Student Kit Delivery Address

SGSA is committed to ensuring that your student kit arrives before the start date of your class and we use a professional company to do this on our behalf. When shipping student kits to destinations outside of the United Kingdom, considerable paperwork needs to be completed by this third-party company to help smooth the transition of your kit through your local country customs. We therefore ask that you provide us with all the relevant information on the form below and appreciate that you may need to request the information from other departments in your organisation.

    Shipping Address

    Company Information

    If you are shipping to a home address, please enter 'Home' in the Company Legal Name field below and leave all other fields blank. If you are shipping to a business address in the EU or India, then you must provide the company's EORI for the European Union or the IEC number for India. SGSA Limited is not permitted to export goods to companies in the EU or India without these numbers specified on the customs declaration form.

    KYC Documentation for Shipments to India

    When your student kit arrives in India, Customs will contact you at the details above requesting 'Know Your Customer' documentation. You will be provided with a link to upload your documentation. The required documents will be different depending on whether the shipment is being delivered to an individual or a company. The list of acceptable documentation can be found here:

    KYC Document Requirements

    Please note that if there are any discrepancies between the customs declaration form completed by our agents and the KYC documentation provided by you, then India Customs will destroy your shipment. India Customs will not allow SGSA to change the details on the paperwork to match your documentation after the shipment has left the UK.

    Additional information for Courier

    By submitting this form, I acknowledge that if any information provided is incorrect then my student kit may be destroyed by Customs and cannot be replaced.

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