Student Kit Delivery Address

SGSA is committed to ensuring that your student kit arrives before the start date of your class and we use a professional company to do this on our behalf. When shipping student kits to destinations outside of the United Kingdom, considerable paperwork needs to be completed by this third-party company to help smooth the transition of your kit through your local country customs. We therefore ask that you provide us with all the relevant information on the form below and appreciate that you may need to request the information from other departments in your organisation.

    Shipping Address

    Additional information for Courier

    Company Information

    SGSA Limited is not permitted to dispatch goods paid for by a business without specifying the company legal name on the address, even though the shipment may be to your home address. Note also that student kits sent to mainland Europe and India will not be released from customs without the company's respective EORI or IEC number.

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