Knowledge-Centered Service® v6 Foundations


Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) is a business methodology that was developed and tested by members of the Consortium for Service Innovation. Whether you provide technology support for a corporate help desk, products, or a third party provider, you are almost certainly under pressure to extract as much productivity as possible from your resources while also improving service levels. This comprehensive workshop on Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) Version 6 will help support centre directors, managers, supervisors and all staff directly involved in or responsible for the knowledge management process to achieve this.

KCS is a 'just-in-time' approach to knowledge management that integrates knowledge capture and maintenance into the problem solving process. The knowledge that is created improves internal efficiency as well as customer success on the web.

The fundamental goal of KCS is to solve a problem once and use the solution repeatedly. Organisations have shown that adoption of KCS can improve operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and employee morale. This workshop examines the need for a knowledge-centered strategy, the organising principles of KCS and the benefits that it delivers.

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Course Modules

  • The Consortium and Customer Experience Model
  • Knowledge-Centered Service
  • KCS Design
  • The Solve Loop
  • The Evolve Loop
  • KCS Benefits and Return on Investment

Delivery and Duration

This course is available as a public or closed class. The workshop duration is two days taught in a classroom environment or as four half-day sessions online. See our calendar for the public class schedule.

More information

To request a course brochure, please complete our Contact Us form. Click here for public class dates.


  1. Maximilian Vierschrodt says:

    Steve did an awesome job, explained everything very well and had for every question an answer! Would recommend him every time! Thanks for the nice session!

  2. Wajih Salhi says:

    Everything was perfect
    Nothing to add
    Steve was brilliant and extremely helpful and professional

  3. Madel Cale says:

    Steve is the best instructor for this course. He has has full knowledge about the course, and answered all our questions/cleared our doubts we have. Thank you so much

  4. Hina Mistry says:

    Steve made it fun and put his spin on things which was good.

  5. Linda Troisi says:

    Steve was an excellent instructor and presenter! I would strongly recommend this company/instructor/class!

  6. Paul Kudra says:

    I was completely new to KCS. Steve did an excellent job and presented the knowledge perfectly. I really enjoyed the training and look forward to promote KCS in our company.

  7. David Anderson says:

    Very good course, great presenter.

  8. Ryosuke Hara says:

    Thank you for the great training. That is really helpful and instructor(Steve) is great. One suggestion is that it is better to take rest at least twice. It is good to concentrate training because attendee have joined from different region.

  9. Brendan Roche says:

    Steve was fantastic at relaying the material as usual. Many thanks.

  10. Richard Pulley says:

    With regards to material it would be nice if some of the slides were bigger to make them easier to read. Great course, thank you.

  11. Nik Jowett says:

    Class v.good. Room temp fluctuates a lot throughout the day.

  12. Gary Gonsalvez says:

    It is too powerpoint heavy. More group interaction would help and make it a bit more engaging. Other than that, really informative, thank you.

  13. Suzy Spillane says:

    Class was very informative, Steve was engaging. Really liked incorporating real life examples & class participation. Slides could use a little jazzing up but I know that’s a bit out of your hands. Some bits repetitive.

  14. Francessa Rossi says:

    Great instructor, excellent teaching skills. Worthy experience.

  15. Heather MacDonald says:

    Steve was a great presenter and beautifully tied real life examples to the material. Only downside was the slideware – very basic and outdated, not representative of modern technology which is the industry KCS is based on supporting.

  16. Ian Teasdale says:

    All good.

  17. Louisa Osei-Mensah says:

    I’m a business developer so the entire session isn’t relevant to my job responsibilities but I work for a search engine platform. This class opened my eyes on the knowledge management environment and how search is the next step to help improve

  18. Callum Wates says:

    Steve was a fantastic presenter and demonstrated KCS in a very clear and extremely helpful way that I will now be able to coach to my peers.

  19. Adam Ruiz says:

    Fantastic all around. Great material, very useful handout, all made that much better by Steve. Great delivery, a wealth of experience and it has all been a genuine pleasure.

  20. Elio Delgado says:

    Great initiative!! Look forward to this be designed on the next session.

  21. Ché Hargreaves says:

    Class ran very smoothly in line with the manual with a good amount of supplementary info to augment the material. Steve is a very engaging and charismatic tutor, I enjoyed the two days immensely. Looking forward to the design workshop next year.

  22. Samantha Corder says:

    Instructor is highly charismatic, clearly intelligent and an industry expert. I am very excited to embark on our KCS journey.

  23. Stefi Panteli says:

    The course has provided me with hope that support can improve, we can reduce our backlog & reduce the number of raised cases.

  24. Ian Trzoska says:

    This was a very interesting course and I firmly believe this will be a game changer for the company moving forward.

  25. Kash Robinson says:

    I am excited for KCS but feel was a lot to squeeze in, maybe further material like an online component would be helpful. Great for seeing where support can go.

  26. Keith Pentelow says:

    A few more exercises would be helpful.

  27. Sarah Johnstone says:

    Enjoyable course, excellent class participation. Steve presented a lot of information in an enjoyable and engaging way. Many thanks!

  28. Jeff Ringrose says:

    Very good instructor, very useful.

  29. Steve Gayler says:

    Very engaged + relevant to our new roles. Exciting + will be great improvements

  30. David Do says:

    Thank you! Great class and atmosphere. Definitely in line with what I expected.

  31. Viktoria Nikkarinen says:

    Thank you for good introduction to KCS

  32. Céline Chansigaud says:

    Maybe more exercises as the first one with the body parts. Thank you for this interesting training

  33. Stewart Thorpe says:

    Addressed concerns that could be addressed. Explained logic behind methodolgy well

  34. Jean-Bosco Tumwine says:

    It was a well structered course/workshop with new/relevant content. It could have been a bit longer as there was so much content/material/information that had to be consumed. Overall: Happy I was part of the group!

  35. Jeremy Williams says:

    Stephane was very professioanl and persuasive in this KCS session and I really appreciated this training and I’m keen to move on to the next phase of this project! Thank you!

  36. Emmanuel Heraud says:

    Lots of informations, too much because of the schedule 2 1/2 days. Maybe add exercises during the training. Instructor was able to answer on all questions. Really good training.

  37. Kent Johansen says:

    Very exciting project! Thanks to Stephane for skillful and informative journey through the topic.

  38. Dagny Skarbinski says:

    Short section for more specific org questions.

  39. Tracey Hayes says:

    More cases on how setups were achieved would be beneficial but only to see a good rollout/bad rollout. So knowledgeable. Thank you very much. Great to relate to different scenarios so we got better understandings.

  40. Caroline Labbett says:

    Great course, really well taught. Thanks!

  41. Katalin Boros says:

    The class was well organised and i really enjoyed being there. The presented material was quite useful and not only from the customer support perspective.

  42. Bhavesh Miyani says:

    More activities/practicals would make it better.

  43. Gerald West says:

    Very informative class. Good content and presentations with useful discussions.

  44. Heidi Khetani says:

    Some more exercises would help break up the theoretical nature of the course. As ever Steve did a great job delivering the course.

  45. Ashwin Shetty says:

    Good session on KCS. Definitely lots of value add.

  46. Pradyumna Madiwale says:

    It was a great job.

  47. Arul Jeeva Anthonyhuthu says:

    Good content. Must have training for all, one of it’s kind which is well done and all credit goes to Steve for his excellence.

  48. Anand Iyer says:

    Steve is one of the best instructors I have come across. I would love to attend more of his classes

  49. Ravi Reddi says:

    Everything is appropriate

  50. Andrew Collins says:

    Steve surpassed all my expectations and has answered all of my questions. He has provided great practical advice which will be critical in our KCS adoption.

  51. Gareth Jones says:

    Great stuff.

  52. Nicolas Gruloos says:

    I suggest to include more real case examples and real references to successful implementation of KCS in different organisations, with metrics samples to provide guidelines to the adopters. Thank you.

  53. Diana Garcia says:

    A very good class to understand the concepts of KCS. The instructor was full of different experiences that help understanding of the course. Very recommended.

  54. Jerry Wong says:

    Steve made the 3 day training very enjoyable and is very knowledgeable in KCS and management techniques. Steve used real life examples to make the learning very easy and practical to learn the content.

  55. Anna Laura Milia says:

    Expand the example type a bit to a larger kind of industries (for example articles for pharmaceutical companies, financial services, travel companies…). Great exercises and expertise! Thank you!

  56. Adele Finnegan says:

    3 days very well spent. Steve kept us engaged throughout. Challenging + very relevant to our organisation.

  57. Lynsey Byers says:

    Wonderful, clear, concise. Thought-provoking!

  58. Mark Hope says:

    Well delivered by someone who is knowledgeable and enthusiastic on the topic. Good structure and right number/frequency of breaks. Perhaps add one or two interactive activities during day one to break up presentation sessions. Good venue.

  59. Helen Foot says:

    Great presentation & materials, could have had fewer intro slides/less time allocated to intro & history in order that more time could be spent on KCS theory & practice. Really good, though, thanks!

  60. Patrick Bauer says:

    Many, many thanks. Great help brilliant picture both in the matter, and beyond.

  61. Christian Vergnaud says:

    Not knowing anything about the subject it was rather a nice surprise. It raised very interesting points and questions. Teacher was outstanding.

  62. Ole Westergaard says:

    Thank you!

  63. Divya Manjunath says:

    Steve is the best trainer I have ever met. Training course was excellent. Examples & exercises were so good that I could relate to practicality. I definitely recommend others. Got a new perspective on KCS. I look forward implementing KCS very confidently.

  64. Karen Peacock says:

    It was great to have such an experienced instructor who can give us his own view on what works well.

  65. Sharn Sandhu says:

    The class was really good. The class size was small enough to share experiences and the instructor was happy enough to stop and answer questions.

  66. Heather Dawson says:

    Vey good course – led well by Steve. Gave me a much better understanding of KCS – looking forward to part 2.

  67. David McGeough says:

    Steve knows KCS very well, any question addressed to him was answered very professionally and thoroughly. Thanks Steve.

  68. Melanie Goddard says:

    Open discussions allowed opportunities to understand impact to business. Some of this discussion meant we over ran on first day however these discussions are important to ensure full understanding & implications.

  69. Joanna Knoesen says:

    Steve handled & addressed the attendees questions & concerns in a very level & patient way. Thanks.

  70. Louis Kuo says:

    I found the exercises helpful in re-inforcing the concept of KCS and making us aware of the issues we will face in implementing KCS. Melissa was an excellent instructor. Thanks!

  71. Digish Nair says:

    The class had all the required materials to create a good knowledge management system. The presentation was very effective, concise and move forward in right direction. Most of my questions were answered and any suggestions given by me were noted down.

  72. Lyn Atkinson says:

    I thought the training was excellent. It was very interactive and the exercises really complemented the material well in helping us gain not only an understanding of, but also excitement for, KCS.

  73. Walid Saad says:

    The workshop was very helpful in answering many of the questions I had coming into the workshop. It allowed me to identify the things we should concentrate our efforts on in the design and implementation phases of the project.

  74. Sandy Vasudevan says:

    The class helped me get a solid understanding of KCS and its benefits. The instructor encouraged questions and helped find answers by actively engaging all the participants.

  75. Abhishek Marathe says:

    Great presentation – the presenter was clear and had good class material and activities to reinforce KCS topics. Helped me to understand that the KCS project plan is very much possible.

  76. Milind Pai says:

    It would be great to have more of these workshops!

  77. Suyog Pawar says:

    – Liked the exercises and imaginative games. – Could contain more information on topics related to motivation/inspiration to convey the KCS info to colleagues though the video was sufficient. – Overall course was very impressive.

  78. Steve Horgan says:

    Very good content, exercises and principles. It was helpful to know what other companies have tried and what methods work. The consortium and the workshop will really help us put our best plan in place. Thank you!

  79. Jeff Collier says:

    Overall, the class was excellent. I have been waiting a long time for this material. Considering that most of the participants were not native speakers of English, more interactive exercises would be helpful.

  80. Kazuyuki Watanabe says:

    Thank you very much for your help! We will use this knowledge to success for future with PTC KCS. I hope we can show you a result of succeed by Nov or Dec this year. Thanks!

  81. Go Ishikawa says:

    The concepts were very clear to understand and seeing the “ditches” really helps to understand where to be careful during the implementation and how to be prepared for the adoption.

  82. Steven Long Jin says:

    Thank you very much for your perfect training. I believe it would be very helpful for PTC and also for myself. Go KCS! Thanks again. Steven

  83. Kazu Nagata says:

    The class and instructor were very effective.

  84. Akiko Sato says:

    I understood that KCS would improve our TS work and key would be people need to change their behaviour. I really appreciate to be a member of the class and excited to start adopting myself in KCS methodology.

  85. Peter Case says:

    Articulate presentation as always with Steve, conviction about the KCS values & methodologies. Effective group discussions and question handling.

  86. Heidi Khetani says:

    The class was very informative but may benefit from a few more hands on exercises to help make it more interesting and to reinforce the theory.

  87. Bilal Albaba says:

    * Good job, thank you *

  88. Jon Cooper says:

    Excellent course, interesting & relevant.

  89. Christophe Moix says:

    It was good to have an explanation of the KCS with good examples and to understand the integration of incident/knowledge and problem.

  90. Uwe Vogt says:

    Very detailed. For me it was the first “contact” to KCS. Very good.

  91. Stephane Grossenbacter says:

    It’s all about bringing it to life now 🙂 Great course, good content, great instructor, thanks.

  92. Ron Langelaan says:

    Would have liked to see more practical examples. Good learning overall, thanks!

  93. Julian Wade says:

    Very useful oversight of the benefits at implementing a KCS solution. Looking forward to taking on board the information learnt, particularly in my solution review role.

  94. Geoff Brown says:

    Excellent course.

  95. Debbie Yarwood says:

    I liked the case studies and interactive elements of the class. The regular breaks were ideal for this type of class. Thanks.

  96. Dave Macaulay says:

    Great course, very inspiring, just hope I can feed it back to my colleagues with similar effect!

  97. Steve Lawrence says:

    Superb delivery. Show some ‘real’ KB solutions that have been created via a KCS implemented organisation. Helps to place the benefits in context with ‘traditional’ approaches.

  98. Nikki Faulkner says:

    I hope we can implement this. I think it’s exciting and would be highly beneficial.

  99. Farhad Zarrindej says:

    Highly formative and one that kept me interested all the way through. A well-balanced course for the topics that were covered. A very good course that was presented highly professionally and one that I would recommend.

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