Field Service Manager


The Field Service Manager class is unique in that it provides training on the management and leadership fundamentals relative to B2B field service operations. Field Service Managers must be able to manage in an environment of highly skilled, technical people. The manager must be able to lead, coach and facilitate the activities of these people towards accomplishing the field services mission and have excellent insight into the demands of customers, subordinates and the service business.

This class is dynamic and interactive, with students frequently working in small groups, presenting findings and working on the course case study. Students should plan for study time prior to the class commencing and also during the class outside of lessons.

Course Modules

  • Leading the Knowledge-Based Organisation
  • Managerial Leadership and Behaviour
  • Managing Virtual Service Teams
  • Understanding the Service Product
  • Strategic Management of the Service Organisation
  • Decision Making
  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Performance Measurement and Metrics
  • Training & Career Development
  • Hiring for the Service Organisation
  • Performance Management and Retention
  • Operations Management and Productivity
  • Financial Management
  • Inventory Planning and Management

Delivery and Duration

This course is available as a public or closed class. The workshop duration is four days taught in a classroom environment or as eight half-day sessions online over two consecutive weeks. The Inventory Planning and Management module is taught as an additional 1.5 hour online session. See our calendar for the public class schedule.

More information

To request a course brochure, please complete our Contact Us form. Click here for public class dates.


  1. Matt Wrench says:

    This is now the second SGSA course I have attended, and every aspect of the course was superb. The material is relevant, thought provoking and challenging and I’ve learned a great deal about management best practice and how to improve my own management style as a result. Steve is a fantastic presenter who makes the content interesting and has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is evident in the presentation style. I would highly recommend anyone at any level of service delivery attends an SGSA course. Thankyou Steve and Michelle!

  2. Fredric Holmstrom says:

    Kind of down at the bottom of day 2 (I think we all agreed). The class members were nice and I think that you empowered us. Taking steps outside the comfort zone.Thanks! 🙂

  3. Tommy Alatalo says:

    Very pleased with the course and the week. One thing I missed is a schedule every day. Just to print out how long/short time to the next break/lunch.

  4. Mike Kryvoblocki says:

    Brilliant class but very hard! Some parts were more difficult to relate to my own business as we are a much smaller organisation, however it has given a great insight if I choose to move companies in the future. Thanks Steve

  5. David Knowles says:

    I enjoyed the class and have been able to take away a positive attitude and ideas to use in my role. I have gained knowledge in areas that I had previously only limited knowledge in. I did find the course intense & felt that some of the content & [..]

  6. Kenny White says:

    Instructor was excellent- knowledgeable and structured. Patient with the class. Course speed was good-plenty of time devoted to each topic. Materials excellent- clearly explained all of the concepts. Overall a great course and an enjoyable worthwhile week

  7. Linda Geelmuyden says:

    Could have been a 2 week course, going even more in depth. Thanks 🙂

  8. Guy Mbaya says:

    A lot to learn, very intense course tough very useful.

  9. Andy Macnab says:

    Steve is an excellentinstructor and managed to put across potentially difficult material in a way that is easily related to. There is a huge amount of material to be covered and maybe it is squeezed in a bit too tight. The course should absolutely […]

  10. Andreas Wirtz says:

    Update material to latest/greatest in service industry. Update video material. Get more interaction […] around the class modules

  11. Dirk Soetekouw says:

    Speed of handling some topics could be higher. Perhaps a regular check with the students might help to see if speed can be increased or not, more so since some course material was quite basic such as histograms and their use.

  12. Raf Brouwers says:

    * Overall good class. * Good to define the expected level of pre-knowledge / or the check.

  13. Craig Sherrington says:

    It would be good to have more time on each subject. I know cost is an issue. Thank you. Best regards, C. Sherrington

  14. Katy Palmer says:

    Very much enjoyed the course. very well organised. Hotel is an excellent location. One evening off would be nice!!

  15. Darryl Gregory says:

    Absolutely excellent instructor!

  16. Paul Capindale says:

    I have found this course extremely beneficial and thought provoking. It has highlighted other ways I can present back to the business my ideas in a different way. It has made me very interested in more formal management training.

  17. Fabio Aniballi says:

    The majority of the modules are standard working practise and I understood them in full. However I strongly feel that there should have been more time to get prepared for the final exam.

  18. Jean-Michel Raza says:

    Great training. Trainer is perfect in explaining and making sure that everyone understands.

  19. Andy Rimroth says:

    Really enjoyed the course! More time would have been nice…

  20. Thierry Fargeau says:

    Great training we should follow earlier in career. Lot to absorb in few days. Will need homework once back to regular life. A refresh session “web based” could help. I would accept to receive once a year (or twice) an exercise to do on a specific case.

  21. John Hutchinson says:

    A really enjoyable course, and excellently presented

  22. Louis Verschuur says:

    Extremely impressed with Steve’s knowledge and training style, also with non native English speaking students. Thanks Steve. The course was very well presented. All points were explained extremely well backed up by good examples. Little bit too much homework.

  23. Oliver Drüner says:

    I do support the course setup as it is. It is still a lot of knowledge presented within a short period of time.

  24. Barry Pownall says:

    Excellent support material. Excellent instructor.

  25. Stuart Tomkinson says:

    Maybe too much homework each night. Fast-paced but very interesting. Knowledge of the instructor is excellent.

  26. Jan Koops says:

    Instructors practical experience is appreciated. Tools (excel sheets) on CD will be very useful. Some of the videos shown are inspiring! (orchestra leader)

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