Support Specialist


The Support Specialist course is unique in its focus on the critical areas of performance for senior members of the support team. Course modules focus on the key roles senior specialists play in delivering quality support, including mentoring, knowledge creation and management, understanding metrics and teamwork. And, since senior specialists also play a key role in escalation management, the course teaches negotiation, problem management and effective listening to ensure that these senior support professionals are properly equipped to manage escalations and assist other team members in managing their case backlogs.

Who Should Attend

The two-day Support Specialist course is for experienced support professionals who require skills in problem resolution as well as in working with customers and the support team. This senior level support professional frequently functions in a team lead role.

Some of the training objectives…

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Participant Morale
  • Increased Staff Retention
  • Foundation of Skills in Supervisory and Team Leader Roles

More information

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  1. Fabian Tilmann says:

    Some modules are meant for management and used for a support rep.

  2. Danielle McCartney says:

    I have taken lots away from this course, especially regarding mentoring and KB articles. I have a project in mind for work 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Andrew Cracknell says:

    Excellent. Will be booking Support Manager.

  4. Russell Phillips says:

    Excellent location & facilities. Excellent content & delivery. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It had the right content and was extremely well delivered. Steve is certainly someone who inspires confidence. Review material.

  5. Bronte Coyne says:

    Really enjoyed the class, the conversation around topics and hearing people’s stories! Only thing I felt that could be improved was the links made between the course books and the discussions in regards to the exam. Great information in practice[…]

  6. Alex Norton says:

    Fantastic presentation, very well presented by Steve however some of tasks/activities lost me a little bit.

  7. Christopher Hughes says:

    I found the class useful and engaging.

  8. Lee Osmotherly says:

    I enjoyed the course very much and it was presented very well by Steve.

  9. Seyton Dennis says:

    Very good speaker, able to inspire a few people to fight for change and try to turn things around.

  10. Ahmed Eassa says:

    If the paper work and calculator can be using PC

  11. Felix Kerger says:

    The material needs to be updated. Page 82 does not know about 201X 🙂

  12. John Treacy says:

    Loved the course and will hopefully see you on the team supervisor course.

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