the website. If you no longer have your username then please contact us at enquiries@sgsa.com or +44 (172) 753-0188.
7Does the online test expire?
Yes, the test will expire ninety (90) days after activation. Activation must be requested within nine (9) months of the code being issued. This means that the test can be taken up to one year after completing the class; however, our strong recommendation is that students take their tests within two weeks of the class ending.
8What happens if I fail the online test?
If required, either you or your employer can purchase an additional online test key. You do not need to retake the class.
9Isn't shipping printed workbooks to students around the world bad for the environment?
Yes, it is, and we have looked at providing students with electronic versions of the materials. Even though SGSA would save £1000's per annum in printing and shipping charges, our focus is on making the student experience as perfect as possible. Unfortunately, providing soft copies of student materials has some implications on the experience. First, as a large area of a student's screen is taken up by the instructors' slides and images of the instructor and fellow student, these windows would need to be reduced in size to accommodate a view of the student workbook. We also believe that students take more notes and draw more diagrams in a printed version of the workbook than they would in an electronic version. A further advantage of providing a printed version is that its physical presence means that it is more likely to be referred to after the class, which is useful in reinforcing the learning.
10Do I have to pay for parking when attending a SGSA class?
No, the cost of parking is included for delegates attending SGSA classes at the Sheraton Skyline Hotel London Heathrow, Delta Hotels Heathrow Windsor, London Heathrow Marriott and Cork International Hotels. However, you do need to register your car at the receptions of these hotels on arrival. These hotels operate a parking scheme based on an ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) system. When you drive into the hotels' car parks, your number plate will be automatically scanned and recorded. If you leave the car park without informing the hotel Reception of your vehicle registration number then you will receive an automatic fine of £100.00.

On arrival at the hotel, please go to Reception and inform the staff that you are attending a SGSA class or event for x days. You will then be asked to enter your vehicle registration number into their system. Please enter your vehicle registration number carefully as a mistake will result in a fine. You will only need to register your vehicle once provided that you confirm the date of the last day of the class with the hotel staff. However, if you change vehicles during the class then you must notify the hotel of the change.

If you are staying at the hotel and check-in the day before the class, please note that your parking is only paid for the actual dates of the class. SGSA cannot be held responsible for any parking fines incurred.
11What is the dress code for classes?
Casual and comfortable but respectful of others!
12Is there more reasonably priced accommodation near to the Delta Hotels Heathrow Windsor?
The Travelodge Langley is opposite the Delta Hotels Heathrow/Windsor.
13Will lunch be provided?
Lunch is provided for all in-person public training classes. If you have a special dietary need please let us know before the first day of class. Lunch is not provided for classes that finish at lunch time.
14Will Internet access be provided in the classroom?
Yes, Wi-Fi access is included for students attending a SGSA class or event at the Sheraton Skyline Hotel London Heathrow, Delta Hotels Heathrow Windsor, London Heathrow Marriott and Cork International Hotels.