Problem Solving & Troubleshooting


Effective technical problem resolution requires the ability to communicate effectively with customers at different knowledge levels, asking key questions to gather the appropriate information and simultaneously making judgments about the information provided. This presents a significant challenge to support professionals in a market where customer satisfaction is derived from effective communication in an ever changing environment of technology. The Problem Solving & Troubleshooting course uniquely addresses this challenge.

This workshop begins by teaching the communication skills needed to get the customer wanting to cooperate in isolating the problem and then builds into the generic troubleshooting skills needed to resolve complex problems in a systematic way. Participants learn a five-step framework that includes engaging and communicating with the customer, defining the problem, analysing the problem, selecting and developing a solution and following-up with preventive actions. In addition to developing individual support employees problem solving skills, this framework also provides an organisational methodology that leads to greater consistency in troubleshooting.

This comprehensive approach ensures success through presentation of concepts and the application of those concepts incorporated into issues brought to class by students. These real world problems are resolved in class using the skills taught. The program teaches service professionals the skills required to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues at all levels. Front line staff as well as back line, experienced staff will benefit from these hands-on strategies and techniques. Students will return to the job armed with experience in working through the framework applied to their specific situations, and immediately realising benefits from the class.

The benefits to the organisation include reduced issue resolution times, higher first contact closure rates, fewer customer call-backs for additional information, increased efficiency and consistency, more complete escalations, higher levels of customer satisfaction and improved teamworking and collaboration.

Course Modules

  • Engage the Customer
  • Define the Problem
  • Analyse the Problem
  • Develop the Solution
  • Close and Learn

Delivery and Duration

This course is available as a closed class. The workshop duration is two days taught in a classroom environment.

More information

To request a course brochure, please complete our Contact Us form. Click here for public class dates.


  1. Luke Connor says:

    Instructor (Steve) was patient and was able to explain perspectives previously I wouldn’t have thought of. Problem solving as a life skill.

  2. Vanessa Yuen says:

    Great Instructor – appreciate Steve’s understanding.

  3. Nathan Murray says:

    Brilliant course, very informative and the trainer has a wealth of experiences and relates that to real life examples. Thank you for running an excellent training course!

  4. George Marian says:

    Great 2 days, thank you for your time

  5. Gyles Haigh-Austin says:

    Thank you I feel introduced to some important skills. Now I need to apply them.

  6. Wendy Sears says:

    He made it very interesting and enjoyable.

  7. Gemma James says:

    Stronger Lego Bricks!

  8. Claire McGregor says:

    It was excellent

  9. Barry Kriel says:

    Great experience and feel very motivated to implement fresh ideas.

  10. Andrew Phillips says:

    Worth it.

  11. Mark Barnes says:

    Make info pack/content smaller and focus on exercises. Consider 3 day duration. Consider cheaper location to reduce total cost.

  12. Kim Ngo says:

    Thank you Steve! Great class and thank you for all the valuable information you have taught us!

  13. Kamran Yunus says:

    The instructor was very engaging and informative. Overall I was very happy

  14. George Fairbairn says:

    Very good course. I have picked up plenty of information on how to put this into practice.

  15. Kathleen Manley says:

    Thank you. It was very thought provoking. Hopefully will learn to use mind maps more / fishbone.

  16. Nikolay Kosev says:

    Thank you for your efforts in preparing this class. It helped me a lot personally. Will review the info regularly.

  17. Roman Nikolov says:

    I would enjoy to take a follow up course if available.

  18. Ioannis Manatos says:

    Many Thanks!

  19. Maria Blagoeva says:

    Second day was awesome, first day is too much detail for L1 and L2 support.

  20. Darren Clifford says:

    Thank you for a great course.

  21. Matthew Cooney says:

    Thank you very much / Matt

  22. Mary Lucey says:

    Everything was great – easy to follow, interesting, and has given me lots to try in my job going forward.

  23. Jorge Moreno says:

    There is only one thing. Why there is no certification for this training?

  24. Paul Atkinson says:

    Very good job. Well done 🙂

  25. Jacob Moleli says:

    A lot of information for 2 day. Would have been more effective to spread it out.

  26. Hakeem Abass says:

    I believe this class should be available when we begin the job.

  27. John McSweeney says:

    Excellent course. Excellent presentation. very practical. Challenge is to integrate.

  28. Timothy O'Flynn says:

    Great relevant material. Will be using these methods going forward.

  29. Patrick Pulfer says:

    I would like to see more time spent on topics within my sphere of influence.

  30. Damien Sheehan says:

    Thanks very much for the class last week, it’s already helping me close more cases! 🙂

  31. Zhenya Tineva says:

    It was a great pleasure to take this course. It was very funny and pleasant. I really enjoy the games.

  32. Ivaylo Mitev says:

    Instructor = 6/5

  33. Victor Milchev says:

    Really satisfied with the class. Enjoyed working with Steve.

  34. Martin Midolesov says:


  35. Yuki Jia says:

    Very helpful! Thank you!

  36. Xiaoxiang Qiu says:

    Good teacher

  37. Seonghoon Yim says:

    This class gave me a new idea for support skills.

  38. Longwei Yin says:

    Very useful training. I got what I want.

  39. Ethan Zhao says:

    Thanks Steven. This course was great to help me!!!

  40. Elaine O'Callaghan says:

    Very useful course.

  41. Colin Canty says:

    Very good. Killer Q’s list great idea. Will try to push it here for new hires + as a TSE aid.

  42. Barry OBrien says:

    Excellent all round. Maybe include a section on confirming resolution with 3rd parties responsible for maintaining a clients environment.

  43. Eamon Shields says:

    Very informative, educational and a bit of fun. Thanks a lot.

  44. Garry Stack says:

    Enjoyed use of fishbone and other diagram tools for brainstorming solutions/questions to customers.

  45. Stephen Wall says:

    Well presented and relevant.

  46. Tim Sampson says:

    Really helpful – At the start I was quite cynical that we could find a new methodology for supporting ICM. But we have a number of different things to take away and implement which could dramatically improve our work. Thank you.

  47. Nigel Fleming says:

    Was very happy and delighted to have completed this course. Definitely worthwhile.

  48. Valentin Bondzio says:

    Very good instructor. Seemed to be aimed at entry level support during the first day.

  49. Mike Pawluk says:

    Excellent course! Now I have to start applying what was learned so I can retain the information and change my habits. Thank you, Steve!

  50. Stephen Lyons says:

    Well done. Good work!

  51. Sean Cross says:

    Excellent course, well presented. I will recommend this company to others who could benefit from this experience.

  52. Maike Wrede says:

    Instructor was very motivated, explained everything very well. Smaller t-shirts 🙂 Learned VERY good techniques for troubleshooting and problem solving.

  53. Bernd Daniel says:

    Hello Steve, I liked and enjoyed the course very much and you are one of the best instructors I met (and that’s the truth). I would be glad to receive information on the content of the other courses.

  54. Alain Kanza says:

    Thank you very much for teaching me some useful things to be use in my Tech Support and my life as well. Special Fish bones diagram. I need to read a manual.

  55. Maxime Garcia says:

    GREAT. I really enjoyed the class. Lot of tips – mind maps.

  56. Martin Langolf says:

    Very good Troubleshooting training, and a very good presenter. The training could be more product specific. Examples are well presented, but could be more focused on finer details to prevent the errors discussed in class.

  57. Afshin Parvazi says:

    Presenter did well, he explained very well and the information has been very useful for my daily job.

  58. Rajesh Vasu says:

    Very satisfied. Would suggest that tutor can help us to review support process. A must for new hires.

  59. Mohit Srivastava says:

    Excellent. Would recommend to new hires. Instructor could be useful in restructuring the support process that we follow and his consultancy could be used for enhancement.

  60. Biswanath Das says:

    Every topic was useful. Very informative. Would expect more student activities. Bridge building exercise was very good.

  61. Rajesh Tiwari says:

    All the techniques specified by Mr Steve can increase the productivity and efficiency in our day to day work. Tools used have been excellent. Good job Steve. Have a great one mate!

  62. Rajesh Gundepally says:

    Completely satisfied. The class was very effective and informative. Steve was excellent in explaining the topics and was very easy to understand.

  63. Peter Huisman says:


  64. Johan Baptist says:

    Good to have a trainer who has lots of field experience.

  65. Remi Sprangers says:

    Best course I followed in years.

  66. Martin Wan says:

    Very good class for support staff. However, mgmt course should have taken place before for the managers.

  67. Robin Klaus says:

    Instructor has a very good understanding ability for company-specific problems and challenges. Adapted very well to the individual needs. Very comprehensive, inventive, conclusive. Excellent summarizing and examples. Helpful tools and approaches. Thank you

  68. Mario Flachmann says:

    Great course! learned a lot from it and already adopted many techniques. Instructor 10 out of 5.

  69. Luciane Conceicao says:

    Steve is an experienced professional and has most relevant information that can help our support team.

  70. Jon Dean says:

    Excellent course. Time to re-evaluate my methods!

  71. Lee Mullin says:

    The instructor initially based a lot of the course on telephone support. Quickly adjusted once the class needs were identified.

  72. Kevin Jaufmann-Ludwig says:

    Good course.

  73. Brian Kling says:

    I think the material was excellent, but in general could be condensed maybe 15% or so. Steve had many good, direct examples and knows our industry. Just slightly differences between software support and hardware.

  74. Ashwin Tailor says:

    Very good presentation and material which is very relevant to what I am doing. Thank you Steve.

  75. Heidi Khetani says:

    The instructor was enthusiastic and encouraging. The materials/examples were relevant, most of the time. Some relating to production were less relevant. One the whole, a really enjoyable course. Thanks.

  76. Antonio Barroca says:

    Steve is the key point. His experience on support allows him to provide live examples of the different situations he has experienced.

  77. Brice Gilliotte says:

    Very good trainer – well done! You know what you are talking about.

  78. Maros Vaclav says:

    The best course and instructor I’ve had regarding Problem Solving & Troubleshooting. Thank you.

  79. Steven Hamonou says:

    Great course, really mind opening.

  80. Dave Reading says:

    I really do hope that I can implement what I’ve learned on this course. Management should get us to revisit this material as soon as possible. Thanks!

  81. Paul O'Connor says:

    Love to have Steve come and consult in VM Ware.

  82. Doug Peterson says:

    Some detailed catering to IT field specific references. I.e. case handling examples, example tools related to IT support cases.

  83. Liam Flynn says:

    The instructor, Steve Brand, was excellent and his experience in the IT and Tech support contributed greatly.

  84. Michael Sullivan says:

    Fantastic class. Need more like it for everyone in the organization.

  85. Stephen Courtney says:

    Very good instructor!

  86. Anca Langridge says:

    Useful information which came at the right time for me (as beginner in support). Lateral thinking is a way to explore in the future.

  87. Philippa Young says:

    Liked the “take aways” – ideas that could benefit the whole organisation, not just the individuals in the class.

  88. Julian Wade says:

    Very informative. Look forward to putting what I learnt into practice. Particularly interested in the documentation and capturing information in our knowledgebase.

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