Behavioural Interviewing


The Behavioural Interviewing class reviews the many challenges of successful interviewing and teaches the student how to recruit the right person, first time, thus saving the company time and money.  Training in interview techniques is crucial given the myriad of EU laws and the cost of a bad recruitment decision; which is estimated at double the annual salary of the person hired.

Efficient and effective recruitment and selection processes are even more important when facing fierce competition for talent.  In this situation, the candidate is also assessing the organisation and can easily be deterred from accepting the position if the interview is not conducted in a professional manner.

This class will teach students how to improve their recruitment processes and the best practices for the on-boarding of new employees. The Behavioural Interviewing course is for all hiring managers and human resource administrators involved in the recruitment and selection process.

Course Modules

  • Understanding the true costs of bad hires
  • Avoid interview bias and errors
  • Provide and demonstrate assessment tools
  • Define assessment team
  • Prepare for the Interview
  • Practice behavioural & probing questioning
  • Conduct a structured interview
  • Select the best candidate for the job
  • Successful onboarding

Delivery and Duration

This course is available as a closed class. The workshop duration is one day taught in a classroom environment or as two half-day sessions online.

More information

To request a course brochure, please complete our Contact Us form. Click here for public class dates.

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