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Whether you provide technology support for a corporate help desk, products, or a third party provider, you are almost certainly under pressure to extract as much productivity as possible from your resources while also improving service levels. This comprehensive, two day workshop on Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) Version 6 will help you to achieve this.

Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) is a business methodology that was developed and tested by members of the Consortium for Service Innovation.

KCS is a ‘just-in-time’ approach to knowledge management that integrates knowledge capture and maintenance into the problem solving process. The knowledge that is created improves internal efficiency as well as customer success on the web.

The fundamental goal of KCS is to solve a problem once and use the solution repeatedly. Organisations have shown that adoption of KCS can improve operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and employee morale. This workshop examines the need for a knowledge-centered strategy, the organising principles of KCS and the benefits that it delivers.

Who Should Attend

This two-day workshop is for support centre directors, managers, supervisors and team leaders in addition to all staff directly involved in or responsible for the knowledge management process.


  • Assess the value and benefits of the KCS best practices
  • Understand KCS principles and processes
  • Examine the fundamentals and dynamics of the solution management processes
  • Identify key roles and responsibilities in the organisation
  • Appreciation for a knowledge-centered methodology to assess performance and contribution
  • Understand considerations for a successful adoption

More information

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  1. Jeff Collier says:

    Overall, the class was excellent. I have been waiting a long time for this material. Considering that most of the participants were not native speakers of English, more interactive exercises would be helpful.

  2. Steve Horgan says:

    Very good content, exercises and principles. It was helpful to know what other companies have tried and what methods work. The consortium and the workshop will really help us put our best plan in place. Thank you!

  3. Adnan Alalawiyat says:

    The course was very beneficial to me, because 1. Presenter kept me involved through exercises and group activities 2. Presenter provided a lot of previous cases and examples with other organizations that helped re-enforcing her points.

  4. Suyog Pawar says:

    – Liked the exercises and imaginative games. – Could contain more information on topics related to motivation/inspiration to convey the KCS info to colleagues though the video was sufficient. – Overall course was very impressive.

  5. Milind Pai says:

    It would be great to have more of these workshops!

  6. Abhishek Marathe says:

    Great presentation – the presenter was clear and had good class material and activities to reinforce KCS topics. Helped me to understand that the KCS project plan is very much possible.

  7. Sandy Vasudevan says:

    The class helped me get a solid understanding of KCS and its benefits. The instructor encouraged questions and helped find answers by actively engaging all the participants.

  8. Walid Saad says:

    The workshop was very helpful in answering many of the questions I had coming into the workshop. It allowed me to identify the things we should concentrate our efforts on in the design and implementation phases of the project.

  9. Lyn Atkinson says:

    I thought the training was excellent. It was very interactive and the exercises really complemented the material well in helping us gain not only an understanding of, but also excitement for, KCS.

  10. Digish Nair says:

    The class had all the required materials to create a good knowledge management system. The presentation was very effective, concise and move forward in right direction. Most of my questions were answered and any suggestions given by me were noted down.

  11. Louis Kuo says:

    I found the exercises helpful in re-inforcing the concept of KCS and making us aware of the issues we will face in implementing KCS. Melissa was an excellent instructor. Thanks!

  12. Joanna Knoesen says:

    Steve handled & addressed the attendees questions & concerns in a very level & patient way. Thanks.

  13. Melanie Goddard says:

    Open discussions allowed opportunities to understand impact to business. Some of this discussion meant we over ran on first day however these discussions are important to ensure full understanding & implications.

  14. David McGeough says:

    Steve knows KCS very well, any question addressed to him was answered very professionally and thoroughly. Thanks Steve.

  15. Heather Dawson says:

    Vey good course – led well by Steve. Gave me a much better understanding of KCS – looking forward to part 2.

  16. Sharn Sandhu says:

    The class was really good. The class size was small enough to share experiences and the instructor was happy enough to stop and answer questions.

  17. Karen Peacock says:

    It was great to have such an experienced instructor who can give us his own view on what works well.

  18. Divya Manjunath says:

    Steve is the best trainer I have ever met. Training course was excellent. Examples & exercises were so good that I could relate to practicality. I definitely recommend others. Got a new perspective on KCS. I look forward implementing KCS very confidently.

  19. Ole Westergaard says:

    Thank you!

  20. Christian Vergnaud says:

    Not knowing anything about the subject it was rather a nice surprise. It raised very interesting points and questions. Teacher was outstanding.

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