Support Supervisor


This three day course provides training on the fundamentals of supervision relative to the technology support environment, while enhancing the inherent skills and knowledge of support supervisors. The course focuses on the leadership and management challenges facing supervisors in high technology support centres; establishing and managing goals; change management; teambuilding and achieving goals as a team; performance coaching and managing support productivity.

Who Should Attend

The Support Supervisor course is for experienced first line support supervisors or those who have just joined the management ranks.


Participants should currently be in a support supervisory role or plan to enter into a supervisory role within three months.

Some of the training objectives…

  • Understand facets of leadership in a support environment
  • Use a structured coaching process to drive improvement in team members
  • Understand basic support centre operations including metrics, escalations and staff planning
  • Set, monitor, document, and communicate performance goals and progress
  • Learn strategies to transition from peer to boss

More information

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Certified Support Supervisors

The list of Certified Support Supervisors from around the world.


  1. Eoghan Cotter says:

    A very relevant and enlightening course, superb delivery of the content and examples. Thank you Steve and Julie.

  2. Phillip Hawkins says:

    Handy having Julie on the course as gave a different point of view.

  3. Chris O'Rourke says:

    Professionally delivered. Information was related to subject matter.

  4. Jeff Duke says:

    The course was well paced and informative. Steve did a good job of keeping participants engaged. Throughout the course I was able to identify actions I could use with my team.

  5. Satoshi Hirata says:

    The talk was clear and easy to understand.

  6. Christina Duffy says:

    Really enjoyed the breakdown of the virtual class over 2 weeks in smaller sessions. Allowed time to digest the content before the next group of modules.

  7. Haydée Bernal says:

    I was looking forward to attending the course in person, however, doing it online went far better then expected. I would of course have preferred the opportunity to be on-site to be able to share more experiences and do exercises together.

  8. Yoichi Hirotake says:

    Fantastic class. Only suggestion is It will be really great if there will a class which fits student’s local time.

  9. John Treacy says:

    Steve Brand once again was an outstanding instructor. Hoping to have the opportunity to join another course soon.

  10. Eric Zissen says:

    The class was well presented and in an effective and logical manner . The class material is relevant to my job and its responsibilities. I would recommend to my colleagues. Thanks Steve!

  11. Tomasz Gidzier says:

    Class was decided to be Virtual for us. Being one of the first companies doing it was a risk. But having the magnificent well communicated instructor that speaks the same language as we do it made it to a very insightful and educative course despite not being in person. Thank you

  12. Chenzhe Zhang says:

    I really enjoyed the online version of class, and I did not feel that it would be much different than on in-room class. I learnt a lot and perfect experience!

  13. Anna Smith says:

    It’s a great course and has provided me with the tools to build my confidence and help to lead my team to improve the service we provide. Many Thanks

  14. Zareh Tashjian says:

    Great class

  15. Arron Ubhi says:

    Excellent class – really enjoyed the online live virtual class. As the class spreads to 2 weeks, it has allowed me to review the material in a very good pace. I enjoyed Steve’s class and I found it very enjoyable experience. Would definitely recommended

  16. Jeffrey Schwartz says:

    Instructor very well prepared and answered all questions.

  17. Fabian Gonzalez says:

    Excellent class – really enjoyed the online live virtual class. As the class spreads to 2 weeks, it has allowed me to review the material in a very good pace. I enjoyed Steve’s class and found it a very enjoyable experience.

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