Support Professional


The combination of providing resolution to technical problems while maintaining excellent customer service skills creates a unique challenge for today’s support professionals. Customer satisfaction derives from effective communication as much as from obtaining a technical solution. The Support Professional course addresses this challenge.

This two-day course provides the customer skills necessary to deliver quality services in today’s high expectation and complex support environment. This program can provide the distinction that sets individuals and companies apart as the best in the technology support industry. The Support Professional course teaches practical skills in effective communication; professionalism on the telephone and email; questioning techniques; adapting to the customer; dealing with seven types of difficult customer; maintaining credibility and effective teamwork.

Who Should Attend

Support professionals who want to provide exceptional customer support. The program teaches soft skills techniques and strategies to effectively work with all types of customers while solving technical problems over the telephone or via the Internet.

Experienced support professionals who have not received benefit of customer service skills training will gain new skills and reinforce their current practices.


  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Participant Morale
  • Increased Staff Retention
  • Standard Customer Service Skills Program for the Organisation

More information

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  1. Daniel Goetz says:

    It was a rush. The course need one more day to get more details.

  2. Dimitri Huisman says:

    There is not enough time to deeply dive into topics and to reinforce what is learned. Make the class 3 days. go into more detail in customer communication.

  3. Ahmed Abdulqader says:

    I would like to appreciate the instructor for his coaching skills.

  4. Mohammed N Alhurr says:

    The class will be more effective if the team sitting in round table. Thanks

  5. Richard Underhill says:

    The instructor recognised the difference between our setup & the profiles and methods discussed.

  6. Fabio Padoan says:

    I would like to have more exercise and practical works.

  7. Wesley Reeders says:

    The instructor was very nice and positive, would recommend.

  8. Pedro Rios says:

    Class was dynamic and fun. Only thing is we covered 200 pafes in 2 days. Apart from this, all super =)

  9. Kamila Wolos says:

    Nothing to add. thank you SO MUCH for your time and effort =)

  10. Marko Sumonja says:

    All ok 🙂

  11. Jean-Baptiste Vaucourt says:

    Thank you very much, very dynamic. Really appreciated!!

  12. Dawid Frelian says:

    As i haven’t fallen asleep within 2 days of the course outline, it means Julie is a great speaker, listener and unique tutor, full of energy, being the right one for the job.

  13. Agata Skrzydlo says:

    It was very interesting and sometimes pretty funny! Thanks

  14. Anna Maciejasz says:

    I love Julie’s was to present and the course!

  15. Stijn Schollier says:

    Very skillful, professional teacher!

  16. Yana Abramovich says:

    Thank you! It was a pleasure 🙂

  17. Edel McSweeney says:

    Julie was brilliant. Really made the course interesting & informative. Learnt alot.

  18. Kevin Sheehan says:

    Very professional delivery of material. Kept everyone engaged for 2 days.

  19. Andrea Campa Skitarelic says:

    Interactive activities were fun and the course in general was a great experience. Julie was amazing 🙂

  20. Auste Volginaite says:

    This was a lot more interesting than what I thought it would be. Really enjoyed the teamwork and interactive activities.

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