Support Manager


The Support Manager class provides training on the management and leadership fundamentals relative to B2B support operations. Support managers must be able to manage in an environment of highly skilled, technical people. The manager must be able to lead, coach and facilitate the activities of these people towards accomplishing the services mission and have excellent insight into the demands of customers, subordinates and the service business.

This class is dynamic and interactive, with students frequently working in small groups, presenting findings and working on the course case study. Students should plan for study time prior to the class commencing and also during the class outside of lessons.

Course Modules

  • Leading the Knowledge-Based Organisation
  • Managerial Leadership and Behaviour
  • Managing Virtual Service Teams
  • Understanding the Service Product
  • Strategic Management of the Service Organisation
  • Decision Making
  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Performance Measurement and Metrics
  • Training & Career Development
  • Hiring for the Service Organisation
  • Performance Management and Retention
  • Operations Management and Productivity
  • Financial Management

Delivery and Duration

This course is available as a public or closed class. The workshop duration is four days taught in a classroom environment or as eight half-day sessions online over two consecutive weeks. See our calendar for the public class schedule.

More information

To request a course brochure, please complete our Contact Us form. Click here for public class dates.


  1. Eoghan Cotter says:

    Thank you Steve, a fantastic course with relevant context delivered with very relatable and informative examples. Much appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Raquel Chaves says:

    Steven is such a nice person, mentor, and presenter! I felt very energized every session, and he explained everything very clearly and with so much confidence. I would risk saying that I borrowed some of that confidence for myself as well! The topics and materials were great. Even though I’m an experienced manager with over 5 years in the field, you can always teach an old dog new tricks. I learned a bunch of new exciting things. And it’s good to know the basic foundation for some actions we took guided by our instinct. Overall, a great experience.

  3. Albert Candelario says:

    Thanks Steve!

  4. Zuzana Sceranka says:

    Steve was fantastic! He was energetic, and it was very clear that he likes this job. He is coming with loads and loads of experience and knowledge. There was no question that would surprise him. Also his straight forward approach was somewhat inspiring, alongside with him being super honest – that was super empowering.

    The content of the class was something that every single manager in any support organization should go through. Well done on creating such an extensive and rich course covering all imaginable topics.

    This training has really revealed how little authority we have as managers but definitely inspired me to take some actions moving forward.

  5. Dinesh Raveendran says:

    Thank you for the 2 weeks manager session, I personally enjoyed and learned for this training program.

  6. Henrique Freitas says:

    I really enjoy the way Steve works mixing theory and real scenarios. The minutes before and after the training are also great. I had a great experience.

  7. Srivatsa Vaidyanathan says:

    Steve was amazing as he brought in a lot of his personal experience to address many questions that we had and that was very helpful.
    Steve overall was an amazing trainer and mentor during this program. Great listener and approachable.
    This was a good training to see our roles with fresh perspective and innovation.
    Overall, Steve was awesome!!!!

  8. Bethany Thomas says:

    The materials that are provided in this class are invaluable. The ideas and strategic topics covered that we can immediately start to implement is worth the time needed to invest in this class. I am looking forward to using what was learned in the course to better by organization.

  9. Andy Hughes says:

    This class was such a great experience! Steve was a fantastic teacher and this class gave me a whole new perspective on my role. The class came at a perfect time as my team continues to look at ways to improve our business and customer satisfaction.

    I definitely would recommend any leader to take this course.

    Thank you so much.

  10. Kristy Yankova says:

    Wonderful coverage of the topics. I can see why Rohan chose this class for us.

    What I liked the most : Steve is a great presenter and is a very engaging speaker. Also, you can tell he has A LOT of experience and is really generous with sharing it. I will be recommending this to every support manager I know 🙂

    Other highlights: I am really charmed by the technical aspect of the class. I struggle with budgeting and I have been asking for good training on finance and working with concepts like ROI, NPV, etc. This class gave me the basics and explained the practical application. This had more value to me than much of my Finance class at uni (which was boring formulas mostly)

    One thing I would improve : I know we discussed the reason for the paper version of the manual BUT I think we are ready for just using the PDFs. No need to mail all this paper out anymore.

  11. Benjamin Kandelman says:

    It was a great class. I learned a lot and I’m planning to apply several techniques I’ve already learned! One suggestion I have, for the Excel portion of the class I think it would have been helpful to have more exercises around them. Including building the tables and formulas. Listening to the explanation wasn’t as effective for my learning as doing the examples. I also think most people don’t have the comfort in Excel to build the date out. So, they’ll struggle to get the point of the simulators and calculators without someone prepping the data for them.

  12. Chris Parish says:

    Thank you, Steve! You are a fantastic instructor with deep technical knowledge, real-world experience and a gift for breaking it down into an understandable, relevant and fun format through which we can learn.

    I really appreciate everything you’ve taught me over the last 2 weeks.

    All the best for the future.


  13. Eyal Sela says:

    I loved the material, it’s all remarkably interesting. I did find module 12 and 13 taking most of my brain power. It was good to be introduced to the tools, but I can’t say it’s too practical because there’s still a bit of understanding that I’m missing here and there, and I couldn’t put this to work. But I do understand there there’s a pressure of time to get through all the concepts and that some are more important than others to different people.

  14. Laurentiu Calin says:

    Receiving the printed materials was a bit daunting (big book and sheets of questions) and immediately raised the question: “Couldn’t these have been digital resources?”
    The instructor was very engaging, with no smart talk, and always accommodated our questions and comments.

  15. Larry Finlay says:

    I remember taking one of Steve Brand‘s excellent Support Management certification courses over 15 years ago, and I still apply many of the best practices today. Invaluable! Easily one of the best programs I have encountered in 25+ years.

  16. Viktor Lytvynenko says:

    The class was very informative. Never supposed it is possible to get so many useful skills and materials during one training in two weeks. Will do my best to put the knowledge I got into practice but will definitely need to reinforce the topics again in my free time when my business trips will be completed as it was not physically possible to remember all and practice enough having so many topics covered in two weeks especially in evening time while I am an early bird.

  17. Patrick Kane says:

    Brilliant course thanks very much again!

  18. Jayant Suneja says:

    The training was well structured. I liked the exercises as it helped to relate lessons practically.

  19. Chris Turnbull says:

    The course was well presented and covered everything that a support manager would want to know in detail. Steve’s experience and insight made each module relevant to how support currently work and how best practice should be applied in many situations.

    This course provided great advice, technical detail and actionable points for each subject that will come in very useful for any support manager wanting to get the best from themselves and for their team.

    Thanks to Steve and his team for creating such an enjoyable and fulfilling course.

  20. SK says:

    I would prefer the class to be extended out to 4 1/2 or 5 hours a day to allow for overflow in advance of the training so calendar can be booked out well in advance. If the class does finish early this allows time for notes/kahoot/homework or lunch!

    Great class. I have certainly learned a lot and although I found some of the content complicated and new to me I found it very informative and considering its an online course it was very engaging.

    Thank you Steve for making some very dry topics interesting 🙂

  21. Alvin Leang says:

    The course is fantastic. Before complete the course, I have started to apply what has been learn to my team. Thanks !

  22. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot for your support and conducting lectures. You are an outstanding teacher!

  23. Kevin Cahill says:

    Steve was a fantastic instructor and the lived experiences he shared to demonstrate the application of the processes were both engaging and easy to understand. I really couldn’t fault the course and how it was delivered, the course materials are fantastic and durable enough to last while I use into the future.

  24. Fabian Gonzalez says:

    Steve is just wonderful. I admire him so much. Keep him at a high motivation level, he deserves it!

  25. Markelio Hoxhallari says:

    Great course overall!
    Steve is an amazing instructor and leader. He presented the content very clearly which made everything simple to understand.
    The materials were excellent including both theoretical and practical info. I really liked the fact that the course is hands-on and provides some best practices.
    It was a pleasure attending the Support Manager training as I learned quite a lot about leadership and manager performance and operations.

  26. Ciara O'Rourke says:

    Excellent course. I would suggest that when Managers are sent on this course the company sending them is advised Strongly to give Managers a days leave to revise and do the test and homework. The user could distribute the time as they see fit but it would help.

  27. Laura Howie says:

    The SGSA Technical Support Manager course is by far one of the best I’ve done and I’ve used so much of it since to make a difference at work – thanks for all that you do SGSA!

  28. Jane Wright says:

    I really enjoyed the course and the way it was delivered with the varied mix of the breakout rooms. Course content was delivered in a relaxed, informative manner with many examples which made it more relevant. Materials were also much needed and something that I will be returning to during my time in the role to reinforce the training and ensure I am full-filling the role.

  29. Lionel Petit says:

    The training covers a lot of topics and most of them are related to my day to day work. It will help me in my day to day work. The trainer was very good, giving lots of examples. I did not like the activities very much. I always had the feeling we were running after time. We did not get enough time to think.

  30. Jonathan Perrott says:

    Really enjoyed the class and the content that was covered.
    While some aspects were outside the scope of my role, for the most part it was really relevant and enjoyable.

  31. Akash N Jain says:

    Steve was amazing as instructor – the examples made us relate and engrave the suggestions.
    The breakout rooms & case studies made us gain the confidence in defining strategies.

  32. Andrea Crovato says:

    Since English is not my native language, I really appreciated Steve simple way of talking. I would recommend this course to colleagues.

  33. Benjamin Moelleken says:

    I like the idea of using the Kahoot quiz, but next time a little more extra time to provide an answer 🙂 as for non native English speakers, it needs a little more time to read the questions and available answers

  34. Fernando González says:

    Fantastic! I’ve already recommended it to one of our distributors 🙂

  35. Gautier Pieton says:

    It was by far the best training I have taken so far. A clever mix of theory, real-life examples and practice. Steve is an excellent trainer.
    It was a challenge to devote time to this training in addition to the endless daily work, but I really don’t regret it.

  36. Bogdan Ciobanu says:

    Thank you very much for this amazing class, Steve! What I learned from you in the past two weeks will help me improve a lot as a leader. Brilliantly structured and presented, good pace, great atmosphere in class. Also, thank you for all the additional reading recommendations and the tools you provided, already started to work on my radar charts 🙂 I hope I will get the chance to take another one of your classes in the future! All the best!

  37. Ilona Ryneiskaya says:

    Steve has shared very useful materials that I can use and going to use in my day to day operations. Thanks to everyone involved, this was an amazing journey!

  38. Waseem Aboliel says:

    Thank you Service Strategies & Steve Brand for the remarkable program! Valuable lessons learned!

  39. Antonio Iacoviello says:

    Excellent class. The material could be sent digitally instead of using a lot of paper.

  40. Hariharan Narasimhan says:

    Instructor (Steve Brand) was excellent. Given his vast experience in this area, he was always able to bring real examples which substantiated the course content and made it easier to understand.

  41. Dagmara Gącza-Błysz says:

    The parts of the training that involved mathematics were presented a little too fast hence difficult to follow. But in connection with the student book and the download materials (spreadsheets, calculators) they are still a very good basis for further learning .

  42. Anton Sagat says:

    Thank you again for the great experience in the Support Manager training! Your know-how gave me a lot into my future career. I’ve learned a lot a I’ll continue implementing the gained knowledge in my organization.

  43. Sébastien Parat says:

    i believe the part for customer survey was a bit too long on my side, as we don’t manage customer survey at all. i have like the part for hiring, retention, coaching that i have found the most usefull for me

  44. Padraig McMahon says:

    Great learning for me , Steve was a great trainer and am glad i did it

  45. Luke Diggens says:

    I thought that doing the course over 2 weeks via Zoom would be difficult. However Steve made the whole experience engaging and interesting.

    I feel this course has helped me think about things in a different way, and it’s given me plently of content to progress.

    Thanks Steve, you were brilliant!

  46. Veruschka Moorcroft says:

    Thank you so much Steve! This course is absolutely brilliant and on day 2 I was already taking some notes back to my team!

  47. Jolene Cusens says:

    Excellent course, Steve was born for this. The only thing I can say is that the amount of content in the short amount of time was insane (no one’s fault).

  48. Jason Crouch says:

    Steve made it very easy to take in the content, his teaching style is great! :o)

  49. Daniel Hackett says:

    Steve is clearly passionate about the subject and his enthusiasm shows. He makes the course material much more interesting as he gives real examples, theoretical scenarios, and related anecdotes. If you were demotivated as a support manager before the course, Steve and the learning process he provides will give you the kick start needed!

  50. Bhavesh Miyani says:

    Keep up the great job!

    Maybe some more practical/group physical/team activities after lunch sessions.

  51. David Lorenz says:

    Well done class with a very sympathetic and energetic teacher. I really enjoyed every bit of the session, although I was having a hard time following it as I still got too many distractions on the sidelines (kids, family, job) where an onsite training is most likely superior for my own needs.

    Yet again, very well done and I need to say thank you to Steve, who taught me more beyond what the course curriculum might bring.

    Thank you!

  52. Flavio Orfano says:

    Well done! I was afraid of the online training but it did work very well.
    It is true that there are pros and cons. but overall it was very valuable to have done it.

  53. Jimmy Koeman says:

    I really enjoyed this class and felt that it’s perfectly positioned for someone at my level of tenure (6 months into their first management role). The material is concise, clear and Steve delivers it with context that is oh so important for his audience. I was pleasantly surprised to find that every topic presented had immediate relevance to my role. Many of the modules also offered practical ways to transpose the knowledge delivered into actionable outcomes.

    I am already brimming with ideas on how to tackle some of the challenges I am facing using techniques from this course. I have no doubt I will be using nearly all of the presented topics in the near future as I mature as a manager!

  54. Alexander Olliffe says:

    Very well laid course and Steve’s experience is telling. A few teething issues with it now being online but all round very good.

  55. Roshan Byjnal says:

    This is definitely a course I would suggest for most people in a support environment and also to other managers/directors (even outside of the support) as this is beneficial to everyone in the business.

  56. Ronald Hofer says:

    The class was great and provided quite some info that will come in handy in the future

  57. Delia Gheonea says:

    I absolutely loved the class and I feel it was extremely useful.

  58. Laura Navarro says:

    Steve way of teaching is just fantastic. Loved all his examples and how practical he has made it. So much learnt from him.. thanks!

  59. Bence Somlyo says:

    Thanks you Steve, it was a really great experience! 🙂

  60. Gavin Daniel says:

    Modules excellently lead and explained by Steve (instructor). Clear instructions and examples given and the breakout sessions were fun and informative. Some examples didn’t work on Mac but that isn’t instructors fault.

  61. Ken Wilkinson says:

    Steve is an outstanding instructor, excellent industry knowledge, brings the whole class forward together and creatives a true learning environment. Fantastic experience, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned so much.

  62. José Antonio Gallardo Quevedo says:

    Steve was great and the contents were very useful. Definitely a lot of take aways. Great course, great instructor.

  63. Hafiz Rehman says:

    Need more time to absorb material. Introduce some mechanic for some free text questions.

  64. Champa Sharma says:

    Steve is a great instructor.Thoroughly enjoyed it.He kept us engaged and always alert and focused with his personal experiences.Thank you Steve!!! One thing I would have personally liked is more time to go over the content at the end to help revision for the test.

  65. Monica Alba says:

    AMAZING course, the best training I have ever attended! Thank you, I feel you have enabled me to do my job better.

  66. Mark Roberts says:

    FANTASTIC instructor!! Less paper used would be appreciated by the planet! 🙂

  67. Felix Kerger says:

    As always a lot of fun.

  68. Lisa Wadley says:

    Brilliant instructor! Steve has so much knowledge which is relevant to the course! The exercises also help to reinforce concepts!

  69. Ian Lohoar says:

    Excellent Course, very well presented, but a little too intensive. I think 5 days plus the exam would have been better.

  70. Fredrik Persson says:

    Steve is a very good instructor with tons of experience that he shared in the class. I think the pre-reading should have been sent out earlier since most managers attending the class have very busy schedules. Perhaps you should also give an indication to future students that it is a considerable amount of pre-reading and time needs to be allocated for this purpose.It is probably more challenging for us who don’t have English as mother-tounge

  71. Dario Samarzija says:

    Instructor was amazing and very easy to follow. He made the complicated stuff very understandable. The class is filled with information, and sometimes it’s hard to digest everything. I.e financial performance and planning is at the end of the course […]

  72. Alex Strachan says:

    As always, Steve you are a star – thank you. I will be recommending SGSA to my fellow managers.

  73. Andreas Zimmerman says:

    Hard work but I enjoyed it

  74. Santiago Abascal says:

    Maybe content should be reduced or extend the duration of the course, less homework during the evening review questions could be done at the end of the class on groups), it’s a lot of information during the 8h of class and it doesn’t allow free time […]

  75. Ignacio Elizaga says:

    Very interesting course but most importantly great instructor!! Made it quite easy to understand all the different concepts. Great job Steve!

  76. Ghislain Jeannot says:

    Thank you very much Steve, it was a great training experience!

  77. Carmel Martin says:

    Really great course – very informative and knowledgeable instructor – Steve. Great attitude which helped make the experience enjoyable as well. Thank you!

  78. Kayleigh Smith says:

    Thank you! This course gave me all the tools I need o make my team and org. successful. The topics genuinely help me do my job to the best of my ability and it wasn’t just a box ticking exercise. Steve was an amazing presenter. Thanks again!

  79. Adrian Chambers says:

    Intensive course – would like it to be extended so more could be absorbed.

  80. Jason Carrig says:

    Excellent all round. Highly recommend this course and Steve was an excellent instructor.

  81. David Magera says:

    Excellent class with a very interesting and personable instructor. One suggestion is to review the last module > Finance. Very heavy going.

  82. John Coady says:

    Steve was very engaging. He was extremely knowledgeable . He held interest very well. Highly recommended.

  83. Patrick Kelly says:

    Excellent course expertly delivered.

  84. Pieter Schonfeldt says:

    Great job Steve. Excellent course facilitation. Your passion for this topic shows. The transfer of information was clear and very interesting. The course material is well structured, easy to understand. Plenty of good examples.

  85. Stefan Bruijns says:

    I really enjoyed the training, it was a long week with long days of getting new knowledge and study in the evening,but I enjoyed it every minute. Learned a lot of new interesting stuff, together with repeating the stuff that I was already aware of. Steve, thank you for the great week! You are a great instructor and have a lot of experience to learn others. I really hope that my phone doesn’t ring the coming 2 weeks! 🙂 Thanks!! Stefan

  86. Shiva Surathu says:

    Steve is fantastic. He is very experienced and he knows what he is talking. I loved these classes. Will recommend to my colleagues. I suggest if we could add a section how some regulations impacting the support industry such as GDPR. We are having trouble with some customers in EU not allowing data to be shared outside the EU and its impacting follow the sun model. I am sure other customers may be having same challenges. We are working on a process to handle this but if Steve suggests some best practices based on his experience with other customers, it would be really great. Thank you Steve. Also thanks Michele for reminding me of this course and make sure I registered. She is really great in her job.

  87. Martin Waller says:

    I thought the advanced reading was very useful and set a good tone for the course. It was not obvious to me before I registered that this course had an exam and a certification – and now it is not clear to me what the value of the certification is. In some ways I can see that knowing there is an exam helps to ensure that everyone is focussed during the course, but I also found it meant I was perhaps thinking more about the upcoming exam than about how the learning would apply to my organisation. To be honest I would have found a fifth day of learning more useful than the exam….

  88. David McBryde says:

    Steve is infectious and really delivers the content with vigour. He has inspired me to improve and be a better leader.

  89. Jamie Blair says:

    Steve was very engaging and his way of presenting really helped me make the connection to the content. His use of analogies at the right times really drilled home points to me and allowed me to make much stronger reinforcements to the material. I found even in the exam I was regurgitating his words but this was due to how effective he put these across to me and I felt that making that personal connection allowed me to digest this information much more easily. The course is intense and there is a lot to get through but I felt the pacing was good and well spread out. It has made me realise that I should be doing these kinds of courses more frequently to not only reset my focus but keep learning new ways to be more effective in my role.

  90. Christian Rincon says:

    Great course and very informative. Very happy overall. Constructive feedback: Some modules and content can be better prepared or completely removed.. Some questions from Module review are ambiguous. At times we had to rush into some content to get through the day even when starting early.

  91. Philip Dolan says:

    Steve is massively knowledgeable and a fantastic presenter. I’d love to have had the opportunity to work with him over an extended period, his knowledge of the industry is staggering. The content is hugely
    interesting – I wasn’t expecting for so much of the content to be unknown to me but so relevent to how I should be running my team. There is alot of content to consume in one week – I’ll need to keep revising over the coming

  92. Michelle Needham says:

    It was very very intense. Would recommend that it should be residential;. Found it difficult to keep the momentum when going home each evenin

  93. Martina Horgan says:

    I found an awful lot of material to go through so the first 3 days were intense, the whole course could be split out over longer term or done in two parts I would have liked if some of the homework discussion or doing could be incorporated into the course that would help (not the review the following morning) Case study time for the presentation on the KPI and case study I felt was not long enough – feel like 1 hour more appropriate I’m not mathematically minded so these tended to be done in afternoon, luck of the draw, for me I would have preferred that was done on earlier in the week and in the morning

  94. Martin Searle says:

    Steve was terrific, very helpful and very approachable it made the course a joy to be on. Apart from the amount of homework that is!!

  95. Mark Venables says:

    Steve was a very knowledgable instructor with excellent presentation skills. He explained things in a very clear and interesting manner. Thank you.

  96. Luis Raul Parra says:

    There is a lot of very good content here that will definitely improve my
    performance as a Manager, thank you!
    However, I feel that because of the amount of content the course should be
    either longer or split in 2 sections, or at least have recommended
    to attend it in a different city from where you live so you can totally focus
    on it. It was very difficult for me to go home with the family and just start
    studying after everyone else was in bed (around 9.30 PM).
    I did learn a lot but I feel I could have learned even more in a different
    situation if I had some more rest.

  97. Brian Galvin says:

    Thank you, can’t fault it, material was concise, and instructor was knowledgeable and open to questions. Ability to go off track to enhance learning experience and come right back to where we were to keep to schedule was handled really well

  98. Brendan Roche says:

    Steve did a fantastic job and there was a real feeling that he had actual experience and real life advice the topics raised rather than book learned material. Give the man a raise!! 🙂

  99. Adnan Bezdrob says:

    “It is a shame that Mind Mapping was presented in the last class.
    If it was presented in the beginning, I would definitely try to use it.
    Most of the examples given throughout the course
    are the "e; perfect world examples & quote;.
    I find these to be very exciting and inspiring during the course but
    evaporate as soon as faced with the & quote; real world & quote; situation.
    Perhaps having candidates prepare for the next day with their own
    & quote; real world challenges & quote; would give a spark to the course
    and inspire future & quote; real world & quote; examples.
    All in all an inspiring and useful class.
    For now I can say it has helped me move from a mindset of transitioning
    between a TSE and a manager into thinking like a manager.
    I don’t expect to start using everything demonstrated here, but I definitely
    appreciate tips, tools, principals and methodology presented and already
    have a few ideas what and how to apply in practice. Let’s see… “

  100. Laura Cairns says:

    The only reason I said “Agree” to number 2 as opposed to “Strongly Agree” is because I don’t have much budget of financial planning responsibility in my role. However some of the content if I use it will help me begin to demonstrate that I know how to and can be trusted so maybe I will one day soon! The stories Steve tells about real life examples is so helpful in remembering content.

  101. Dragos Ionut Ghibilic says:

    Information could be decompressed as it might help beginner managers to better reuse the understanding of all topics.

  102. Eytan Perso says:

    Will be great to have the student manual in pdf. The focus was a bit off from my team responsibility but I managed to take a lot!! and I already started to use some of the points. Customer support manager is not always deal with call centre or direct.

  103. James Maggs says:

    Pre course reading is quite dated, 20 years old. Concepts are still valued but examples like Apple is out of date.

  104. Mateusz Kontowicz says:

    Maybe some discussion and practice. Not sure if Excel inputs are important. Great additional value to standard managers trainings.

  105. Lucas Vieites says:

    The way Steve presented the topics showed he really had great experience. The ability to illustrate with real life examples enhances that impression.

  106. Peter Johnson says:

    It would be great if there were more hands on/participation things to do. I feel I got the most out of these aspects of the course. Although I appreciate you need to allow for multiple different learning styles.

  107. Dean Ivelja says:

    Steve provides excellent real world examples.

  108. Rajat Mathur says:

    Thank you & I felt it was very useful and I will be using most of the concepts in my daily work.

  109. Kishore Somanath says:

    These concepts will play a bigger role in Manager’s activities and how he can take his team to the next level and be successful as a Manager/team, & to the company.

  110. Vikrant Gedam says:

    Instructor was very innovative while making every point I understand. It helped a lot in understanding course content.

  111. Deepak Devaragudi says:

    Instructor Steve Brand is one of the best instructors I had experienced. He ensures that everyone is listening. He states the practical examples for every topic & shares his experience on the same which keeps interesting & encourages us to implement

  112. Preetha Chandrasekharan, says:

    Good and interactive with regular check points on learning with assignments & review questions. Too much content in 32 hours both for trainer and trainee. Revisit to make it more effective.

  113. Bhanja Biswal says:

    Very interactive class & Steve’s energy level was too good to make all of us active all the time. Shared many recommendations for some situations that I am facing challenges. Very creative thinking to find improvement.

  114. Gurudutt Ramamurthy says:

    Course was fantastic, I liked Steves skill. Couple more activities is great to have. More relative examples related to JDA would have been perfect as we don’t work on taking calls. Good job Steve !

  115. John McNally says:

    Days were very long. Hours of class and homework meant no other work could be done. Some parts felt a bit dated.

  116. Sharon Murphy says:

    Little more time required to revise, maybe one afternoon. But if you do homework, all should be good.

  117. Kenny Williams says:

    Your content is undeliverable in the time allocated for this course. 9-17.30pm + 2hrs homework.That is unreasonable.Nice guy but need to tell people what page you’re on before launching into topic, missed 1st bit of alot of things trying to find out

  118. Oliver Zieminski says:

    I would like to learn more about: Market analysis, Financial Management, Operations Management.

  119. Mikhail Shiryaev says:

    Homework amount is quite large, I would personally require more time than allowed to do it well to a standard(subjectively). Some more small games (red-blue chips) & viual concepts (a can with plastic pieces) would be nice.

  120. Derek Noonan says:

    Great course Steve, invaluable for me getting better and undertaking the complexity of support organisation. Many thanks

  121. John James says:

    The activities really helped understand the topics. Brain maps helped studying for the exam so thanks to Steve for introducing them. The presenter is one of the best parts. He manages to keep everyone engaged .

  122. Andrea Dessi says:

    Part of the context could be added to the CSV class, thus making CSM class more specific. Having already completed CSV class I found a lot of resoundant infromation in this class.

  123. John McKeever says:

    A lot of homework is needed. Being warned of this beforehand is very useful.

  124. Louise England says:

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    It was an enjoyable week with a very nice group. Even if I hated the exam it was really helpful to review all material and deep dive on some topics

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    I loved the course, and the presenter, Steve, doesn’t fail to captivate and get the concepts across. I was in over my head in some sections (metrics & financial) but that is due to my lack of experience and exposure.[…]

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  165. Geoffroy Schneck says:

    Coaching video is quite bad(old & cheesy).Pace could be diminished,homework outside of hours reduced or removed.All topics interesting, but some (KPI creations, survey design) out of scope of most 1st line managers who can’t decide on global matters.

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  257. Vladimir Zalda says:


  258. Eoin Ryan says:

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  276. Amira Youssef says:

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  280. Evgeniy Strelnikov says:


  281. Ian Redmond says:

    I cannot say enough positive about this class & instructor to reflect how good it is. Steve brought us through all areas with excellent teaching ability & background knowledge. His answers to all (and sometimes difficult) questions increased our trust.

  282. Shane Crowley says:

    Excellent class, right level, exam focuses the mind.

  283. Colin Lawless says:

    A lot of material covered but all relevant. Exam at end made me work harder.

  284. Martina Kiely says:

    I really enjoyed the class & found it very relevant for my current role. I learnt new things & in ways reinforced what I hoped I was doing well at the moment, The instructor was excellent and made it fun.

  285. Lorraine Dilliway says:

    The instructor was very good. The use of ‘The Art of Possibility’ video was very helpful.

  286. Steve Darkes says:

    Instructor credibility very high. Course concepts directly relevant. Some later group exercises had little time (e.g. KPI). Really, really, really…enjoyable, rewarding. Thank you!!

  287. Dan Bullock says:

    Overall very good & enjoyable sections on leadership & empowerment. Especially relevant to support. Some areas less relevant too my specific situation but still useful industry knowledge.

  288. Ahmed El Tehawi says:

    Fantastic instructor with recognized understanding of the topic and willing to answer all queries and all support even after the class.
    The material was very well presented.
    The group was cooperative and the team work exercises was very useful.

  289. Dejan Savic says:

    Some of the topics are closely related to call centres, more examples from tech support through web would be good. Overall very good course.

  290. Sergio Pisanu says:

    Maybe the module on Remote Management should be made more specific to virtual teams. Brilliant course – really enjoyed it.

  291. Jonathan Bryon says:

    Highly enjoyable – Steve was a great instructor. I will be recommending my service managers attend. Good balance of topics.

  292. Brigitte De Buck says:

    A very good class perfectly explained by the teacher. Examples given in the class did make a lot much clearer.

  293. Kurt Ackermann says:

    Would definitely recommend.

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    Steve did a brilliant job. The best trainer I have had in a very long time.

  295. Dominic Simmons says:

    The experiences/examples provided by the instructor were key to the success of the course. Language used in the materials and review questions should be more simple.

  296. Nerio Musa says:

    Excellent class, delivered by an even better tutor! Fast paced, nothing boring at all. Absolutely loved the course.

  297. Michelle Gurney says:

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  298. Lone Ellegaard says:

    Super class

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    Very, very good training & very helpful (first time I can see immediate practise after a training). I am so happy to have done it. Congratulations to Steve!

  300. Stuart Hayes says:

    An excellent course. Probably the most relevant training I’ve undertaken in years! Great real world examples reinforced all of the concepts. I can see me using things learned this week almost immediately.

  301. Noel Scott says:

    Extremely impressed with Steve’s knowledge and training style. Fantastic.

  302. Dan Turner says:

    Once more another excellent course, thanks very much Steve.

  303. Gaurav Raina says:

    Steve was excellent. If the test can be made online it would be great. It may save time to write for 3 hours!

  304. Craig Hicks says:

    Very good course and will be of great value, well presented although very intense!

  305. Andrew Stephenson says:

    There is so much to do, it is a very big challenge to get the work done. Very rewarding experience.

  306. Sandra Merel says:

    Very useful tools, applicable immediately. I would have liked more role plays or exercises but given the time frame it might have been at the expense of the learning.

  307. Christian Flodin says:

    Steve Brand is an excellent presenter. His way of mixing theories with examples really makes the things you learn stick.

  308. Steve Eagleson says:

    Most of this content can be used, but not all, unfortunately. I think that this course may be useful to many of our other units, however.

  309. Tony Power says:

    Steve is a very engaging and thought-provoking instructor. Very knowledgeable and entertaining.

  310. Sinéad Byrne says:

    I found the course the most beneficial I have ever attended, the material and support material was very relevant to my job but on a personal level I found the topics very interesting. Steve was an excellent instructor who explained each topic extremely

  311. Darren Burnett says:

    By far the best course that I have been on. Steve’s presentation style is excellent and ensures everyone in the class is participating. I would strongly recommend this class to any Support Manager.

  312. Keith Duncan says:

    Very well presented, kept my interest over a lot of material. Very well explained. Great course content, even the items not relevant to me at present were interesting and will be good in future.

  313. Jerry Cullinane says:

    Would highly recommend this course to others as a way of understand and a basis for managers to build on together.

  314. Alan Hoare says:

    The instructor was excellent and reinforced points by bringing points back to real life examples and his own past experiences.

  315. Ray Browne says:

    Excellent course, participation and case studies, etc. very useful. Instructor was excellent, industry knowledge and insightful comments.

  316. Ger Drinan says:

    The benefit of this course was twofold for me: it made me aware of the things that I am already doing correctly and need to do more of, and highlighted skills I can use on a daily basis to perform my job. Steve – he is a wise sage – excellent tutor.

  317. Lionel Beck says:

    I truly enjoyed this course!

  318. Robert McElligott says:

    The excel tools are very welcome. Thank you.

  319. Richard Killmister says:

    Thought it was great. Would love to see some more of the videos. Dennis was very helpful and engaging.

  320. Michael Dhanraj says:

    A fast moving, crammed course. Dennis did good. Very enthusiastic every day which helped me focus.

  321. Andy McLuskie says:

    Very good course. Some of it I knew already, but it was reinforced by the theory behind it. Other parts were totally new to me. I can see practical applications of all topics. Excellent!

  322. Francesco Russo says:

    This is the best course that I have attended in the past 10 years. I will strongly recommend it to my colleagues/friends. Top mark for the instructor (Steve)!

  323. Capucine Paillusseau says:

    Starting the training, I was just back from my maternity leave. At the end, I’m like after 6 months of work! It reminded me of my professional behaviour and I will for sure be much more efficient in my job.

  324. Hugues Cambuzat says:

    Very useful class. Bring best practices, bring processes.

  325. Helen Thomas says:

    I would like to thank Steve for his training style – he used a lot of examples which suited my learning style. I have learnt a lot from this course and want to implement ideas from attending this course.

  326. Ruairi McCarthy says:

    Very good and very useful. I learned a lot but would question the homework and exam in such quick succession. A long and tiring week.

  327. Jim Casey says:

    Very good course. Homework and projects made sure we kept focused throughout the week.

  328. Camilla Sandberg says:

    I think this course maybe is over my level bit. I have a lot of new skills now that I am going home. This is both a training and development course for me. I think my manager should have taken the time to know what they were sending me to.

  329. Donal Golden says:

    Instructor was very knowledgeable and clearly has industry experience of the service industry. Highly recommend the course and took a lot of takeaways.

  330. Emmet Hoare says:

    Absolutely fantastic! Not only values for career, but life also. Great instructor and great content. A lot to fit in with the time, but still excellent.

  331. Ciarán McGuinness says:

    Excellent class. A tough 5 days.

  332. Frederik Treese says:

    3 hours for the exam is a bit short for non-native English speakers. But otherwise FANTASTIC!!!

  333. Mike Griffiths says:

    Very good course. Relevant to my role. Good material and very well presented by Steve.

  334. Caroline Petit says:

    I found day 3 and 4 more interesting and challenging than 1 and 2. I really enjoyed the supportive environment created by Steve. Being more of a quiet personality, I appreciate not being “picked on” (that happens in a lot of trainings!) and felt encouraged.

  335. Matti Sänkiaho says:

    Instructor was very good!

  336. Peter Archer says:

    Steve was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Could I suggest a refresher of the following day’s subjects first thing in the morning?

  337. Wolfram Hedewig says:

    Simply perfect – the training and especially the teacher. The module about “trainings” could be simplified, de-complicated. The “finance” and “leading” modules were very helpful.

  338. Don Chadwick says:

    Best course for me – 100% relevance. Instructor was captivating and held the attention of the whole class.

  339. Angela Walkden says:

    Steve Brand led the course very well, making it easy to understand and the topics relevant and interesting.

  340. Gareth Chapman says:

    More of the same. Keep doing what you are. I do not see anything to improve

  341. Stuart Cameron says:

    Good overall course. Very useful. Excellent trainer.

  342. Richard Watt says:

    Brilliant – very specific to a support center. Virtual teams and outsourcing would be useful.

  343. Sarah Martin says:

    Great to go on a course which is so relevant to our day to day roles. Everyone learned something new regardless of experience or background, and good balance of concepts, practical techniques, and useful terms. Thanks Steve for making it so useful and enjoyable.

  344. Stéphanie Bethgnies says:

    More time for group exercises during the class would be nice. Presenter was great, shared a lot of experiences, very good to put things into context.

  345. Damien Buckland says:

    It was very a productive and interesting course that will enable me to become an effective learner.

  346. Stephane Gonthier says:

    Steve has been an excellent instructor and has managed to keep a very high level of attention and participation in the group regardless of very intense content. Thanks Steve.

  347. Harry Bodenhofer says:

    Outsourcing would be a good addition to the course. Very good delivery – enjoyed the week.

  348. Ed Shaw says:

    Excellent course enhanced by Steve’s delivery bringing personal experience, context and some fun humour. An intense experience, but very valuable! Interesting use of scale for survey considering course advice.

  349. Natalia Parshikova says:

    Thank you! Very strong course! I think some materials (like in pre-reading) could be delivered in less pages of reading.

  350. Damian O'Halloran says:

    I suggest an open question at the start. Excellent course. Very, very tough week, but well worth the effort. Thanks Steve.

  351. Tanya Tobin says:

    Enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it. Very tired on Friday. Would be better if course was off site.

  352. John Kissane says:

    Slight US bias, but very good class. Would recommend it to others.

  353. Doug Good says:

    Great course!!

  354. Dorothe Glas says:

    GREAT class – although I’m not in TS but customer care. Possibly more material could be made part of the preparation to take some pressure off of the training week/test preparation.

  355. Adam Joseph says:

    Steve was an excellent presenter and delivered the course with patience, knowledge and good humour.

  356. Anna Morris says:

    Talking of shining eyes, Steve was a great instructor. I’d feel cheated if I attended a Service Strategies course again and it wasn’t with Steve. He was patient and knowledgeable and amusing in his anecdotes.

  357. Nik Jowett says:

    Beneficial to the environment of similar jobbed managers, other courses are generic managers but a lot of us could relate on one another’s experience.

  358. Karl Ford says:

    The course content and delivery was great! Well done Steve + SS. I felt the importance of the exam and pressure of taking it distracted the enjoyable experience of the concepts. I felt I needed to be an academic to manage.

  359. Victoria Slee says:

    I got a lot more out of the class than I expected. It has inspired me to re-look at my role and every aspect can be applied when I get back. Great Instructor-Inspiring! Suggestion would be to re-word some of the review questions. Thank You!

  360. Ewout Roozendaal says:

    Good course, good instructor!

  361. Thomas Barmwater says:

    Best training I attended! Brilliant trainer.

  362. Luis de la Viuda says:

    Excellent training will add value to my company. I will recommend it strongly.

  363. Karl Hillcoat-Williams says:

    Most relevant enlightening and direct-role related course ever attended. Has identified an effective roadmap to implement positive change to myself and my company. So many new tools and resources- The real work starts now! Good content, pace, timing of the course.

  364. Eran Zeevi says:

    It was a pleasure, and answers met the (high) expectations. Thanks! Eran.

  365. David Coughlan says:

    Enjoyed the class and working with both instructors. Materials will be very useful in the future. Thank you.

  366. Nicky Mills says:

    Jerry is very charismatic and his real world examples reinforced the theory.

  367. James Harland says:

    Excellent course, well constructed exams. My right hand still hurts though!!!

  368. Graeme Whitty says:

    Excellent course overall. Great to have concepts tuned for support environment. Industry experience of trainers is critical.

  369. Graham Cross says:

    Very useful course. Put methodologies in place to improve the way I work. Also validated some of the “gut feel” reasons why I make the decisions I do and why some work better than others.

  370. Tracey Daines says:

    I found this course to be like no other Mgmt. / Leadership course that I have attended before — it was excellent. It covered topics I had never done before and has given me the opportunity to re-evaluate

  371. Dheeraj Prasad says:

    It was an excellent program. Probably the best I have ever attended. I am taking back a lot of practical, handy tools to apply at the workplace. Congrats.!!!

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