Problem Solving & Troubleshooting


Effective technical problem resolution requires the ability to communicate effectively with customers at different knowledge levels, asking key questions to gather the appropriate information and simultaneously making judgments about the information provided. This presents a significant challenge to support professionals in a market where customer satisfaction is derived from effective communication in an ever changing environment of technology. The Problem Solving & Troubleshooting course uniquely addresses this challenge.

This two-day workshop style course begins by teaching the communication skills needed to get the customer wanting to cooperate in isolating the problem and then builds into the generic troubleshooting skills needed to resolve complex problems in a systematic way. Participants learn a five-step framework that includes engaging and communicating with the customer, defining the problem, analysing the problem, selecting and developing a solution and following-up with preventive actions. In addition to developing individual support employees problem solving skills, this framework also provides an organisational methodology that leads to greater consistency in troubleshooting.

This comprehensive approach ensures success through presentation of concepts and the application of those concepts incorporated into issues brought to class by students. These real world problems are resolved in class using the skills taught. Students will return to the job armed with experience in working through the framework applied to their specific situations, and immediately realising benefits from the class.

Who Should Attend

The program teaches support professionals the skills required to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues at all levels. Front line staff as well as back line, experienced staff will benefit from these hands-on strategies and techniques.

Some of the training objectives…

  • Communications
  • Information gathering and questioning
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem definition
  • Lateral thinking/creative analysis
  • Decision-making
  • Teamwork
  • Feedback methodology


  • Improved satisfaction survey results as related to issue resolution, professionalism and accuracy
  • Reduced issue resolution times
  • Higher first contact closure rates
  • Reduction in issue re-opens
  • Reduction in call-backs for additional information, i.e., fewer calls per case
  • Improved satisfaction at the escalation level with the quality and completeness of information coming from the support staff
  • Improved collaboration/teamwork
  • Improved consistency in process

More information

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  1. Claire McGregor says:

    It was excellent

  2. Gemma James says:

    Stronger Lego Bricks!

  3. Wendy Sears says:

    He made it very interesting and enjoyable.

  4. Gyles Haigh-Austin says:

    Thank you I feel introduced to some important skills. Now I need to apply them.

  5. George Marian says:

    Great 2 days, thank you for your time

  6. Nathan Murray says:

    Brilliant course, very informative and the trainer has a wealth of experiences and relates that to real life examples. Thank you for running an excellent training course!

  7. Vanessa Yuen says:

    Great Instructor – appreciate Steve’s understanding.

  8. Luke Connor says:

    Instructor (Steve) was patient and was able to explain perspectives previously I wouldn’t have thought of. Problem solving as a life skill.

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