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The combination of providing resolution to technical problems while maintaining excellent customer service skills creates a unique challenge for today’s support professionals. Customer satisfaction derives from effective communication as much as from obtaining a technical solution. The Support Professional course addresses this challenge.

This two-day course provides the customer skills necessary to deliver quality services in today’s high expectation and complex support environment. This program can provide the distinction that sets individuals and companies apart as the best in the technology support industry. The Support Professional course teaches practical skills in effective communication; professionalism on the telephone and email; questioning techniques; adapting to the customer; dealing with seven types of difficult customer; maintaining credibility and effective teamwork.

Who Should Attend

Support professionals who want to provide exceptional customer support. The program teaches soft skills techniques and strategies to effectively work with all types of customers while solving technical problems over the telephone or via the Internet.

Experienced support professionals who have not received benefit of customer service skills training will gain new skills and reinforce their current practices.


  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Participant Morale
  • Increased Staff Retention
  • Standard Customer Service Skills Program for the Organisation

More information

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  1. Neil White says:

    Although not specific to my job role, course was very useful in refreshing aspects and presenting new ways to do things.

  2. Sabine Karpova says:

    Instructors were very engaging and knowledgable, always had many relevant and useful examples.

  3. Dave Noray says:

    I found the course very beneficial and relevant to my role. Our instructor was very knowledgeable. I enjoyed the last couple of days.

  4. Andy Milsom says:

    Personally not a morning person, was getting a bit tired. But 9am isn’t unreasonable. A light sleeper and room next to the elevator didn’t help 🙁

  5. Pete Nicolson says:

    I didn’t find the energy profiles relevant to my job but I know this is designed as a general course. Possibly a drop in & drop out for relevant sections for people would help with pupils concentration.

  6. Patricia McLaughlin says:

    Very thought provoking and made me think of how I conduct myself in the workplace. Julie was an excellent instructor & i look forward to doing another SGSA course.

  7. Paul Truby says:

    Instructor was very good – in the fact she made the course fun and everyone participated.

  8. Conor Callan says:

    I enjoyed the content and the tone of the class. It wasn’t too formal or casual. Went at a good pace. Teacher was very enthusiastic and engaging.

  9. Paul Whelan says:

    I really enjoyed the course

  10. Sarah Bringold says:

    Julie is such a great instructor, she puts a lot of motivation into her explanations which help following the class and keeping attention.

  11. Andrew Jenkins says:

    Pace could have been slightly quicker.

  12. Daavid Everett says:

    Perhaps a little rushed at times, though completed in the time allotted.

  13. Jason Page says:

    I’ve been on many courses over the past 21 years in support role. As such, I’ve had training in most of these areas. Instructor was superb.

  14. Rocco Theunissen says:

    I would not change a thing.

  15. Sylvain Fischer says:

    A big thanks to Julie Taylor who recently gave us a 2 days session at the Adobe office in Dublin for the Support Professional certification. @Julie, I passed the exam with 93%. Thanks again 🙂 – Sylvain

  16. Saleh Abdallah-Saleh says:

    Julie was a fantastic & engaging trainer. Absolutely amazing!

  17. Larissa Friedel says:

    Thank you Julie – you made it a fun session!

  18. Julian Ball says:

    Julie is engaging and entertaining whilst providing lots of useful information. Normally I get bored during two day courses like this, but not in this one!

  19. Dominic Watkins says:

    Excellently presented, enjoyed the anecdotes and they made it all the more memorable.

  20. Etienne La says:

    Very interesting & insightful, even after 15 years experience in my job. Provides reassurance and validation on our current processes. Provides interpersonal skills we don’t learn at university.

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