Operational Review

Technical Support Health Check

An independent review of your B2B technical support service.

The SGSA health check of your technical support organisation can assess the overall operation or just a specific area of concern, for example:

  • People
  • Processes
  • Customer Success
  • Technology
  • Service Account Management
  • Global Operations
  • Knowledge Management

Most reviews can be completed with only three to four days of a senior consultant's time.

The Benefits

The return on investment of the health check is achieved through:

  • An independent view of your operation across multiple perspectives.
  • Action plans for your 30-90-365 strategic plans.
  • A comprehensive document identifying areas of improvement with example best practices on how to improve.
  • A video conference for the key stakeholders where we answer questions on our recommendations.
  • The start of your journey towards achieving the Service Capability and Performance (SCP) Support Standard accreditation.

The Process

The operational review is based on our robust methodology first introduced in 2012:

  • You collect as much background documentation, performance metrics and other information on your operation as you can. Examples of what we review is detailed in the document below (we don't expect you to have everything).
  • We analyse the information and create a holistic view of the organisation's performance using the balanced scorecard model.
  • We conduct 360° face-to-face interviews, i.e., up and down the support hierarchy and across the corporation, involving each department that is either an internal customer or supplier of Technical Support, to confirm the findings from the data analysis.
  • We conduct in-depth, telephone interviews with a selection of your key clients to get their true opinions of your service (optional).

A thirty minute conversation is all we need to be able to work out the scope of the review for maximum benefit. We can then produce a detailed Statement of Work and calculate the fees.

Are you interested in seeing what the report looks like? Click here and request a copy.

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