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This three day course provides training on the fundamentals of supervision relative to the technology support environment, while enhancing the inherent skills and knowledge of support supervisors. The course focuses on the leadership and management challenges facing supervisors in high technology support centres; establishing and managing goals; change management; teambuilding and achieving goals as a team; performance coaching and managing support productivity.

Who Should Attend

The Support Supervisor course is for experienced first line support supervisors or those who have just joined the management ranks.


Participants should currently be in a support supervisory role or plan to enter into a supervisory role within three months.

Some of the training objectives…

  • Understand facets of leadership in a support environment
  • Use a structured coaching process to drive improvement in team members
  • Understand basic support centre operations including metrics, escalations and staff planning
  • Set, monitor, document, and communicate performance goals and progress
  • Learn strategies to transition from peer to boss

More information

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Certified Support Supervisors

The list of Certified Support Supervisors from around the world.


  1. Violeta Canela says:

    Training was great and Steve was just awesome! Love it!

  2. Sean Williamson says:

    Very engaging and fantastically presented, thank you Steve.
    plenty of new information to learn from and work with. Also, some of the details of the course, its like they are known already somewhere in the back of your mind, but they are unlocked and verified in the course.

  3. Ian Bush says:

    Thank you Steve, the course was fantastic and very engaging, even though it had to be done via Zoom I found a lot of the topics directly helpful to my day-to-day role and it will bring some changes to my management approach.

    Having the breakout rooms was a good chance to talk to the other students, as this is much harder in an on-line course.

  4. Sushil Kumar says:

    Steve is a great trainer.

  5. Megan Avery says:

    This class was more than I was expecting. I walked away from this class with several tools to add to my toolbox and was able to put a few into immediate use. Steve is highly effective presenter maintaining engagement despite the challenge of online delivery. Well done! Thank you for a fun and educational class!

  6. Zhangguo Peng says:

    Hi Steve

    I would like to thank you for your wonderful sharing! Your fun and humor, let me have a deep impression. Wonderful journey!

    Thank you all to encourage me. This is my first English training, limited to my spoken ability. I can’t participate more. I work hard to follow everyone, difficult to complete this training. This will be my most memorable.

    I have learned many scenarios in the course and I will learning and using very well.

  7. Nick King says:

    Steve was excellent, answered every question that was asked by the group, explained the modules very clearly and was always willing to take questions after each session.

  8. Justin Good says:

    Just to thank Steve Brand for his time and patience. Great teacher, enthusiastic and clearly loves what he does.

  9. Roberto Minichiello says:

    I Feel like someone sat behind me for 10 months, saw all the mistakes I made, and then wrote a training course of all the things I should do. This course has been transformative for me – I now believe I understand how to perform in my role and am doing things differently on a daily basis.

  10. Vivek Kamalaseeralan says:

    I was able to relate everything that Steve taught to my current role. Very helpful indeed. thank you

  11. Ryuutarou Takahashi says:

    It was a great training course for me. Steve was great teacher and he taught us a lot of things not only the things on the course book sometimes from his past experience and story helped us understanding the situation. Thank you for your great teaching.

  12. Michael Wherrett says:

    This has been a very interesting and informative course which has given me lots of ideas.

  13. Scott Kane says:

    Engaging – Relevant – Helpful.

    Found it very inspiring and actually helpful.

    You converted a cynic!

  14. Priyanka Poojary says:

    The topics covered during the course periods were really great and Steves way of presenting the lecture is very interesting and engaging.

  15. Graeme Reid says:

    Steve was a brilliant instructor and how he delivered the content was very effective in keeping attendee’s engaged. He lived the content by providing clear real world examples of his past experience which makes scenarios much more relatable.

  16. Laureen McNichol says:

    All new supervisors should be sent on this course soon after joining to help them navigate the new role and benefit the team now reporting to them.

    Steve is a great Instructor, he is someone I would want to have as a manager as he practices what he preaches. I intend following his ethic with my team.

    Thank you for a fantastic course SGSA.

  17. Dmitry Dmitriev says:

    Steve is an amazing instructor, he kept the classes dynamic and fun.

    We had great discussions along the way, the group was amazing and the course material was very helpful to understand the duties and some of the “hidden” challenges Support Supervisors can potentially face when switching “from peer to boss”. We learned about applying different strategies, different stages of the team journey and how the teams go through different phases of maturity.

    We also covered some of the “less pleasant” parts of being a supervisor such as performance measuring and how to improve motivation.

    Bottom Line: splendid training and I would do it again if I had to!

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