Authentic Leadership


This five ½ day session Authentic Leadership instructor-led virtual course compliments our Support Supervisor and Support Manager classes.  The latter two classes focus on what leaders need to do whereas the Authentic Leadership focuses on who the leader is, and in particular, the strengths and weaknesses of the leader.  We believe that leadership style is personal and that one size (or course) doesn’t fit all.  Our program will take you take you on the ultimate self-awareness journey where you will discover your authentic leadership style.

Besides learning about yourself, the course provides an insight to why people behave as they do and the impact that this has on themselves, others and their results.  Further topics include how to achieve positive outcomes from difficult discussions, trust building behaviours, mindfulness and resilience.  This course prepares leaders for their best work ever.

Who Should Attend

The Authentic Leadership class is for any team leader or manager who is responsible for inspiring others to perform.


The course begins with pre-class activities for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Everything DiSC programs.  The output from these activities help delegates to understand their preferences, how they can adapt to situations to improve relationships and their internal reputation based on feedback from their managers, peers, and colleagues.  Participants are strongly encouraged to register at least two weeks in advance to allow time to complete these pre-class assignments.

Some of the teaching points…

  • Increased self-awareness, improved communication and relationships..
  • Gain valuable feedback and understanding of how others see you and the impact of your behaviour.
  • Be able to have a difficult discussion with successful outcomes.
  • Increased team morale, efficiency and results.
  • Make better decisions, more quickly
  • Improve your leadership skills to become the very best version of you.

More information

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  1. Savio Carvalho says:

    This workshop was amazing and I really enjoyed it! Julie is amazing!

  2. Frank Carl says:

    As always with courses provided by SGSA – well done – to the point – fantastic. The teacher was a very nice person , very mindful/thoughtful Thank you

  3. Amaury Lousse says:

    Thank you again for an amazing course. It’s the first time I’ve done a course that encourages and teaches so much self-reflection and learning about yourself. A real eye opener and will definitely recommend it. The material we went through and the exercises we did were brilliant! You made it very easy for us to be engaged with all your energy and positivity.

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