Knowledge-Centered Service® v6 Fundamentals Overview


Knowledge-Centered Service is a best practice methodology that provides a detailed description of how support and service organisations can work more effectively with knowledge to improve the service delivery, become more productive, decrease costs and increase service levels to customers.

This training is intended for individuals who are, or will be using, the KCS Practices in support and service centers to resolve issues for internal or external customers. This entry-level KCS training is a great way to ensure a common understanding of the methodology, and to help individuals demonstrate a basic understanding of the KCS concepts.

Course Overview

  • Overview of the KCS Methodology
  • What is Knowledge?
  • Benefits of KCS
  • The KCS Article Concept
  • KCS Roles and Licensing Model
  • KCS Practices
  • KCS Principles and Core Concepts

Delivery and Duration

This course is available as a public or closed class. The workshop duration is one day and can be taught in a classroom environment or online. See our calendar for the public class schedule.

More information

To request a course brochure, please complete our Contact Us form. Click here for public class dates.

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