Support Professional


The combination of providing resolution to technical problems while maintaining excellent customer service skills creates a unique challenge for today's support professionals. Customer satisfaction derives from effective communication as much as from obtaining a technical solution. The Support Professional course addresses this challenge.

This course provides the customer skills necessary to deliver quality services in today's high expectation and complex support environment. This program can provide the distinction that sets individuals and companies apart as the best in the technology support industry. The Support Professional course teaches practical skills in effective communication; professionalism on the telephone and email; questioning techniques; adapting to the customer; dealing with seven types of difficult customer; maintaining credibility and effective teamwork.

This class is designed for support professionals who want to provide exceptional customer support. The program teaches soft skills techniques and strategies to effectively work with all types of customers while solving technical problems over the telephone or via the Internet. It is also suitable for experienced support professionals who have not received the benefit of customer service skills training as they will gain new skills and reinforce their current best practices.

Course Modules

  • Creating Loyal Customers
  • Communication Basics
  • Channels of Communication
  • Communicating Successfully
  • Adapting to the Customer
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Information Gathering
  • Managing the Customer
  • Effective Teamwork
  • Personal Productivity

Delivery and Duration

This course is available as a public or closed class. The workshop duration is two days taught in a classroom environment or as four half-day sessions online. See our calendar for the public class schedule.

More information

To request a course brochure, please complete our Contact Us form. Click here for public class dates.


  1. Jennifer Lucas says:

    This was a good training all round, it was quite good for self reflection also as I could identify with how I behave in certain scenarios.

    Julie was a great trainer, she kept the sessions fun and kept everyone motivated and ensured good interaction.

  2. Lizanne Naudé says:

    Julie was fantastic, and would hope to see her again at the next trainings.

  3. Noluthando Khumalo says:

    Julie is an amazing instructor
    She is awesome and made sure everyone was engaged in the training Her sessions were very helpful Looking forward to having her as an instructor in future courses

  4. Joël Anderegg says:

    I had a great time, the course was very interactive which kept me focus and interested the whole time.
    I already implemented some of the tips and best practices in my day to day job.
    Nothing but good things to say about Julie who was a great teacher.

  5. Joël Anderegg says:

    Thank you again for this course. This was way more interesting to me than what I thought it will be when Sebastien asked me if I wanted to do it. I have already applied some of the things we saw in the course on my day to day operations.
    I wish you a great Christmas.

  6. Kevin Johnson says:

    The Course was very informative. It gave basic to expert logic in understanding to a support personal. This course is a broad course that gives you understand, techniques on approaching different types customers, more understanding on what the customer requires and how to handle a customers situation and the overall issue and how to handle it.

    Brilliant instructor, Steve was great in handling different topics and techniques and explanation.

    Overall this a great course I would advise all companies supporting customers at different levels. Not just IT. This gives you a look at customer confrontations and ways of dealing with customers and performing a great job of your own.

    I strongly recommend this course for other businesses providing customer support. This will give your support staff a edge on support.

  7. Zhi Pan says:

    This is a very useful and interesting course. There are many soft skills and practical experience which would be very helpful for all of us, especially for the new members. Steve is very professional and experienced.


  8. Andres Yepes says:


  9. Andreas Parusel says:

    Great class, great presenter, I enjoyed it. Thank you.

  10. Peter Macsai says:

    Excellent stuff! I really enjoyed this course, it was engaging and eye-opening n many topics. I hope we will take additional courses from you.

  11. Henrich Carnecky says:

    Julie is a cool lector. I enjoyed her way of teaching. She is nice people person.

  12. Niall Cosgrove says:

    Found the instructor Julie Taylor to be very engaged, helpful and knowledgeable.
    Looking forward to using the materials provided to better manage and plan responsibilities going forward

  13. Andreas Pürstinger says:

    Great presentation and great guidance throughout the course.

  14. Marie-Françoise Veroudart says:

    The course is excellent, very detailed and enjoyable.

    The instructor is excellent, opened to questions without loosing the focus on the course.

    I have learned things about myself I didn’t know

    Thank you!

  15. kenneth Masindi says:

    Julie was good and made sure we all understand

  16. Stéphane Puthod says:

    The Instructor was really good and made the course very interesting and interactive.

  17. Tim Lindley says:

    Very informative class and brilliantly presented by our class tutor (Julie Taylor).
    I am looking forward to personally taking part in other classes available from SGSA and have provided feedback to my managers, as i feel the Support Professional Class will be a huge benefit to my colleagues.

  18. Sunil Patel says:

    The course was very helpful in identifying the types of people that do come across the helpdesk and how to approach and deal with them.

    Personally I felt that the kahoot tests after a few modules would have been better if it was done at the very end. This way you go through the materials and then a kahoot quiz to reinforce where you fall short and then to go over that material again. The kahoot quiz, though efficient, it is easy to not press save due to the option you get as a participant. It gives an option to go over wrong answers but pressing this causes the save option to go away and then you have no access to the quiz any more. It might be easier to simply read the questions and present the multiple choice answers as part of the presentation, this way it can be recorded and made available to students.

  19. Levente Somogyvári says:

    Thank you again for the training, I found it very helpful and interesting and I really enjoyed it overall.

  20. Annelise Truelsen says:

    I enjoyed the class, I learned a lot and found the techniques and other information covered really helpful.

    Julie is lovely and comes across as very kind and caring. Her teaching style was very engaging (and humorous at times :)) I thought she was very mindful of everyone who attended the class.

  21. Drielle Silva says:

    Amazing training, all the skills presented will add to my daily job in a positive way.
    Steve is very friendly and make everyone feel very comfortable and welcome.

  22. Kamil Zielinski says:

    The training materials were well presented and executed, while Steve Brand kept everyone engaged with his great presence!

  23. Aleksandra Baginska says:

    The training was very professionally conducted. It motivated me to pursue my current goals. Thank you for that!

  24. Guillaume Bonnelalliot says:

    Steve was a great teacher and I definitely recommend him to anyone interested in taking this training!
    Great energy and always there to answer my questions. Thanks a lot!

  25. Rita Omoregie says:

    Very interactive and information-filled session

  26. Jason D'Silva says:

    I loved the course and enjoyed it thoroughly! It was delivered really well! Thank you Steve, all the best for the future!

  27. Johannes Buchinger says:

    Loved the course 🙂

    One thought I had at the end: Module 10 could benefit from one or two pages about workplace ergonomics. […}

  28. Alan Tobin says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this course and found it very beneficial. Steve was a great instructor who kept the group engaged through the last 4 days. Thanks Steve, all the best!

  29. Aditi Gururani says:

    Course was helpful and it provided insights on how we can make the support better and aligned for better customer satisfaction.

  30. Paras Lamba says:

    It was excellent. Steve delivered it very well, I believe.

  31. Namrata Kumari says:

    Session was extremely helpful, it will help us in handling the customer with good communication skill.

  32. Khushboo Kaur says:

    It was nice learning support professional aspects from Steve! Thanks so much.

  33. Rohit Chadha says:

    Very Good Course

  34. Tausif Rahman says:

    the kahoot quiz were interesting. Instructor was pretty interactive.

  35. Keyur Goswami says:

    Thank you, Steve and Zscaler

  36. Sahil Sharma says:

    It was a great learning class, learned a lot new thing and ways which are definitely going to help me going further while handling the customer requests and interacting with the customers.

  37. Pushpinderjit Singh says:

    informative course

  38. Nilaya Bandaru says:

    The format is suitable to all customers we have and it is good to know how to deal with each one of them. I was also able to know my energy level and how I can effectively get to the proper level for me to work better. Thank you!

  39. Amanpreet Kamboj says:

    Such Training programs should happen once in an year

  40. Abha Dhawan says:

    The instructor (Steve) was amazing. It was a great experience attending this interactive session and have learned a lot of concepts that we can practice in our daily sessions with the customers.

  41. Ripudaman Bedi says:

    it is was a nice learning experience

  42. Harmeet Singh says:

    The session was indeed informative. Pleasure to have trainer like Steve. Thanks much for training us!! 🙂

  43. Gaurav Hangta says:

    Good training, learned a lot and pretty sure it will help me better with the customer handling

  44. Meena Kumari says:

    The training was very helpful. And the instructor was a very good teacher.

  45. Binoy Jacob says:

    awesome work steve

  46. Wasim Basha says:

    It was a great experience over all considering the fact the trainer is a complete stranger. Just perfect for the role, very engaging!

  47. Lakshay L says:

    All in all a good learning

  48. Varsha Kumari says:

    Steve was really interactive and informative during the session. I learnt a lot and will be able to implement the learning in my work.

  49. Michal Miadziolko says:

    I find this training was good overall.

  50. Agnieszka Adamska says:

    The trainer (Steve) was great and the course was very well prepared.

  51. Pankaj Choudhary says:

    The trainer and training were Marvelous, the examples and material used are top-notch.  hats off to Steve, Keep up the good work  

  52. Rohanesh Jamwal says:

    The format of this session was good. Was never too tired. 

  53. Anish Dogra says:

    Thanks, Steve for sharing all the knowledge and the activities, it would surely be helpful while dealing with a different kind of customers

  54. Payal Sharma says:

    Very Helpful

  55. Sunil Patil says:

    Steve is a very good instructor and kept us busy for all 4 sessions even when this was first time he did training using MS Teams. He explained things well and provided feedback on the questions asked. I look forward to implement things I learned in class.

  56. Purushotham Reddy Patthi says:

    It was wonderful session and had great time with the instructor. Virtual Classes are always depends on Network connections, technical problems so we also experienced the common virtual class issues.

  57. János Makai says:

    This is my 7th year in support, at the 3rd company. I was an Onsite support specialist+ Hands&Eyes support, now I’m a Corporate application engineer , so I always done customer facing jobs. This class should have been the first step I have ever done in my work history. It would helped me how to talk with the customers and keep them satisfied, handle stress much more effectively than I have ever did. Plus now I have a complete guide (Handbook) where I can go back to whenever I need any guidance.

  58. Stephen Williams says:

    All was good in terms of presenter and class material – i think more time should be scheduled for online courses, perhaps into 5 days

  59. Cintia Costa says:

    The lessons were amazing. Jules is friendly competent and very professional. I have learned a lot. Thank you !!!

  60. Andrew Remo says:

    Interesting topics and content.

  61. Saleem Akhtar says:

    Great course, very informal. Very much enjoyed.

  62. Mark Winter says:

    Excellent Course. Great Instructor.

  63. Steve Payne says:

    Julie was very upbeat and motivating and the 2 days passed in no time! Great Job!

  64. Usamah Ahmed says:

    Instructor made the course very enjoyable! Thanks to Julie.

  65. Bobby Chan says:

    Julie is a superstar.

  66. Wendy Puckrin says:

    Great course, interactive & informative

  67. Joseph Kirkbright says:

    Fun, engaging and informative

  68. Chris O'Rourke says:

    The course was extremely well delivered at the correct pace. Very professional instructor Julie Taylor.

  69. Peter Bennett says:

    Julie is fantastic – as always – engaging, caring, clear, approachable, knowledgeable and funny 🙂

  70. Daniel Gimm says:

    The trainer and course were great.

  71. Fredy Parker says:

    Julie engaged with the class well and ensured each topic was understood.

  72. Ed Jackson says:

    Overall very engaging and covered my needs. Well paced and informative, whilst avoiding dwelling on irrelevant topics for too long.

  73. Heidi Bartle says:

    Great course, well managed pace, humour along the way and learnt a lot. Thank you 🙂

  74. Joel Waller says:

    Really informative and Julie was able to keep things interesting throughout.

  75. Clare Adams says:

    All topics covered were relevant. Julie was able to convey the topics in an interesting way and we were all able to be involved and engaged.

  76. Francisco Porras says:

    Videos more actual. Social media intersection.

  77. Andreas Budewitz says:

    Thanks a lot to Viola. We had a good time and she took a lot of effort to answer our special questions.

  78. Peter Pitrone says:

    Viola knew her material very well. I liked the fact that she added useful illustrations to the course.

  79. Jamie Crompton says:

    I feel that Julie did an extremely good job over the course of the two days! Could not have been better!

  80. Daniel Rawson says:

    Well presented, enough breaks throughout the day.

  81. Pedro M Molina says:

    Have the exam in more languages will be great. But so far is good.

  82. Vivek Kamalaseeralan says:

    Very useful and to the point, easy to understand, also concentrated on individual need from the course

  83. Leo Ondenhaven says:

    Well done Julie I’ll definitely take some of the topics into my daily job

  84. Alex Roe says:

    Very well presented, was expecting to be quite bored but stayed engaged the whole time.

  85. Stephen Carbery says:

    Maybe some more role playing. Overall very enjoyable and relevant to the industry

  86. Gary Butler says:

    Great course, learned loads about myself that I did not realise. Julie really made the course interesting, funny & enjoyable. Thank you Julie Taylor.

  87. Colm Laverty says:

    Julie was a very engaging & entertaining instructor. Made the course content fun, relevant and accessible.

  88. Cian O'Reilly says:

    Julie is very friendly and engaging which helped a lot!

  89. Carla Domoney says:

    Time: maybe less hours per day over one extra day?! Really enjoyed it =). Thank you

  90. Adam Krawczyk says:

    Course content was on point. Maybe one to many team exercises, they were good but a bit too much. Again, thank you.

  91. Adam Buckley says:

    Class was thorough and enjoyable, thank you.

  92. Simone Rose-Weir says:

    Julie was great :), made it fun, relevant and helpful 🙂

  93. Oli Martin says:


  94. Lewis Bond says:

    Class was relevant but more suited to less experienced. Could be condensed as sometimes feels repetitive.

  95. Lauren Cogan says:

    I found the course very interesting, helpful and fun. I now have a changed mindset.

  96. Sandy Dobson says:

    Great! Julie timed everything well and was conscious of making sure we were following. Perhaps better audio for AV but that’s not a must have.

  97. George Marian says:

    Great fun – educational. Eye opener on certain areas of the course.

  98. Aitana Marcos Guinea says:

    I really enjoyed the course being active and engaging. I found the content (referring to the book) too long to be reviewed, but the explanations given will cover the main topics. Relevant contents, good atmosphere, I would recommend it to any support person.

  99. Dariusz Kiszka says:

    The instructor was motivating and helpful. Well organised material related to the most important issues.

  100. Fernando Gordo Garcia says:

    Good environment created by the instructor. Not bored at all during the two days.

  101. John Vaughan says:

    Very satisfied! Very enjoyable session.

  102. Snezhina Shukina says:

    Really liked the survivor task. Maybe engage with more activities like this one 🙂

  103. Tobias Orlow says:

    It was really cool.

  104. Gagandeep Singh says:

    I really enjoyed and learned a lot in this class and Julie is a great instructor. I really enjoyed the way she explains things in the class.

  105. Sullyvan Morfoisse says:

    All good, maybe check what would be the most relevant topics for job roles present in class to tailor it a bit. Good overall.

  106. Jean-Charles Pascale says:

    I know you are forced to use these slides but disagreeing with them can make us question the material and therefore the whole teaching. Still loved the training though, very lively and engaging.

  107. James McMonagle says:

    Great instructor, interactive and fun.Enjoyed the two days!

  108. Gavin Daniel says:

    This course is a good introduction to the support professional.Instructor Julie was very strong and kept everyone engaged. Whilst it was an introductory course and most of the topics I had already covered there was enough of a refresh.

  109. Egoitz Uribeetxebarria says:

    Julie was very engaging, I really liked the vibe she created which made the content more fun with great examples. Will definitely recommend this course. Thank you! 🙂

  110. Julia Daurer says:

    Julie was a great instructor & very engaging & motivating. Thumbs up!! Thanks for everything!! 🙂 I want to change a lot of things in job.

  111. Jurij Belousov says:

    More specialised, for example tech support many topics B2C v B2B relevant.

  112. Marcus Daly says:

    Great course, enjoyed it a lot.

  113. Luke Olney says:

    Very informative and enjoyable.

  114. Rashid Mehmood says:

    Julie is brilliant, very good instructor and involves real life situations.

  115. Jeff Williams says:

    Julie was fantastic, knowledgeable, very friendly, likeable and an exceptional communicator.

  116. Phillip Laycock says:

    Instructor (Julie) was really good. Pace of the course was really good and meant I did not get bored or lost. Tasks did not feel “forced” and were enjoyable and reinforced the course topics.

  117. Justyna Pultowicz says:

    Julie was great! 2 days was too much.

  118. Ciaran O'Connor says:

    Too much cramming. Not enough relevance to the topic. References weren’t easy to follow.Teaching to the test last 1/3 not relevant.

  119. Arij Gharsallah says:

    Julie was amazing, great class & enjoyed it.

  120. Stephania Suarez says:

    All good, thanks!

  121. Kinga Fersing says:

    The training was very helpful & intersting however I didn’t understand the training before going on it. Despite of my knowledge and already doing this type of trainig I saw some new things. I really recommend it to anybody who needs to deal with people!

  122. Krzysztof Zawadzki says:

    Great course, brilliant presenter

  123. Krzysztof Kowal says:

    I would like to see more examples regarding my job

  124. Mariusz Wilarski says:

    Passionate trainer/instructor! Handy materials/handouts

  125. Jaroslaw Pawlowicz says:

    Overall satisfied, although my day to day job doesn’t include support activities, however I do need to manage customers and projects.

  126. Anna Krol says:

    It would be great if I could see more examples relating also to typically my job (project management) More movies with Carlos!!!

  127. Abdul Almidani says:

    All Good

  128. Michael O'Donovan says:

    I have done three of these customer communication courses over the last few years. They have all covered the same topics but this course was the best presented and most enjoyable.

  129. Janete Oliveira says:

    It is a good course for refreshing and also for new starters

  130. Bart Kijanka says:

    Great and positive! Enjoyed and didn’t feel sleepy.

  131. Peter Pimley says:

    The laptop/projector had a few problems

  132. Diki Thomas says:

    Materials could be less American and OTT

  133. Jack Lang says:

    Personal productivity is it’s own subject. Changing gear at the end of 2nd day to focus on yourself and not the customer (unofficially) the focus of the first 8 sections is jarring didn’t take it in.

  134. Michael Hall says:

    The class was fun, interactive and helpful in learning more about customer interaction

  135. Suneth Jayarathne says:

    The course was well organised and the instructor made it really enjoyable and interesting. Would prefer if this was for 3 days instead of 2.

  136. Nicolas Vigier says:


  137. Arnold Jakstas says:

    Record parts of the session

  138. Adam New says:

    Excellent class. Very good instructor.

  139. Brian Dinneen says:

    Enjoyed class. Provide keep background info for tips, tricks, hints that I have slowly been recieving from co-workers.

  140. Auste Volginaite says:

    This was a lot more interesting than what I thought it would be. Really enjoyed the teamwork and interactive activities.

  141. Andrea Campa Skitarelic says:

    Interactive activities were fun and the course in general was a great experience. Julie was amazing 🙂

  142. Kevin Sheehan says:

    Very professional delivery of material. Kept everyone engaged for 2 days.

  143. Edel McSweeney says:

    Julie was brilliant. Really made the course interesting & informative. Learnt alot.

  144. Yana Abramovich says:

    Thank you! It was a pleasure 🙂

  145. Stijn Schollier says:

    Very skillful, professional teacher!

  146. Anna Maciejasz says:

    I love Julie’s was to present and the course!

  147. Agata Skrzydlo says:

    It was very interesting and sometimes pretty funny! Thanks

  148. Dawid Frelian says:

    As i haven’t fallen asleep within 2 days of the course outline, it means Julie is a great speaker, listener and unique tutor, full of energy, being the right one for the job.

  149. Jean-Baptiste Vaucourt says:

    Thank you very much, very dynamic. Really appreciated!!

  150. Marko Sumonja says:

    All ok 🙂

  151. Kamila Wolos says:

    Nothing to add. thank you SO MUCH for your time and effort =)

  152. Pedro Rios says:

    Class was dynamic and fun. Only thing is we covered 200 pafes in 2 days. Apart from this, all super =)

  153. Wesley Reeders says:

    The instructor was very nice and positive, would recommend.

  154. Fabio Padoan says:

    I would like to have more exercise and practical works.

  155. Richard Underhill says:

    The instructor recognised the difference between our setup & the profiles and methods discussed.

  156. Mohammed N Alhurr says:

    The class will be more effective if the team sitting in round table. Thanks

  157. Ahmed Abdulqader says:

    I would like to appreciate the instructor for his coaching skills.

  158. Dimitri Huisman says:

    There is not enough time to deeply dive into topics and to reinforce what is learned. Make the class 3 days. go into more detail in customer communication.

  159. Daniel Goetz says:

    It was a rush. The course need one more day to get more details.

  160. Juan Mora says:

    Good in general. Maybe a little too long, could be more focused on your current needs.

  161. Juan Uran says:

    Materials are ok, maybe adding email support in some slides would be great. The plan of the course presented at the start was correct and aligned with the content and my expectations. Thank you.

  162. Daniel Robledo says:

    Loved the stories and the final activity.

  163. Sergio Gomez says:

    Thank you Julie for your time. The course was excellent.

  164. Julian Cruz says:

    Thanks, Julie was very good instructor, she gave us examples, stories and things to remember easy these topics. Thank you Julie 🙂

  165. Brenda Lopez Giraldo says:

    The course was great. Thank you!

  166. Andres Pinilla Gonzalez says:

    Even though it seemed a really long course, during the two days I learned a lot and it was not that long in the end.

  167. Ricardo Arango says:

    The course was very good. An observation is that in our work we don’t do chat or voice calls. only tickets (emails) it would be useful to have a course that focuses on that part.

  168. Raul Oses says:

    For us a lot of the talk was for phone support which is not our case. it’s useful to know about it, but it feels like a waste of time. Maybe have a version with more orientation to online and email support.

  169. Juan Nieto says:

    I would recommend a summary at the end of the chapter with the most important concepts in order to gather the relevant information for fast review.

  170. Ana Rodriguez Franco says:

    She is a really nice trainer! So funny and makes this class a good experience.

  171. Andres Medina Arias says:

    You can update some of the information for current type of services.

  172. Monica Cabrera Silva says:

    Julie is amazing. She is funny, caring and really knows what she is talking about.

  173. Cedric Latimier says:

    Nice session, nice instructor who made the course lively.

  174. Ghislain Jeannot says:

    That’s “ok” for non experienced people. may be a bit “oldish”.

  175. Prabhdeep Saini says:

    Could be short as per our job requirements.Most of the stuff is call centre oriented.

  176. Christophe Pieret says:

    Examples for communication were exaggerated.

  177. Samit Jain says:

    As I said after a long time, found this session which could keep me awake throughout. Thank you Julie for the interactive session, full of learning fun and a lot of take away!!

  178. Henna Singh says:

    All very well explained and presented with good examples.

  179. Mark Vance says:

    Too lengthy, too much topics. More fun activities perhaps.

  180. Raul Archer says:

    More areas to illustrate points. More team games like the last survival situation. More role playing situations [..]

  181. Antoine Bretaudeau says:

    Too much papers in 1 booklet. It could be only virtual materials.

  182. Mark Hudson says:

    Great instructor. Very clear and concise throughout the two days.

  183. Bastien Berardi says:

    The course speaks about team work in the second part, so the course would be better if presenter makes sure everyone can speak overall.

  184. Semir Alwash says:

    Very happy with the training course, thanks a lot Julie

  185. Vaibhav Vikram Singh says:

    Julie was exceptional. Her methods of delivering the content were great. The session was very interactive.

  186. Marcelo Nogueira Dos Santos says:

    It was great

  187. Alex Bassinot says:

    Engaging class, thank you.

  188. Pooja Singh says:

    The class was very good and interactive. We learnt a lot of things and I really appreciated the instructor, who did a GREAT JOB 🙂

  189. Assiba Johnson says:

    Instructor was very good explaining topics (subjects) she delivered the course in the way there is no chance for the attendees to be bored.

  190. Sylvain Fischer says:

    Thanks to Julie for a great session.

  191. Maria Connolly says:

    I thought Julie presented really well, extremely knowledgeable. She remembered to keep the class engaged and there was no chance I was going to fall asleep. Job well done!

  192. Joshua Eisjovits says:

    Julie was brilliant, kept me engaged throughout, her experience really shone throughout the two days. Very professional, but delivered in a friendly manor. Thank you.

  193. Pieter Jan Pieper says:

    Well done and presented.

  194. Warner Harress says:

    Could be shorter

  195. Ian Ramsay says:

    I thought Julie managed the class very skillfully and was successful in conveying the importance of different aspects on the subjects covered.

  196. Albrecht Volk says:

    Instructor was a good communicator, good explanations and examples.

  197. David Metzger says:

    Julie was great. Kept my attention throughout. Some sections a bit long, with a lot to take in. Otherwise very useful.

  198. Damien Berest says:

    Good pacing. Managed to keep things intersting and provided reliable scenarios/anecdotes.

  199. Mohammad Alford says:

    Everything was better than I expected.”

  200. Olivier Bellot says:

    It was great. Really enjoyed it.

  201. Etienne La says:

    Very interesting & insightful, even after 15 years experience in my job. Provides reassurance and validation on our current processes. Provides interpersonal skills we don’t learn at university.

  202. Dominic Watkins says:

    Excellently presented, enjoyed the anecdotes and they made it all the more memorable.

  203. Julian Ball says:

    Julie is engaging and entertaining whilst providing lots of useful information. Normally I get bored during two day courses like this, but not in this one!

  204. Larissa Friedel says:

    Thank you Julie – you made it a fun session!

  205. Saleh Abdallah-Saleh says:

    Julie was a fantastic & engaging trainer. Absolutely amazing!

  206. Sylvain Fischer says:

    A big thanks to Julie Taylor who recently gave us a 2 days session at the Adobe office in Dublin for the Support Professional certification. @Julie, I passed the exam with 93%. Thanks again 🙂 – Sylvain

  207. Rocco Theunissen says:

    I would not change a thing.

  208. Jason Page says:

    I’ve been on many courses over the past 21 years in support role. As such, I’ve had training in most of these areas. Instructor was superb.

  209. Daavid Everett says:

    Perhaps a little rushed at times, though completed in the time allotted.

  210. Andrew Jenkins says:

    Pace could have been slightly quicker.

  211. Sarah Bringold says:

    Julie is such a great instructor, she puts a lot of motivation into her explanations which help following the class and keeping attention.

  212. Paul Whelan says:

    I really enjoyed the course

  213. Conor Callan says:

    I enjoyed the content and the tone of the class. It wasn’t too formal or casual. Went at a good pace. Teacher was very enthusiastic and engaging.

  214. Paul Truby says:

    Instructor was very good – in the fact she made the course fun and everyone participated.

  215. Patricia McLaughlin says:

    Very thought provoking and made me think of how I conduct myself in the workplace. Julie was an excellent instructor & i look forward to doing another SGSA course.

  216. Pete Nicolson says:

    I didn’t find the energy profiles relevant to my job but I know this is designed as a general course. Possibly a drop in & drop out for relevant sections for people would help with pupils concentration.

  217. Andy Milsom says:

    Personally not a morning person, was getting a bit tired. But 9am isn’t unreasonable. A light sleeper and room next to the elevator didn’t help 🙁

  218. Dave Noray says:

    I found the course very beneficial and relevant to my role. Our instructor was very knowledgeable. I enjoyed the last couple of days.

  219. Sabine Karpova says:

    Instructors were very engaging and knowledgable, always had many relevant and useful examples.

  220. Neil White says:

    Although not specific to my job role, course was very useful in refreshing aspects and presenting new ways to do things.

  221. Claire Oliver says:

    Very interesting & looking forward to applying new knowledge. Would be nice to have individual prices(so if someone wanted to pay for&do training as personal development they can afford it)

  222. Iain Gilfeather says:

    Some of the off-the-cuff anecdotes from the trainers were more helpful than the course material. I appreciate these practical examples. I also appreciated times where the trainers sought to find out my personal experience and offer specific advice.

  223. Luke Williams says:

    Very informative

  224. Kay Kehinde says:

    Excellent class management by the presenters.Time between modules were accuratley managed. Combination of course material & students helped in the subject matter.

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    Great course, instructor reinforced concepts with real life, practical scenarios. Maybe out of scope – would have liekd guidance, best practice on prioritising case load etc

  226. Andrew Skellon says:

    Makes me think more about follow up

  227. Pilar Garcia says:

    Very good presentation and class atmosphere, which made the course very enjoyable. Perhaps I would have preferred more breaks and shorter, but other than that, excellent.

  228. Chas Marway says:

    Would have been good to go through some of the gathering information techniques .i.e.mind maps that was mentioned.Undertsandng& recognising different cultures & hoe to deal with them/work with themto get the best outcome.

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    Great Teacher! I wish her all the best.

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    Excellent Instructor!

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    Thanks for training, before training I thought language may be challenging for me. Thank Steven who uses very simple, easy understandable way to deliver the training.

  240. Hongxiang Gao says:

    When play video in the course, I would suggest to add subtitle on the video, so that the trainee of non-English people can understand.

  241. Jason Ma says:

    If there are more example, maybe more better.

  242. Peng Cheng says:

    There are some cultural difference about the customer so we may have differnt emphasis. Lots of good examples that Steve told us arenot in the book. We hope we could use those to educate our service people.

  243. Shohei Ito says:

    – Class help to improve skill for contacting either customer and internal organization which makes me satisfied. – Some of the material need to localize due to the differencial of culture.

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    The greatest instructor I have ever seen

  247. Ryan Parkinson-Faulkner says:

    Page 175 -Activity-Synergy “three or more ” on presentation, four in book. Page 136 Universal Q’s, bit confusing. I’ll try and find an example of this activity that I know for showing the importance of gathering new/negative information and will email to you.

  248. Tom Richards says:


  249. Bronte Coyne says:

    Potentially more phone call based, but this is also adaptable and was relevant. Isobel was clear and kept on topic, lots of information to take in but delivered well.

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    Very good course, good facilities also.

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    Our company supplies physical products and do not have a dedicated call centre. A lot of the content was more geared towards them, however the content was quite relevant to many aspects of the companies activities.

  284. David McBryde says:

    The consistent breaks were useful. The interactive exercise are great for concentration levels.

  285. Peter Kopecky says:

    Isobel was by far one of the best instructors I have met. She knows what she’s talking about, is a perfect example of how service and support should be like.

  286. Subash Chandra Behera says:

    Classes were very useful and Isobel is very good in explaining the course.

  287. Viki Sandhu says:

    It was a great experience

  288. Alex Buchta says:

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  289. Fabian Tilmann says:

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  290. Sharon Murphy says:

    Very interactive instructor, well able to keep audience’s attention. Content was varied between videos, discussions, presentations -> excellent overall.

  291. George Hutchings says:

    Makes course fun. Good materials and role play. Well spoken. Nice person. Lots of experience.

  292. Charles Bassey says:

    Please promote the instructor to Principal Consultant!

  293. Mike Dimambro says:

    Isobel is very engaging. You can tell that she really enjoys teaching this subject. She is very relevant and shares real experiences. Good combo of teaching, exercises, and discussion. Marriott took excellent care of us.

  294. Greg Latter says:

    Well led class, would recommend others in my office to attend.

  295. Nils Gunnufsen says:

    Thank you, was great!

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    The more interactivity is put in the course, the more hooked I was.

  298. Motti Nissim says:

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  299. Jairo Pastrana says:

    Isobel is a very knowledgeable, polite and gentle. I have been doing enterprise support for 7+ years & I found material excellent. I would recommend her & the course to anyone.

  300. Anita Nagle says:

    Excellent class, would return to a class in the future.

  301. Henrik Gustafsson says:

    Best non-tech training I’ve had.

  302. Darren Marshall says:

    The course was very informative and will certainly enhance customer communication and service

  303. Ian Fabris says:

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  304. Nisha Soni says:

    Very interesting & useful

  305. Christopher Harazinski says:

    Knowledgeable, clear, transparent, useful

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    Good variety of media used; slides, videos, worksheets. Role plays were engaging and enjoyable. Instructor engaged the class very well and spoke very clearly.

  307. Ross Anthony-May says:

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  308. Mark Ewer says:

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  309. Mickey Bains says:

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  312. Gunnar Gille says:

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  318. Mairead Murray says:

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  385. Alain Baujeka says:

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  386. Astrid Grathwohl says:

    Instructor was brilliant and detailed, had fun in the course, great to work with other team members that I do not have so much contact with in the office.

  387. Bernadette Erasmus says:

    * Very good, very interactive * Great skills learned, eg negotiation * Skills polished and “daily intuitive skills” identified and room for improvement identified

  388. Kellie Tredgett says:

    Isobel is a fantastic instructor, very enthusiastic & helpful to answer questions. Found the course very beneficial, I feel confident about taking customer calls & learnt skills I feel I can apply in my role. Thank you!

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    I am really happy that the course was really interesting and informative. I have learnt a lot and I hope I can use these wonderful techniques in my job. Thank you Isobel!!

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  391. Chris Bailey says:

    The course was fantastic and I feel I have a much better basis for support structure and stress reduction. Isobel was great and very clear.

  392. Mohamed Dabbour says:

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  393. Sunil Khatwa says:

    Not enough time. Great speaker that provided interest. Looking to come on more courses. Thank you for your support and help. It has been great learning from your good information.

  394. Adam Hamden says:

    Very organised and well presented

  395. Andrea Cotza says:

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  399. Miguel Bosin says:

    Excellent communication skills. Very clear presentation of the course

  400. Ed Wall says:

    Excellently presented with a wealth of information and exercises.

  401. Shebby Demiral says:

    Generally it was useful. It is good to stop and think the way I am doing my job. Maybe more examples on dealing with difficult customers.

  402. Gilberto Fernandez says:

    Very satisfactory, very well explained. Excellent training to cover all topics. Good encouragement for participation.

  403. Rüdiger Ambs says:

    Isobel is just fantastic. I’m really happy to have had her as a instructor.

  404. Jad Dellel says:

    No comments for improvement. Thank you Isabel/

  405. Klaus Schumann says:

    Fantastic class and very well presented by our instructor. Would ideally, in my opinion, benefit from running over 3 days (vs. 2) to enable to take in the information (very comprehensive) at a better rate.

  406. Lee Townley says:

    No suggestions for improvement – all great.

  407. Michael Wiesmann says:

    More than very satisfied. My 3rd class of this kind. By far the best. Perfect!

  408. Edit Pàl says:

    I really enjoyed the training. It was very useful and interesting. The instructor is perfect 🙂

  409. Zuzana Nagyová says:

    I found the class very interesting and useful. Surely will have impact on my everyday work :). Materials – detailed. Instructor – PROFESSIONAL IN EVERY WAY!!!

  410. Tatiana Varona says:

    I was really satisfied with the course, it was really interactive and useful.

  411. Anna Mielniczuk says:

    The instructor was excellent at presenting the points. Great knowledge, experience. I would definitely attend to another course led by Isobel van der Vegt.

  412. Eszter Lazar says:

    The training was very professional, well structured and informative. Hand outs were very useful. Based on the material this training could probably be a bit longer like 3 days, in order to deepen the knowledge. Great training! Thank you very much!

  413. Jean-Marc Stefani says:

    Very good and useful course

  414. Josef Scharl says:

    Excellent instructor!!!

  415. Holger Schirnhofer says:

    Never have had such a good work-related training. Details feel like picked out of daily business. Great presentation!!

  416. Oliver Rieder says:

    Material was clear with good examples. I’d recommend this course for sure. Isobel did a very good job. Good work and keep going this way 🙂

  417. Abderrahman Ait Raho says:

    I’m very satisfied, I did it in the German way.

  418. Manar El Ouataoui says:

    I’m not usually very abundant in praises, but this was a great course. Not an eye opener but definitely very helpful in filling in the gaps.

  419. Elisabeth Volle says:

    Training perfectly aligned with expectations for the team.

  420. Ian Tracey says:

    Very professionally run class. Detailed materials provided. Was sceptical about course at start but proved to be very beneficial.

  421. Kay Bains says:

    Well structured. Good ideas.

  422. Adrian Ruchpaul says:

    I felt the course was very helpful in addressing the above skills I hoped to improve on. Isabel made the subject matter very interesting & provided excellent group discussion. As long as you have an open mind to the course, you will take some positive ideas away.

  423. Oseiwe Umobuarie says:

    More videos!!!…I enjoyed them.

  424. Nordine Tbahriti says:

    I liked everything! Now I understand better my Energy Profile to take appropriate decisions for my career.

  425. Scott Kirby says:

    Thank you for an enjoyable two days to a course I wasn’t expecting as much from 🙂

  426. Marc Mazoyer says:

    Very useful course – appropriate + excellent course for support. Brilliant monitor.

  427. Julie Jolibois says:

    Very good instructor wishing to share knowledge, experience and motivation. Very good activities demonstrating the need of following support guidelines and working in a team.

  428. Takao Asano says:

    I particularly enjoyed the exercise + videos + team work exercise. Could think about the support from a different perspective. Good luck & thank you!

  429. Georgi Bunea says:

    I really enjoyed the class and I think I’ve learned a lot. It made a huge difference to have a great instructor. Because my first language is not English it was very important that Isobel spoke very clearly and at the right pace. Thank you

  430. Olivier Arnolin says:

    Very good instructor

  431. Daniel Muniz says:

    Thanks to Isobel.

  432. Omran Quaiser says:

    Liked how it was presented, was keeping me in the zone.

  433. Toyin Peters says:

    I found the class very enjoyable. It made me understand why certain factors cause me stress and hopefully now I can control these factors.

  434. Bayena Chahine says:

    Comments: Great class!

  435. Haidy Almalky says:

    This training class was marvellous. Everything was clear & very well explained. I got to know many things that will add to my job responsibilities. The trainer was knowledgeable and showed very good willingness to answer all questions and provided examples

  436. Ismail Mahmoud says:

    If possible to make the course for three days, it would be great. Steve is an amazing instructor.

  437. Mohamed Fawzy says:

    Perfect instructor.

  438. Mohamed Kabil says:

    Thank you.

  439. Amanda Fadl says:

    The instructor was very professional and he covered all the items that need to be improved.

  440. Ibrahim Alloub says:

    I was not dissatisfied with anything. I really enjoyed & learned a lot.

  441. Mohammed Salem says:

    The course is really great. I think I will use it a lot in my career. Steve is a very good instructor. His style and gestures are very helpful to all of us.

  442. Opemipo Osiname says:

    The instructor was brilliant, very engaging and knowledgeable.

  443. Christian Bauer says:


  444. Robert Russell says:

    Excellent. Right pace of course. Liked it a lot.

  445. Nelson Igbu says:

    The course was great, taught me things that I would usually ignore.

  446. Silvia Rey says:

    Really good and interesting course. You get to know what is right and should be considered on the process. Really good!!! Excellent course.

  447. Gina Craciun says:

    Thank you very much for all the info and all the help. I enjoyed the video as well.

  448. Mylin Muracciole says:

    Excellent instructor.

  449. Mark Hearsey says:

    All very relevant.

  450. Tom van der Wegen says:

    I really enjoyed the exercise and the presenter was great.

  451. Sonia DeMenditte says:

    Brilliant course delivered very well by Isobel. 🙂

  452. Emi Coghlan says:

    Trainer is very good. She is my model to be!

  453. Nick Garnett says:

    Material was very well laid out. The instructor had excellent delivery and was very helpful. A pleasure.

  454. Debbie Sharp says:

    Really enjoyed this course. Good fun. Learnt some new techniques that will be valuable.

  455. Tim Garza says:

    This is an excellent course that should be attended by all people new to support and even as a refresher (once a year). Class size was perfect. Enough people to share ideas with, but not so many that it felt like a crowd.

  456. Christian Stark says:

    Very good course. High quality that exceeded my expectations. Nevertheless, it does not address lots of the problems in my organization.

  457. Kishor Patel says:

    All the materials were really helpful.

  458. Taiwo Adenuga says:

    I couldn’t possibly make any suggestions for improvements at this time.

  459. Bill Irvine says:

    Steve’s industry experience gave real relevance to the topics discussed.

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