Customer Success Manager


This class is designed for Customer Success professionals who are responsible for helping clients maximise the value returned on their technology investments. This interactive course provides the knowledge and skills that enable Customer Success Managers to successfully interact with their clients, and to manage, retain and grow their strategic accounts.

By combining an established customer success framework with best practice methodologies, this course demonstrates how companies can provide extra benefits to their clients at every stage of the customer life cycle; beginning with defined pre-sales activities and ending with a renewing/growing customer or valuable lessons learned from effective churn analysis.

The class begins with understanding the Customer Success methodologies and frameworks that help improve a clients’ return on investment throughout their life cycle with the company and how to calculate the most important metrics for measuring Customer Success. Students also discover how Customer Success Managers have the scope and potential to deliver significant, positive results to internal and external stakeholders.

Course Modules

  • Customer Success Fundamentals
  • The Customer Journey
  • Learn from Churn
  • Drive Internal Relationships
  • Drive External Relationships

Delivery and Duration

This course is available as a public or closed class. The workshop duration is two days taught in a classroom environment or as four half-day sessions online. See our calendar for the public class schedule.

More information

To request a course brochure, please complete our Contact Us form. Click here for public class dates.


  1. Kenza Sadki says:

    The CSM job is new for me and this training was really interesting to begin my job! Many thanks Steve for sharing his knowledge and the really helpful exercises over this course

  2. Kshitija Yadav says:

    Indeed, amazing training & importantly the trainer! I like the real life examples to use CS in daily life & I found training practical & even spiritual – Thank you Steve

  3. Ioana Petre says:

    Thank you for validating some of the ideas and principles I had and also thank you for the valuable information.

  4. Gabriel Ionica says:

    It was a great training, thank you!!!

  5. Andreas Wackler says:

    Great stories, useful tips!

  6. Edgar Hannemann says:

    Great reminder and so inspiring new points!

  7. Amelie Pisa says:

    The course was really great. Thank you!

  8. Hamed Ouaret says:

    Only one remark – too short with huge content to digest in two days – except for that absolutely great training & trainer!! thank you so much.

  9. Celine Medard says:

    A great session! Very adapted to our company’s needs and CSM Team! Lots of key takeaways (Bringing value at each step) Thanks Steve!

  10. Nathalie Hayere says:

    Very interesting session

  11. Christian Petrea says:

    As usual, Steve is an excellent presenter and teacher with an extraordinary business acumen. It’s a pleasure to listen and learn from him. The presentation slides could need a review here and there as some are a bit outdated (when it comes to examples from the industry for instance). I am managing partner accounts with my team so this course wasn’t a 100% fit, however, the course is very well organised and has added a lot of value to my day to day work.

  12. Dermot McCarthy says:

    The class was excellent – Thank You

  13. Andrei Belutin says:

    The Customer Success Management course was great. High-quality content delivered by a friendly and knowledgeable presenter with a good sense of humour and an ability to capture the audience’s attention. Brilliant delivery style with interactive learning and breakout sessions, all of the discussed topics are highly relevant in the world of modern IT solutions and beyond.

  14. Eibhlis Thornton says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Plenty of food for thought. Very enthusiastic to get going on this subject. Thanks.

  15. Jamie Coleman says:

    Would possibly tailor the training differently for companies transitioning to C.S not actually doing it.

  16. Sharon Murphy says:

    Excellent instructor – have attended many SGSA courses. Relevant industry examples. Whilst its not 100% applicable to my job I certainly have learnt what customer success is

  17. Sean McCluskey says:

    I thought the course was highly effective at outlining to me the course framework for the role of a CSM. It has given myself and the team massive amounts to think about and a lot of practical content to implement for our launch at the the […]

  18. Sarah Bringold says:

    Great course, very professional insight into CS. Brilliant instructor!

  19. Mona McKay says:

    This was a great course – one of the best training courses I’ve attended. Great content, all relevant and well detailed and backed up by strong examples and scenarios. Adam has an engaging and energetic way of delivering. Great food and snacks too!

  20. David Ringel says:

    Practical, to the point, useful checklists, excellent detailed course material.

  21. Daryl Hunt says:

    Very informative course, well presented and full of good advice.

  22. Callum Macintyre says:

    The mix of interesting and relevant materials, topics and practical methods along with Adams engaging delivery style made this course extremely interesting and enjoyable.

  23. Brian Cronin says:

    In addition to the content,demonstrating some of the valuable CS tools to making the job effective.

  24. Walid Hajeri says:

    Add to ‘Internal Relationship’ section on consulting, ‘External’ external patterns. I don’t quite agree with the WATERMELON analogy. I LOVE the inside. I’d look for a better definition of the CSM job (not only defined by its KPIs) vs a sales job.

  25. Melanie Puli says:

    I really enjoyed this course. It is very interactive and informative. There were enough breaks and time to share your opinion and experience. Really helpful. I hope to have more trainings like this in the future. Thank you Adam!

  26. Severine Pessah says:

    Merci 🙂 Maybe adding some other role play and group exercise because even if course is interesting it’s easier to stay focus all the way long, better to move and practice.

  27. Alexandre Trin says:

    Those 2 training days are very useful not only for CSM beginners but also for intermediate CSM that needs to reinforce their position in front of the customer as well as internally.

  28. Nathalie Hayere says:

    Thanks a lot Adam. It was very interesting. I share your CSM vision and I was pleased to discuss with you about our experience and yours.

  29. Celine Medard says:

    This is one of the best trainings that I have received about Customer Success practices. This was a nice reminder of CS role. I was CSM in past. I have kept several big takeaways in terms of methodology and approach.

  30. Adriana Raducu says:

    Thank you very much for this amazing course!

  31. Gwenael Kergunteuil says:

    Thank you Adam!

  32. Ludovic Berthoux says:

    Very good training with a very efficient and dynamic trainer. Thank you.

  33. Louise England says:

    Really enjoyed this class and will thoroughly recommend it to my US counterpart. It not only delivered everything my team needed but also got them ‘pumped up’ about customer success. Adam is also a great subject matter expert […]

  34. Yannick Amato says:

    I really appreciate the real example provided during the training.

  35. Xiao Xuan Ng says:

    The material is very helpful and concise. It helped me to follow the class more effectively.

  36. Sylvain Besson says:

    Really helpful to understand what CS is. Lots of tips to apply in the next months. Thank you Adam!

  37. Brain Merricks says:

    Perhaps more on crisis management and times of high stress that occur in a relationship. Passionate – insightful & fun.

  38. Steff Bogdiukiewicz says:

    Excellent course, well delivered. Thank you.

  39. Karlheinz Heigl says:

    Well done. One can feel the passion (of Adam) for CS. Add crisis escalation mgmt to the tasks.

  40. Edgar Hannemann says:

    I got a lot of tips, tricks, hints. And I got the confirmation, that CS is an ‘Advocate’ for our customers and not only an additional support for our service/delivery units. Thanks a lot!

  41. Nabil Dabbagh says:

    Last week Adam Joseph held a two-day workshop with our Customer Success team to help us bring even more value to the thousands of SEOs and Digital Marketers who trust us every day. Thanks again for sharing your energy and passion for CS with us, Adam!

  42. Tomika Rogers says:

    A fantastic two-day training course that really helped our teams understand how they can help maximise customer value. We already have started to see some impressive results and would recommend the course to anyone wanting to build a world-class CS organisation

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