Support Supervisor


The Support Supervisor class has been developed in conjunction with industry-leading service organisations to provide supervisors with the core skills needed for successful team leadership. The course is aimed at existing team leaders and support supervisors and those who are about to join the management ranks for the first time. This course focuses on the most common management aspects of team leadership that occur in support services.

The Support Supervisor course is for experienced first line support supervisors or those who have just joined the management ranks.

Course Modules

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Communication Skills
  • Change Management
  • Distance Management
  • Team Development
  • Motivation
  • Coaching
  • Staffing & Career Support
  • Support Centre Operations
  • Performance Management
  • Strategies for New Supervisors

Delivery and Duration

This course is available as a public or closed class. The workshop duration is three days taught in a classroom environment or as six half-day sessions online over two consecutive weeks. See our calendar for the public class schedule.

More information

To request a course brochure, please complete our Contact Us form. Click here for public class dates.


  1. Ashwini Gollagadda says:

    Hi Steve/Team,


    From sharing the course class details to delivering the Material, following up, and reminding what to do before the course start date everything I received related to course was amazing and very clearly communicated.

    I couldn’t be more impressed; the course content was incredibly thorough and presented in a clear and engaging manner. Steve Brand Explained with lot of examples which was very easy to understand. Also, all my questions were answered patiently.

    A big thank you to Steve 🙂

    Overall, the course is very useful. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking.

    Thanks & Regards

  2. Spoorthy G says:

    Steve was a very good host and great teacher.

  3. Matthew Hunter says:

    I really cannot stress enough how much my expectations were exceeded on this occasion.

    The course material, the tutor, and the way the course was presented really was flawless.

    Steve has not only set the bar, but he has raised it to height that I do not expect any others will be able to reach.

    I look forward to attending another course hosted by Steve in the future.

  4. Reyhana Nakiern says:

    The content of the course was very relevant, educational and insightful.
    Steve Brand is “AMAZING” at what he does.
    I now know what is expected of me as a leader and will be implementing what I have been taught in the workplace.

  5. Adrian Matei says:

    This is the best training experience I ever had.
    Thank you Steve!

  6. Yaaser Ahmed Khan says:

    Steve is very helpful and very good instructor.

  7. Kelly R Schubert says:

    Thank you, Steve, for an excellent presentation and for being open to listen to each participant. Thank you for all of the great advice, this I will definitely take with me into the workplace.

  8. Dmitry Dmitriev says:

    Steve is an amazing instructor, he kept the classes dynamic and fun.

    We had great discussions along the way, the group was amazing and the course material was very helpful to understand the duties and some of the “hidden” challenges Support Supervisors can potentially face when switching “from peer to boss”. We learned about applying different strategies, different stages of the team journey and how the teams go through different phases of maturity.

    We also covered some of the “less pleasant” parts of being a supervisor such as performance measuring and how to improve motivation.

    Bottom Line: splendid training and I would do it again if I had to!

  9. Laureen McNichol says:

    All new supervisors should be sent on this course soon after joining to help them navigate the new role and benefit the team now reporting to them.

    Steve is a great Instructor, he is someone I would want to have as a manager as he practices what he preaches. I intend following his ethic with my team.

    Thank you for a fantastic course SGSA.

  10. Graeme Reid says:

    Steve was a brilliant instructor and how he delivered the content was very effective in keeping attendee’s engaged. He lived the content by providing clear real world examples of his past experience which makes scenarios much more relatable.

  11. Priyanka Poojary says:

    The topics covered during the course periods were really great and Steves way of presenting the lecture is very interesting and engaging.

  12. Scott Kane says:

    Engaging – Relevant – Helpful.

    Found it very inspiring and actually helpful.

    You converted a cynic!

  13. Michael Wherrett says:

    This has been a very interesting and informative course which has given me lots of ideas.

  14. Ryuutarou Takahashi says:

    It was a great training course for me. Steve was great teacher and he taught us a lot of things not only the things on the course book sometimes from his past experience and story helped us understanding the situation. Thank you for your great teaching.

  15. Vivek Kamalaseeralan says:

    I was able to relate everything that Steve taught to my current role. Very helpful indeed. thank you

  16. Roberto Minichiello says:

    I Feel like someone sat behind me for 10 months, saw all the mistakes I made, and then wrote a training course of all the things I should do. This course has been transformative for me – I now believe I understand how to perform in my role and am doing things differently on a daily basis.

  17. Justin Good says:

    Just to thank Steve Brand for his time and patience. Great teacher, enthusiastic and clearly loves what he does.

  18. Nick King says:

    Steve was excellent, answered every question that was asked by the group, explained the modules very clearly and was always willing to take questions after each session.

  19. Zhangguo Peng says:

    Hi Steve

    I would like to thank you for your wonderful sharing! Your fun and humor, let me have a deep impression. Wonderful journey!

    Thank you all to encourage me. This is my first English training, limited to my spoken ability. I can’t participate more. I work hard to follow everyone, difficult to complete this training. This will be my most memorable.

    I have learned many scenarios in the course and I will learning and using very well.

  20. Megan Avery says:

    This class was more than I was expecting. I walked away from this class with several tools to add to my toolbox and was able to put a few into immediate use. Steve is highly effective presenter maintaining engagement despite the challenge of online delivery. Well done! Thank you for a fun and educational class!

  21. Sushil Kumar says:

    Steve is a great trainer.

  22. Ian Bush says:

    Thank you Steve, the course was fantastic and very engaging, even though it had to be done via Zoom I found a lot of the topics directly helpful to my day-to-day role and it will bring some changes to my management approach.

    Having the breakout rooms was a good chance to talk to the other students, as this is much harder in an on-line course.

  23. Sean Williamson says:

    Very engaging and fantastically presented, thank you Steve.
    plenty of new information to learn from and work with. Also, some of the details of the course, its like they are known already somewhere in the back of your mind, but they are unlocked and verified in the course.

  24. Violeta Canela says:

    Training was great and Steve was just awesome! Love it!

  25. Andrea Mauticova says:

    Loved the class, it was full of hands-on exercises. All the topics will be very helpful in work situations. It was obvious that Steve has many many real experiences and he knows what he is talking about. The way he leads the class keeps you focused and interested. Thank you!

  26. Jonathan Velez says:

    Excellent training. As my first leadership training I can tell it was quite complete and fulfilling for my new role. It has everything I would need to get better in this position and help my team develop, be more efficient and happy in their day to day. I expect to make a positive change in the near future thanks to what I learnt.

    Steve explains very well and is a great listener. As a leader, he has a large experience, and provides with examples that give a lot of context and are realistic. The practical exercises, separate rooms, interactive communication for all students and short video sessions are all good stuff to keep sessions very dynamic and motivating from the beginning until the end. Kahoot tests was also fun and a good way for people to slightly compete and put in question what they’ve learned from previous session.

    The material is great, arrived on time and helps follow up the training. The certificate in the end is also a good incentive and great badge to have!

  27. Iftach Rafttar says:

    Steve is great and top professional.

  28. Fabian Gonzalez says:

    Excellent class – really enjoyed the online live virtual class. As the class spreads to 2 weeks, it has allowed me to review the material in a very good pace. I enjoyed Steve’s class and found it a very enjoyable experience.

  29. Jeffrey Schwartz says:

    Instructor very well prepared and answered all questions.

  30. Arron Ubhi says:

    Excellent class – really enjoyed the online live virtual class. As the class spreads to 2 weeks, it has allowed me to review the material in a very good pace. I enjoyed Steve’s class and I found it very enjoyable experience. Would definitely recommended

  31. Zareh Tashjian says:

    Great class

  32. Anna Smith says:

    It’s a great course and has provided me with the tools to build my confidence and help to lead my team to improve the service we provide. Many Thanks

  33. Chenzhe Zhang says:

    I really enjoyed the online version of class, and I did not feel that it would be much different than on in-room class. I learnt a lot and perfect experience!

  34. Tomasz Gidzier says:

    Class was decided to be Virtual for us. Being one of the first companies doing it was a risk. But having the magnificent well communicated instructor that speaks the same language as we do it made it to a very insightful and educative course despite not being in person. Thank you

  35. Eric Zissen says:

    The class was well presented and in an effective and logical manner . The class material is relevant to my job and its responsibilities. I would recommend to my colleagues. Thanks Steve!

  36. John Treacy says:

    Steve Brand once again was an outstanding instructor. Hoping to have the opportunity to join another course soon.

  37. Yoichi Hirotake says:

    Fantastic class. Only suggestion is It will be really great if there will a class which fits student’s local time.

  38. Haydée Bernal says:

    I was looking forward to attending the course in person, however, doing it online went far better then expected. I would of course have preferred the opportunity to be on-site to be able to share more experiences and do exercises together.

  39. Christina Duffy says:

    Really enjoyed the breakdown of the virtual class over 2 weeks in smaller sessions. Allowed time to digest the content before the next group of modules.

  40. Satoshi Hirata says:

    The talk was clear and easy to understand.

  41. Jeff Duke says:

    The course was well paced and informative. Steve did a good job of keeping participants engaged. Throughout the course I was able to identify actions I could use with my team.

  42. Chris O'Rourke says:

    Professionally delivered. Information was related to subject matter.

  43. Phillip Hawkins says:

    Handy having Julie on the course as gave a different point of view.

  44. Eoghan Cotter says:

    A very relevant and enlightening course, superb delivery of the content and examples. Thank you Steve and Julie.

  45. Bronte Coyne says:

    Would have preferred more focus on group activities to display ideas through active participation – but understand there is a lot to get through and that’s how I like to learn personally 🙂

  46. Moez Jelassi says:

    Probably worth to have one to one with the instructor to share lines to focus and answer questions

  47. Phil Moran says:

    Excellent presentation, clear & concise. No real negatives, some supporting material is a little dated (visually speaking). Overall very informative and well structured.

  48. Shital Patel says:

    It might be a good idea to have the student manual in pdf form so I can use my iPad

  49. Gareth Harrold says:

    Felt that some of the material wasn’t relevant to our business (supervising Field Support/Service Engineers) so this made it difficult to relate to.

  50. Natalia Fusciardi says:

    Videos were outdated, would be nice to have more modern ones

  51. PJ Colfer says:

    Great class and instructor. Clear and concise message and knowledge.

  52. Shane Devereux says:

    No comments needed, the class was fantastic!! I would highly recommend it.

  53. Felix Tong says:

    It’s a great training, I got everything I want from it.

  54. Kiran Ponnappan says:

    Insightful & could relate to my job so all good. Videos can be more “modern”.

  55. Arturo De La Rosa says:

    On the deck the information was not the same as Steve told us. For example set objectives with SMART

  56. Varun Arra says:

    Steve has excellent influencing during the training. The course made me think a lot different. It started making me feel more responsible than before. Thank you Steve! You are awesome!!!

  57. Senthil Kumark says:

    Good and helpful for new supervisor. Thanks for that,

  58. Avik Roy says:

    Trainer is excellent in delivering quality training and kept the interest level high. Suggestion is to get the certification recognised worldwide.

  59. Sandeep Parthasarathy says:

    I understand and agree that management is fair practise and nothing new over the last decades, but, I liked your experiences with past & current teams and was able to relate better.

  60. Anshul Dewan says:

    Material looks old, look & feel is old school. Copyright still says 2014!!

  61. Nishant Yadav says:

    Steve puts some really good examples which makes learning easy & fun!!

  62. Ken Yim says:

    More interactive

  63. Hariharan Narasimhan says:

    More exercises with other attendees.

  64. Thomas Mackenzie says:

    The personal stories and humanistic element works well

  65. Michael Wiesmann says:

    Big fan. Best thing this time was that the course provides a clear definition of what the job is in combination with the tips & the advice this makes the course a success. Only negative (minor) the videos used may start to look outdated any time soon.

  66. Alan Holt says:

    Very relevant to the skills I’m trying to develop.

  67. Gillian Hollis-King says:

    Increased group interaction?

  68. Lawrence Hebron says:

    This is the second course I have attended and feel this one (as was the first) was perfect to support me in my current role and possible future roles. Steve makes 3 days of training very informative and relative to all involved.

  69. Stuart Grice says:

    Not all topics were relevant to my role. I’d like to spend more time on the areas that impact me the most, such as coaching, commucnication, appraisals.

  70. Maciej Dudzinski says:

    I did find it useful and interesting with practical examples provided

  71. Neil Jones says:

    Very happy, have lots to take away and action in my role.

  72. Samuele Catalono says:

    Too many platforms to register. In the description of the course it says that you need a laptop/notebook, which is not the case.

  73. Stephen Collin says:

    Steve you do a great job or promoting a positive view of work and life.

  74. Matt Wrench says:

    The course was informative and “on-point” for all aspects of my role. It was very well presented and Steve was helpful and patient when answering questions and discussing cases.

  75. Ahmed Khafaga says:

    We could add the whole book as PDF for use over the PC/Laptop. If there is an online logni whch directs you to the material with logins, that would perfect. I really enjoyed this.

  76. Nahed Ashraf says:

    Videos in day 1 are long

  77. Anita Nagle says:

    Having just started my team lead role over 6 months ago, I found this course very beneficial. All topics are relevant to my day to day work. I would be happy to recommend this class to my colleagues and hopefully one day complete the management training.

  78. Patrick Slattery says:

    Nice job overall, pace was good.

  79. John McKeever says:

    The practical application potential of this course is brilliant. I’ve got a lot of work to do 🙂

  80. Craig O'Neill says:

    The content was top quality but the experience of the presenter (Steve) was a great addition to give context to that content.

  81. Ralf Rischka says:

    Location was okay, but only water. Material is sometimes not good for non-native English speaking persons.

  82. Phelippe Matvienko-Sikar says:

    Student course book (page 7) Slide (agenda) missing module 9.

  83. Alex Strachan says:

    Steve used his own experiences to emphasise points made. Good course, thank you!

  84. Rakan A Almuhaizea says:

    This class it’s need more days because it’s not enough 3 days.

  85. Dario Samarzija says:

    Sometimes the audio played through the projector is very hard to hear and understand. Great work Steve!

  86. Usman Ali says:

    Steve Brand is definitely the personality going in my list of mentors who helped me achieve my goals. The material was relevant, to the point, not too much, not less than it needs to be.

  87. Khalid Y Alanazi says:

    A lot thanks, I like the course more than one week to be good cover.

  88. Abdullah M. Al Reshied says:

    everything was beautiful, thank you

  89. Allie Tebworth says:

    Very good course which has provided me with tools to take away and use with my team. Helped get an overall view of exactly what is required of a supervisor/team leader. Cemented my understanding.

  90. Marius Cotora says:

    Excellent class, will definitly attend also the Manager support class. The key word to describe this course/training is insightfull.

  91. Terry Greeno says:

    Main job responsibilities is around Field Service team rather than just tech support.

  92. Benjamin Moelleken says:

    Update the goal 🙂

  93. Fabio Stabile says:

    Book in electronic format

  94. Oliver Wright says:

    Steve was fantastic with real world examples to real life management scenarios. Steve spent time answering questions & I felt confident with each topic before moving on to the next topic/module.

  95. Jacinta Hamill says:

    Excellent classes – real life examples very helpful.

  96. Fahad M.Alhudaithi says:

    The Instructor is the best. Thank you

  97. Gareth Turner says:

    Steve was great, lots of useful nuggets of information.Helped me out with some tricky situations

  98. Brenden Kent says:

    Awesome course.The only minor thing was the difference betwen UK & NA Laws.

  99. Andy Dennis says:

    Great course, excellent delivery by Steve

  100. John McNally says:

    Everything was very relevant, but soemtimes a bit more up to date/relevant to changing support environment would have been good. Bit more specific to Technical Support.

  101. Alkesh Mistry says:

    Very smart and fair process. Brilliant course and trainer.

  102. Angie Cantwell says:

    It has made me appreciate the skills of my own manager all the more! I feel a lot more confident now. It is reassuring that things I have been doing intuitively are “right”, but I also have a lot more ideas of further things I can do. Thank you! :o)

  103. Kai Perry says:

    Very informative. Lots of helpful techniques. Some space for notes in the book would be a good addition, possibly having all course members encouraged to have dinner and discussion after each day.

  104. Ruth Buxton says:

    Great course! Great venue! Loved it. Plenty of new information as well as information already knew.

  105. Amy Gregory says:

    I found the course really informative. I enjoyed the course materials and content covered.

  106. Richaard Melbourne says:

    Speed of course was just right. Will be recommending this class to my counter-parts at work. Venue was top class.

  107. Kyle sharp says:

    Only comment I would make is to update the videos to modern times so people relate more to the environments.

  108. Matthew Everett says:

    Probably expensive but have a UK version with up to date videos.

  109. Monika Goel says:

    Good job. Well done. Thank you.

  110. Sharon Champion says:

    Fantastic course and instructor. Only negative, course overrunning on all three days. Well done Steve!

  111. Jemma Lawrence says:

    It was amazing! Can’t wait to come on the managers course 🙂

  112. Bharana Rao says:

    Instructor was brilliant and made the learning experience interesting with real life examples from his own experience. Course was apt for the role. Supporting books are going to be helpful. Venue was great.

  113. Anna Zhardzetskaya says:

    Great course! 🙂

  114. Sharon Murphy says:

    Instructor very interactive. Easy to stay focused.

  115. Thomas Nestor says:

    Very insightful. Had good real world examples and listened and answered to all questions.

  116. Dave Puype says:

    I loved this class, I have learned a lot that will help to continuously move. I have learned to fish!

  117. Marian Haarstrick says:

    It was the best training I have ever had. Steve did a great job and offered very good examples to explain things. Thank you!

  118. Ayoub Khaiar says:

    Material and instructor were excellent. Perfectly tailored to Tech Support, by an experienced support professional.

  119. Jairo Pastrana says:

    Great setup (Stormont Room – Marriott Windsor). Steve is a top class instructor, inspiring, knowledgeable, no BS, lots of real scenarios/examples, polite & gentle. Material is awesome, just need to sync a few new slides with the manual printout

  120. Supriya Johri says:

    Brilliant Instructor. Thanks Steve!! Great content and very interactive sessions.

  121. David Frawley says:

    Fantastic real life examples that reinforce the learning, taking away some great one liner’s; “Team game”, “Tiger with no teeth”, “Fair process”, “Focus on the numbers, you will get bad behaviour”.

  122. Áine Brennan says:

    I was extremely satisfied with course. Steve was great and had so much knowledge & experience that we can apply to real work situations. The course was engaging and I feel more positive about my role leaving the course. Thank you 🙂

  123. Melvin Caruana says:

    Good layout of course, easy to understand yet material was presented to make it challenging

  124. Sophie Mead says:

    Brilliant course, very useful. Leaving the course with many ideas and new procedures of how we can work better as a support team.

  125. Nick Savage says:

    Just starting out and this addressed most of my questions – great material! Great presenter/presentation. Thank you Steve!

  126. Melville Abraham says:

    Effective course.

  127. Zeeshan Haider says:

    Very impressed by the trainer. This training will help me a lot in my new role and in my life as well. This training can be applied at any stage of your life. Thanks Steve for sharing your knowledge with us.

  128. Andrea Häberle says:

    I think I learned a lot of helpful things for my new job. The three days were interesting, full of information and never boring. Thank you very much!

  129. Ian Stevens says:

    Excellent instructor. Used his previous experiences to illustrate points. This was very helpful in making point.

  130. Yew Wee Ong says:

    Steve is excellent. His insight & experience opened my eyes to things I could do. Message is consistent and reinforced my learning.

  131. Tom Phillips says:

    Brill. Learned lots. Heaps of cool ideas to go back to the office with. Many thanks!

  132. Martyna Kluska says:

    Thank you, I really enjoyed the 3 days. Course is very intense & instructor knowledge, experience & expertise is OUTSTANDING. Steve presented PEOPLE & holistic approach to be a successful leader. Thanks 🙂 Fantastic course!

  133. Jamie Morton says:

    Great instructor.

  134. Richard O'Byrne says:

    Enjoyed the class. Stayed engaged more than normal because of the way it was split up. Thank you.

  135. Luca Turello says:

    Good pace. Good timing on breaks. Nice lunches and refreshments.

  136. Gavin Lyle says:

    I wonder if an (optional) short breakout session for each attendee might be useful, to allow a specific topic to be discussed in more depth, or advice sought on a…Great course though I will thoroughly recommend it to any who listen! Thanks Steve!

  137. Gavin Clancy says:

    Everything was excellent.

  138. Dan Wallace says:

    I thought the course delivery was excellent, engaging and interesting

  139. Carol Cleary says:

    Course well structured and breaks help maintain focus. Lots of real life examples which helped enforce the information. Got some practical examples to try and help in areas where I want to improve.

  140. Ingrid Petri says:

    Very interesting, helpful course. The second day was most important for me.

  141. David McKissock says:

    Excellent course well delivered. Felt no question/comment was stupid/silly. Nice environment to learn very valuable skills. Thanks!

  142. Ross Thomson says:

    Spoken with conviction & confidence in the theory of leadership, very influential. Helpful to put words against known issues we are currently experiencing.

  143. Anthony Lyons says:

    Excellent course. Instructor was engaging and ensured the course was not boring. Steve was very professional and knowledgeable.

  144. Brian Fowley says:

    The difference with this course is that the trainer had a wealth of useful real life examples of what you can/should potentially do with all the theory being taught. Steve was also very professional and kept the course very interesting.

  145. Paul Matthews says:

    Excellent course

  146. Joe Weinstock says:

    Thank you for all your help, many questions were answered + It has been very informative

  147. Catherine Connelly says:

    Excellent presentation of all the material. Very engaging & always kept a good pace

  148. Aaron Lightley says:

    Liked lots of real world examples

  149. Antonio Barroca says:

    Have the impression that Steve was in my company and saw all the problems managers are facing. The course covers all the aspects of my job and is all about. FANTASTIC.

  150. Naushad Shaik says:

    Comments: How did you transform into an effective tutor – simply awesome. Very few suggestions: Probably call/invite ex-students successfully implemented to do a 15 – 30 min session/talk with your course. Impacts how training helped.

  151. Mark Goodall says:

    Great course, really recommend this to all new supervisors!!!!

  152. Ben Mallon says:

    Excellent, really opened my eyes.

  153. Amanjit Sandhu says:

    1) Steve’s real life stories brought the content to life 2) More time for group discussion would have been good – 1 more day? 3) Great food and price! 4) Happy and willing to share experiences!

  154. Stuart Collop says:

    Although the course is more towards an office based team, I have learned a lot and have some good idea’s shown to me that I can and want to put into place within my team.

  155. David Young says:

    I learnt a lot about myself and how to improve. Very useful 3 days the benefits will be long lasting. Thank you!

  156. Joy Mbadugha says:

    Very interactive – keep it up!

  157. Edy Manzin says:

    Keep up the good work!

  158. Soundararajan R says:

    Steve exhibits his experience in Support industry. I wish all taught in this course can be followed in every organization.

  159. Deepashri Janakiraman says:

    Material is very good. Steve has tremendous experience in support which clearly gets exhibited during the course of the training. Very good training for support professionals.

  160. Baltazar F.A. Luis says:

    Good course material, good presentation.

  161. Takashi Kadoya says:

    This training is very useful for me.

  162. Tanmay Panchwagh says:

    Great material. Even better presenter/teacher!!

  163. Ning Pan says:

    I learnt a lot, especially Fair Process, Correct & Focus on behaviour not #, Set Team Goal, no micro management, Radar chart… Thank you very much!!!

  164. Murthy Divya says:

    Steve was excellent. Amazing communication skills, body language.

  165. Matt Chandler says:

    Excellent, if a little “American”.

  166. David Stansfield says:

    Answered all my questions before I knew what the questions were. Thanks Steve

  167. Frank Endrullat says:

    Very good! Great that Sarah sent me to this one!

  168. Ben Vincenti says:

    Great experience. Lots of great ideas for change and improvement from the tutor not just in my role at the office but also for my own personal development!

  169. Shtono Kaloferov says:

    I would like to take the Support Manager course as well!

  170. Petar Papov says:

    Great job.

  171. Katerina Peleva says:

    It was a great group and class. Maybe as a suggestion you can add more role-play.

  172. Günter Schmid says:

    Very lively class, great examples, great atmosphere, great trainer.

  173. Daniel Katime says:

    I think the course should be taken by all current managers, not only for future managers, as it will surely help to refresh concepts.

  174. Luba Benyamini says:

    I wish I could take this class when I started being a team leader. Very relevant material. Excellent instructor.

  175. Jonathan Zúniga says:

    Excellent class. I would recommend it.

  176. Luis Brenes says:

    Excellent instructor and the course hit key factors.

  177. Adriana Durán says:

    It was a great course, it would be good if we can get info about all the courses you recommend so we can recommend some.

  178. Johnny Ramirez says:

    Thanks Steve!

  179. Daniel Francella says:

    That was excellent!

  180. Edwin Sanchez says:

    Excellent instructor, great content.

  181. Luis Solano says:

    This class was excellent, I have received a couple of classes about the same topic but this is the best class, I really learned a lot of stuff that will help me in my career. The instructor was very clear, knowledgeable and simply exciting.

  182. Bernal Murillo says:

    Great class, I have learned a lot. It was a great experience and I really enjoy it. The presenter was great.

  183. Osvaldo Gutierrez says:

    Very good course, I liked a lot.

  184. Ignacio Fernández de Betoño says:

    Steve is a great teacher, brings lots of examples, makes it funny, really well done.

  185. Carmelo Riso says:

    The course met all my expectations. I am glad I could attend it.

  186. Moussa Ould Beziou says:

    Excellent job. Thanks for all the insights.

  187. Judith Bonkele says:

    Everything was very clear and well presented.

  188. Alvin Dunaway says:

    While the class is not geared towards my particular situation, the information was no less valuable. Thanks.

  189. Charlie Raynsford says:

    Course duration and schedule was spot on with sufficient breaks to prevent weariness. Steve presented with great enthusiasm and his experience in the subject matter was clearly demonstrated. I am totally confident that this course will greatly assist my role.

  190. Dave Macaulay says:

    An excellent class, very well taught. Steve is inspirational and makes topics interesting using examples from his real life experience. Much enjoyed and left me with lots of ‘to do’ notes to return to the office with.

  191. Arielle Bonnici says:

    Instructor was excellent and presented the class very well.

  192. James Barker says:

    The timing of this course was excellent as I am just starting my leadership role. It was an eye-opener and confidence booster -> reconfirming that I did make the right decision in taking this role. I wish my senior managers would take this course. 🙂

  193. Miroslava Frommenwiler says:

    The course was great, however it could take a day longer as people might have lots of questions. Otherwise it was very helpful, fun and I have learn a lot that I could implement.

  194. Neal Kemsley says:

    I enjoyed the class. The pace was good for me. I would prefer that the materials were a little less US centric.

  195. Roger Miquel Grases says:

    It’s been very complete, productive and useful information for starting supervisors! It’s been a really great course.

  196. Joanne Baguley says:

    Very useful course and very enjoyable. Would have been nice to do some role play re coaching, interviews, disciplinaries, etc., if there was time. Instructor was very inspirational 🙂

  197. Patrick Vanotti says:

    Good training! Thanks Steve!

  198. Cedric Vassalotti says:

    Course covers a broad range of aspects of supervisors job. Was really well structured and nice to see all topics combined.

  199. Gaurav Raina says:

    Steve is fantastic. I had a lot of fun during this course. Attending this course has been one of the best decisions I have made. Can’t wait to try some new things at work. This has made me think in a new direction.

  200. Stefan Bronsgeest says:

    It surprised me actually how easy it was to follow for a guy like me without excellent English verbal skills. Teacher did a good job. I liked that he spent some time on personal issues within my management job.

  201. Peter Case says:

    Instructor more than made up for deficiencies with the materials by presenting real life examples. I would attend further courses by the same instructor.

  202. Craig Hicks says:

    Enjoyable course. Exercises and videos are a good way of reinforcing the material.

  203. Ewan Millington says:

    I felt that experience (real-life) of the instructor added to the success of the course.

  204. Nerio Musa says:

    This course was truly eye-opening and humbling. The instructor was fantastic.

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