Authentic Leadership


The three day Authentic Leadership course compliments our Support Supervisor and Support Manager classes.  The latter two classes focus on what leaders need to do whereas the Authentic Leadership focuses on who the leader is, and in particular, the strengths and weaknesses of the leader.  We believe that leadership style is personal and that one size (or course) doesn’t fit all.  Our program will take you take you on the ultimate self-awareness journey where you will discover your authentic leadership style.

Besides learning about yourself, the course provides an insight to why people behave as they do and the impact that this has on themselves, others and their results.  Further topics include how to achieve positive outcomes from difficult discussions, trust building behaviours, mindfulness and resilience.  This course prepares leaders for their best work ever.

Who Should Attend

The Authentic Leadership class is for any team leader or manager who is responsible for inspiring others to perform.


The course begins with pre-class activities for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Everything DiSC programs.  The output from these activities help delegates to understand their preferences, how they can adapt to situations to improve relationships and their internal reputation based on feedback from their managers, peers, and colleagues.  Participants are strongly encouraged to register at least two weeks in advance to allow time to complete these pre-class assignments.

Some of the teaching points…

  • Increased self-awareness, improved communication and relationships..
  • Gain valuable feedback and understanding of how others see you and the impact of your behaviour.
  • Be able to have a difficult discussion with successful outcomes.
  • Increased team morale, efficiency and results.
  • Make better decisions, more quickly
  • Improve your leadership skills to become the very best version of you.

More information

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  1. Anna Muntala says:

    “There are too many good points to list! The course was very relevant to my job/career development and has a great mixture of theoretical and practical training, absolutely recommended!”

  2. Dan Turner says:

    Very good, well presented. Different to standard management courses. Gives additional tool set for last few percent of tricky issues that cannot be solved with standard management tools.

  3. Stephane Pinault says:

    Julie,thank you very much. this 3 days were really useful, packed with a lot of very good materials, information & insights! I would really like to think with you about the outcomes or the things you want people to take away.

  4. Dimitri Simonov says:

    I felt by removing few topics, the course will benefit: more emphasis on powerful tools like crucial conversations,coaching.

  5. Pascal Frommenwiler says:

    Liked rthe real life examples that Julie explained. Made me feel better understanding the topics and material covered.

  6. Michelle Baker says:

    Thank you so much for an enjoyable 3 days. Suggesrtions are like we discussed, the application of MBTI and maybe combining MBTI with NLP, Meta Mirror, or even coaching etc

  7. Iain Gilfeather says:

    I thought there were perhaps too many elements to allow a thorough follow up & deep dive for each one. 3 days is long enough though. A suggestion is to drop the MBTI in favour of disc as that links to the 363 and would allow a focused session on Disc & 363

  8. Fred Wehmeyer says:

    The printouts text size is quite often too small to read

  9. Ruth Buxton says:

    Loved the course! Excited by the opportunites it opens up for me. Will be using some of it with colleagues. Will be recommending it to managers at RSA. NLP may be improved with some more understanding of the foundational principles.

  10. Tom Reynolds says:

    Great fun on this journey with Julie -> hope to come across you again!!

  11. David Ringel says:

    Include the booklist, more reference material as in the Support Mgr class would the only comment I can think of.

  12. Tina Johnson says:

    Julie was very knowledgeable in the material, had a very clear and easy to understand way of presenting the material and shared good examples.

  13. Matthew Sutton says:


  14. Wojciech Malinowski says:

    There were many topics opened, but not closed/finished. Maybe less, but more in depth content.

  15. Matthew Bannister says:

    Possibly more work related examples of the application of anecdotes. However, in another way keeping it personal does focus more on the individual rather than a functional training.

  16. Louise England says:

    As always, another excellent course from SGSA. I wouldn’t change a thing as the whole course was useful and beneficial.

  17. James Paterson says:

    This course provides additional tools, methods and support to grow further as a leader. It was great to grow my network and develop relationships across the group. Thanks Julie!!

  18. Guy Mbaya says:

    The course allowed me to reflect, step back and see situations differently. I have the feeling I can influence the world! Great job Julie!

  19. Gareth Jones says:

    Awesome class, exceeded expectations, Julie is an excellent instructor. Keep up, great job!!! Really enjoyed, really well done.

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