1How can I book discounted accommodation at the Marriott Heathrow/Windsor Hotel?
Click here for instructions on booking rooms at the SGSA corporate rate.
2Why doesn't the hotel website let me book a room at the discounted rate?
This is probably because only eight rooms are held per class and either they may all be taken or because all unreserved held rooms are released one week before the class. If you are having trouble finding suitable accommodation please contact us.
3Is there more reasonably priced accommodation nearby?
The Travelodge Langley is opposite the Marriott Heathrow/Windsor Hotel.
4Do I have to pay for parking at the Marriott Heathrow/Windsor Hotel?
The Marriott Heathrow/Windsor Hotel operates a parking scheme based on an ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) system. If you drive into the hotel car park then your number plate will be scanned and recorded. If you leave the car park without informing the hotel Reception of your vehicle registration number then you will receive an automatic fine of £90.00.

The cost of parking is free for students attending an SGSA class. On arrival at the hotel, please go to Reception and inform the staff that you are attending an SGSA class for x days. You will then be asked to enter your vehicle registration number into their system. Please enter your vehicle registration number carefully as a mistake will result in a fine. You will only need to register your vehice once provided that you confirm the date of the last day of the class with the hotel staff. However, if you change vehicles during the class then you must notify the hotel of the change.

If you are staying at the hotel and check-in the day before the class, please note that your parking is only paid for the actual dates of the class. SGSA cannot be held responsible for any parking fines incurred.
5What is the dress code for classes?
Casual and comfortable but respectful of others!
6What time do classes start and finish?
Classes begin at 9.00am each day and usually finish at around 5.00pm. Some classes have a half day on the last day and finish at lunch time, check your Notice of Registration email to see if this applies to your class.
7Will lunch be provided?
Lunch is provided for all public training classes. If you have a special dietary need please let us know before the first day of class. Lunch is not provided for classes that finish at lunch time.
8Will Internet access be provided in the classroom?
No, but the hotel offers a wireless broadband connection that can be purchased by credit card. Note that students are asked to keep their notebook computers closed during lectures.
9Why haven''t I received my online test username and password?
You should receive an email from Service Strategies within five days of completing the class. If you do not receive this email please contact us at enquiries@sgsa.com.
10Where do I find the website for the online test?
In the email that contains your online test and password and also in the related resources section of this web page.
11Does the online test expire?
Yes, the test must be taken within ninety days of receiving the email. However, we recommend that students take their tests within two weeks of the class ending.
12What happens if I fail the online test?
If required, either you or your employer can purchase an additional online test key. You do not need to retake the class.
13How do I access an SGSA voice and web conferencing?
Local and international access dial in numbers are shown here.