Support Supervisor


This three day course provides training on the fundamentals of supervision relative to the technology support environment, while enhancing the inherent skills and knowledge of support supervisors. The course focuses on the leadership and management challenges facing supervisors in high technology support centres; establishing and managing goals; change management; teambuilding and achieving goals as a team; performance coaching and managing support productivity.

Who Should Attend

The Support Supervisor course is for experienced first line support supervisors or those who have just joined the management ranks.


Participants should currently be in a support supervisory role or plan to enter into a supervisory role within three months.


  • Understand facets of leadership in a support environment
  • Use a structured coaching process to drive improvement in team members
  • Understand basic support centre operations including metrics, escalations and staff planning
  • Set, monitor, document, and communicate performance goals and progress
  • Learn strategies to transition from peer to boss

More information

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Certified Support Supervisors

The list of Certified Support Supervisors from around the world.


  1. Ruth Buxton says:

    Great course! Great venue! Loved it. Plenty of new information as well as information already knew.

  2. Kai Perry says:

    Very informative. Lots of helpful techniques. Some space for notes in the book would be a good addition, possibly having all course members encouraged to have dinner and discussion after each day.

  3. Angie Cantwell says:

    It has made me appreciate the skills of my own manager all the more! I feel a lot more confident now. It is reassuring that things I have been doing intuitively are “right”, but I also have a lot more ideas of further things I can do. Thank you! :o)

  4. Alkesh Mistry says:

    Very smart and fair process. Brilliant course and trainer.

  5. John McNally says:

    Everything was very relevant, but soemtimes a bit more up to date/relevant to changing support environment would have been good. Bit more specific to Technical Support.

  6. Andy Dennis says:

    Great course, excellent delivery by Steve

  7. Brenden KEnt says:

    Awesome course.The only minor thing was the difference betwen UK & NA Laws.

  8. Gareth Turner says:

    Steve was great, lots of useful nuggets of information.Helped me out with some tricky situations

  9. Fahad M.Alhudaithi says:

    The Instructor is the best. Thank you

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