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The four and a half day Support Manager course is uniquely created to provide training on the fundamentals of management relative to the support environment, and to enhance the inherent skills and knowledge of the support manager. This course focuses specifically on the most common management elements that occur in the technical support centre including, managing customer satisfaction, operations and team performance management and facilitating a team while managing a dynamic service product. This course offers support managers the opportunity to develop and refine their technology support leadership skills enabling them to effectively manage the challenges of the most complex support centres.

Who Should Attend

The Support Manager course is for managers who have at least six months management experience and have received some basic management training.


The course begins with a review and quiz on a set of pre-class reading materials. These materials are sent to each participant two weeks prior to the class start date. Participants are strongly encouraged to register at least two weeks in advance to allow time to complete these pre-class assignments.

Each participant is required to bring the pre-class reading materials as well as a notebook computer with a USB port and with Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint installed. These will be used as tools during the course. All other materials and tools will be provided.

Homework is assigned for most evenings of the course. Please plan for study time outside of class.


  • Manage dynamics of change within the support centre
  • Enhance leadership skills
  • Effective staff utilisation
  • Increase support centre morale and retention

More information

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Certified Support Managers

The list of Certified Support Managers from around the world.


  1. Tom Phillips says:

    This has been invaluable. Steve’s real world experiences really help reinforce the topics he’s delivering training on. I felt engaged the entire time & am energised & excited to get back to work to start applying some of the lessons learned this week.

  2. Radjesh Ramautar says:

    Thank you. It would be great if the class can be a 5 day class. 4 days were very intensive

  3. Mark Pedley says:

    Very insightful, lots to learn & take in.Good examples of real life scenarios. Lots of material all very useful/valuable.Heavy on time and effort-could be a challenge for others, consider slight reduction in material.

  4. Abdulrazak Bashawri says:

    All good & excellent but the Hotel for the course is very far away from London City Center

  5. Atit Desai says:

    The financial management topic is not part of my current duties but i am really interested in doing & learning more about it.

  6. Erik Van de Wetering says:

    Hard work but pretty easy to stay tuned in. I reckon the ppt could do with a few more visuals/graphs. Thanks Steve for entertaining us!

  7. Geoffroy Schneck says:

    Coaching video is quite bad(old & cheesy).Pace could be diminished,homework outside of hours reduced or removed.All topics interesting, but some (KPI creations, survey design) out of scope of most 1st line managers who can’t decide on global matters.

  8. Franz Hassels says:

    Steve gave a much broader view of the instruments on what I can achieve, enhance in my current role. The study materials are well structured, so in case I need advise, I will find the section to re-study quickly.Thanks so much, I am so glad that I […]

  9. Michael O'Mahony says:

    excellent course, very well delivered.

  10. Kevin Gartland says:

    Top box!! Congratulations Sir! One of the most useful courses that I have done in years. Very relevant to my job. Directly applicable. Hugely appreciate that course given by someone with significant (and successful!) industry support experience […]

  11. Laurent Dikous says:

    This is an excellent course and it is certainly very useful.

  12. Marco Meli says:

    Less food 🙂

  13. Barry McCormack says:

    Brilliant, loved every minute!

  14. Banyan He says:

    Good to have example fit in Asia cases. Language is a challenge for some terms.

  15. David Ringel says:

    Super intense course but extremely useful as it covers all areas. Learning material is very much to the point. Pre-reading material extremely insightful.

  16. Gurdip Bansal says:

    Very happy – can’t wait to use what I’ve learnt. Nothing like this in the market today.

  17. Daniel Laffan says:

    Great course, thank you for your time and effort.

  18. Robert Burns says:

    Only issue was with the time of year the air con was not very effective. this was negatied by the copious amounts of ice-cream!

  19. Robert Mazurkiewicz says:

    Q5: The booklet is not always intuative.Without the talk track it would be hard to follow in some cases.In time referencing the booklet will be more challenging as you forget the talk track. Overall it was great-Thank you!

  20. Pawel Wankowicz says:

    It was a lot of material for a 4 day. Maybe stretch it to 5.

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